How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home: Symptoms In Adults And Children

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How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home: Symptoms In Adults And Children
How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home: Symptoms In Adults And Children
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How to get rid of ascaris at home? There are several methods that can help solve the problem. To get rid of parasites, you can resort to the help of alternative medicine, or you can give preference to traditional medicine. How effective are these methods, and what recipes are able to remove worms from the human body?


  • 1 Features of treatment with folk remedies
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 Effectiveness of application
  • 4 Popular remedies and recipes for home treatment

    • 4.1 Ginger
    • 4.2 Pumpkin seeds
    • 4.3 Pomegranate tincture
    • 4.4 Healing Herbal Blend
    • 4.5 Tansy tincture
    • 4.6 Garlic enema decoction
    • 4.7 Onion infusion
    • 4.8 Cloves
    • 4.9 Peel of nuts
    • 4.10 Broth of wormwood
    • 4.11 Wormwood
    • 4.12 Baking soda
  • 5 Preventive measures

Features of treatment with folk remedies

If a person has expressed a desire to give up medications and begin treatment of a parasitic disease on his own, he should know about the features of such treatment:

  1. Therapy, according to doctors, is of dubious effectiveness.
  2. May harm the body, cause allergic reactions or indigestion.
  3. Recommended as part of "preparatory procedures" to cope with worms.

It is believed that traditional medicine is not only effective against worms, it also allows you to cleanse the body of toxins and normalize its work

But often doctors recommend to cleanse the body on their own before starting taking medications or to carry out such procedures later to increase the effectiveness of conservative therapy.


Attention! Traditional medicine and its recipes are considered a good method of prevention. They allow you to avoid taking medications and exclude re-infection with parasites.

The reason for the popularity of such treatment is that many drugs have a toxic effect on the body. They are harmful, have a large number of contraindications, and in pediatrics there is a ban on their use.

In order not to face the undesirable consequences of the use of medicines, wanting to exclude the presence of parasites or to prevent the disease, and resort to the help of alternative medicine.


Other features of this therapy:

  • will have to be treated for a long period of time;
  • take natural medicines at the indicated dosage;
  • observe certain dietary rules in order to remove toxins from the body and normalize its work.

They also resort to the help of traditional medicine in the event that a person has previously been treated with medicines, and now wants to consolidate the result.


There are a number of signs that indirectly or directly indicate the presence of parasites in the body:

  1. Stomach pain, nausea, digestive problems.
  2. An increase in appetite or a significant decrease in it.
  3. A slight increase in body temperature.
  4. Itching of the anal region at night.
  5. Bad taste of bitterness in the mouth.
  6. Cough, manifestation of an allergic reaction.

A non-specific manifestation of ascariasis is considered to be a cough, with sputum discharge, while the secret is rusty, streaks of blood appear in it.


This symptom is typical for the migratory stage of the disease, when the larva "travels" through the body. This period is considered the most dangerous, since ascaris can affect any organ, damage the liver, lungs, and even get into the brain.

When coughing, the secret can enter the human stomach, this is how parasite infection occurs. In a favorable environment, they grow and develop, produce offspring.

If the disease lasts for a long time, then the patient may experience the following manifestations:

  • severe weakness and a significant decrease in performance;
  • pallor of the skin, anemia;
  • frequent headaches, drowsiness, or insomnia at night.

Such manifestations of ascariasis are considered non-specific, they are rarely diagnosed or completely absent.

Effectiveness of application

If we talk about drug therapy, then it gives a very good result and promises to get rid of helminths with a probability of 80-90%. Traditional medicine cannot promise such statistics, since it is significantly inferior in effectiveness to tablets.

To get the desired result, you have to:

  1. Be patient and take folk medicine for several months.
  2. Review the diet and exclude certain foods from it.

Often, in order to increase the effectiveness of therapy, doctors recommend at the initial stage to resort to medication. That is, drink pills, and then proceed to non-traditional therapy.

This advice has its advantages:

  • under the influence of pills, parasites die, if some individuals manage to survive, then they will be weakened, that is, unable to resist;
  • at this moment, it is not required to take toxic drugs, traditional medicine and its advice will help to eliminate the remaining helminths from the body.

The effectiveness of complex therapy is very high. Treatment allows you to get rid of parasites and remove toxins that have accumulated in the body.

If a person has ascariasis for several years, then his body is affected by the waste products of parasites. A special diet will help to remove toxins, adherence to certain dietary rules.


To increase the effectiveness of complex therapy for the period of treatment, it is recommended:

  1. Refuse to drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
  2. Do not eat unhealthy foods that are high in fat.
  3. Give preference to healthy foods.
  4. Thoroughly cook food.

Some drinkers believe that helminths are afraid of alcohol; this statement is not true with regard to roundworms. These parasites do not die when drinking alcohol, even when it comes to strong drinks.

Popular remedies and recipes for home treatment

There are a number of remedies that can help get rid of worms. Preference for one method or another is given on an individual basis. Simple recipes are the most popular.



It is considered an effective prophylactic agent for worms. It is consumed fresh and pickled. A hot drink with ginger root gives good results; you can prepare it according to the following recipe:

  • peel the root, grind it on a grater;
  • add the resulting raw material to tea, pouring boiling water over it.

This drink is best consumed in the morning. As part of prevention, it is worth using ginger root as a seasoning for salads, hot dishes.

Pumpkin seeds

Since ancient times, pumpkin change has been used to treat ascariasis, they have been eaten to eliminate parasites.


Treatment rules using pumpkin seeds:

  1. It should be eaten regularly.
  2. The seeds should be of high quality, have a pleasant aroma, and no signs of rot or mold.
  3. It is recommended to eat at least 300 grams of product at knocks.

Attention! This method of therapy is popular; it is used in the treatment of helminthiasis, as well as in the prevention of ascariasis

Pomegranate tincture

It is prepared from the peel of the fruit and has good characteristics. The recipe is no different in simplicity, but it allows you to quickly get rid of parasites.


Deworming in this way proceeds as follows:

  1. Cooking the broth. Grind the crusts to get 50 grams of dry raw materials, fill them with 400 milliliters of boiling water. We insist the medicine for 6 hours, then we subject it to heat treatment, boil until the volume is reduced to half, cool the broth.
  2. Next steps. You will have to drink the whole broth in an hour, and then take a laxative after 30 minutes.
  3. To get rid of parasites, you will have to give up food and water. You need to fast for 3 hours, and after 4 hours do an enema to get rid of toxins and waste products of helminths.

Healing Herbal Blend

To remove helminths, you will have to try, the following herbs can help in this:

  1. Calendula.
  2. Rosemary.
  3. Caraway.
  4. Chamomile.
  5. Sorrel
  6. Tansy.
  7. Nettle.
  8. St. John's wort.

All of these herbs can be used to get rid of parasites. As a rule, dry raw materials are mixed in equal proportions, and then taken a few minutes before meals. You can prepare decoctions by creating an "antiparasitic cocktail" from the above components.

Tansy tincture

It is very simple to prepare, the recipe allows you to use it in the treatment of children. To get rid of parasites, you should:

  • place medium-sized tansy flowers in a glass container;
  • pour boiling water over them and leave for 1 hour.

To get rid of ascaris, it is recommended to take 1/4 of a glass 3 times a day, on an empty stomach.

Tip: the recipe will be more effective if you add other components to it: buckthorn bark, pumpkin seeds.

For an enema, the following recipe is suitable:

  1. Milk is brought to a boil, the head of garlic and tansy flowers are placed there.
  2. The medicine is prepared within 1 hour, stirring it periodically.
  3. Then remove the broth from the heat, cool to room temperature.

The medicine is used for its intended purpose, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator, strain it through cheesecloth folded in several layers before use.

Garlic enema decoction

Traditional medicine offers a good recipe. It contains only 2 components: milk and garlic. Milk is poured into a saucepan, a large head of garlic is put in an unpeeled form. Bring milk with garlic to a boil and remove from heat after 20 minutes. The broth is cooled, and then used as a solution for enema procedures.

It is believed that the garlic will completely boil in 20 minutes; before using the decoction, it is recommended to filter it with gauze and let the contents survive.


Onion infusion

If we are talking about an alcohol tincture, then it is prepared according to the following recipe:

  • chop a large onion in a blender or with a knife and cutting board to preserve the juice;
  • the whole mass is poured with vodka or alcohol and placed in a dark, cool place for 14-30 days;
  • after a specified time, the tincture is filtered, and then sent to the refrigerator for the 2nd day.

The tincture is taken drop by drop, gradually increasing the amount of the medicine. After a month, take a break, the number of drops is also gradually reduced.



Cloves with honey have good antiparasitic properties. The spice is chopped with a blender, poured with honey and infused for 2 days.

  1. At this time, the mass is stirred, it is recommended to use it in the morning, before meals. The average duration of treatment is 30 days.
  2. If the patient has not resorted to the help of drug therapy, then he is advised to consume cloves mixed with honey before each meal.

Peel of nuts

We are talking about walnut shells and partitions, they are handled in various ways:

  • steamed with boiling water, and then take the broth;
  • insist on alcohol, drink tincture;
  • crushed into powder and eaten with honey.

In crushed form, the partitions of nuts are eaten, they help to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

But the most popular are walnuts, which have not yet reached maturity. Green and soft nuts, along with the shell, can be eaten, or mixed with honey by whipping in a blender. A homogeneous mass has a good antiparasitic effect.

Wormwood decoction

Prepared for enema procedures and ingestion. You can use 2 recipes that are considered the most effective:

  1. Pour 35 grams of dry raw materials with a glass of boiling water.
  2. Insist for 20-25 minutes, then strain.
  3. Take medication 125 milliliters 2 times a day.
  4. The average course duration is 15-30 minutes.
  5. The infusion is taken in the morning and evening, before meals, in a few minutes.

If you decide to prepare a decoction for enema procedures, then the following recipe can help with this:

  • 20 grams of dry raw materials are mixed with a head of garlic crushed in a blender;
  • all ingredients are poured with boiling water, in a volume of 600 milliliters;
  • the broth is sent to a water bath or simmered over low heat for 25-30 minutes.

When the medicine cools down, it can be used as directed, the body temperature is considered optimal. It is not recommended to store the broth for a long time, its shelf life is 2 days, provided that it is in the refrigerator.


It helps well in the fight against parasites, in combination with pumpkin seeds, the plant is part of a tincture with a powerful antihelminthic effect.


Method of preparation of the medicine:

  1. Grind the seed pumpkin and wormwood (or take dry raw materials).
  2. Place all the ingredients in a glass container so that they take up 1/3 part.
  3. Pour 2/3 of the container with vodka and close everything with a lid.
  4. Shake the container periodically, leave for 7 days.

After a week, the medicine will be ready, it is recommended to strain it, take 50 milliliters 2 times a day 25-35 minutes before meals.

Wormwood has good characteristics and can be used in other tinctures. Pumpkin seeds can be replaced with cloves, and infusion with honey can be added to improve the taste.


Baking soda

In essence, it is considered a sorbent, that is, it helps to remove harmful substances from the body. After taking medication, soda can be used as an aid.

Such a procedure cannot be called pleasant, but its regular implementation will help rid the body of toxins and normalize its work, after taking various drugs.

Preventive actions

Prevention of parasitic diseases is reduced to the observance of basic rules:

  • it is worth washing your hands before eating and after using the toilet, observe basic rules of personal hygiene;
  • carefully monitor the quality of food consumed, subject it to heat treatment, wash it before eating;
  • drink clean, treated water, avoid contact with low-quality liquid;
  • after contact with animals, treat hands with an antiseptic;
  • before chopping vegetables and making a salad from them, pour over boiling water or immerse in the freezer for a few minutes.

It is believed that roundworms are not resistant to high temperatures. They are afraid of cold and high temperatures, for this reason, in order not to encounter parasites, it is recommended to douse the food with boiling water or shock freeze. This will help protect yourself from worms.

As part of prevention, it is recommended to take antiparasitic medicines at least once every six months. Or use folk methods to prevent the development of ascariasis

Roundworms are large in size, differ in vitality, and it is extremely difficult to remove them. To prevent the parasites from reappearing, after drug therapy, doctors recommend resorting to the help of alternative medicine.

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