Diet For Opisthorchiasis: Proper Nutrition And Menu

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Diet For Opisthorchiasis: Proper Nutrition And Menu
Diet For Opisthorchiasis: Proper Nutrition And Menu

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Opisthorchiasis is called the defeat of internal organs due to infection with helminths - flat worms. This disease requires competent conservative therapy. Diet with opisthorchiasis is of great importance on the path to recovery.


  • 1 Basics of a balanced diet for opisthorchiasis
  • 2 What can you eat
  • 3 List of foods that must be completely excluded from the diet
  • 4 How to eat after completing treatment
  • 5 What to eat with exacerbation of opisthorchiasis
  • 6 Opisthorchiasis of the liver

    • 6.1 Sample menu for one day with liver opisthorchiasis
    • 6.2 Sample menu for one day with pancreatic opisthorchiasis

The basics of a balanced diet for opisthorchiasis

  1. First of all, the diet for this disease requires the restriction of fatty and smoked foods. Confectionery and foods with a lot of sugar are also contraindicated. A person must give up the eggs of any bird and tomatoes.
  2. The basis of proper nutrition for opisthorchiasis is the use of a large amount of clean drinking water during the day - up to 2 liters. Thanks to this regime, the body can more easily cope with intoxication caused by the influence of parasites.
  3. All food consumed during a diet with opisthorchiasis should be either boiled or baked, steam cooking is encouraged. Strongly hot or cold food should be avoided - everything should be at the optimal, comfortable temperature.
  4. It is necessary to follow the principle of fractional nutrition - 5-6 times a day, in small portions, in no case overeat.
  5. The amount of calories consumed per day should not exceed 2500 kcal. The diet should be dominated by carbohydrate foods.

What can you eat

At first glance, it may seem that the diet is strict, but this is not at all the case. There are not so many products that are not allowed for opisthorchiasis, and from what is allowed to be eaten, it is easy to prepare a variety of and quite edible dishes. And the diet lasts only 50-60 days.

A correctly composed menu for opisthorchiasis includes a large variety of products, thanks to which the work of the biliary tract is restored. Basically, these are cereals in the form of crumbly cereals with the addition of a small amount of butter or sunflower oil.

Those with a sweet tooth during a diet will have a little more difficulty, but it is permissible to replace sweets with berries, dried fruits and fresh fruits. You can also include a few teaspoons of jam or honey a day in your diet.


As a protein, you must eat lean fish or meat. They should be boiled with a little salt. White poultry and turkey are welcome.

Do not forget about the basis of the daily diet - soups. Dairy and vegetable soups are very tasty, healthy and nutritious. But in no case should you get carried away with fatty broths. Soups are best cooked in water or with the addition of pieces of dietary meat.

As for drinks, a patient with opisthorchiasis is prohibited from drinking strong tea and coffee. Natural juices, homemade compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, weakly brewed tea are allowed. A decoction of rosehip berries is an excellent way to restore the immune system, so it is advisable to drink it up to 2 glasses a day.

Dairy products are allowed in the treatment of opisthorchiasis in almost any form, the main thing is that the fat content in them is low - low-fat cottage cheese and sour cream, unsalted cheese, 1% kefir, milk.

Do not forget about greens, raw vegetables. They are rich in fiber, which helps to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.


List of foods that must be completely excluded from the diet

These products include the following:

  • chocolate products;
  • ice cream;
  • carbonated drinks, energy drinks;
  • mushrooms;
  • canned food - fish, stew;
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • fat;
  • strong black coffee;
  • alcohol and drinks with a low alcohol content;
  • rich bakery products;
  • pickles and marinades, especially with the addition of vinegar;
  • hot spices, spices, mustard, adjika.

How to eat after finishing treatment

After completing the course of therapy, you cannot immediately start eating prohibited foods and sweets. This will become a great stress for the body weakened by drugs. The diet should be the same balanced, you can gradually add fiber-rich bananas, prunes, dates to the diet. Thanks to this, the intestines will continue to maintain functionality without causing discomfort. Then you can gradually start eating sweets, flour products, but not abuse them.


The transferred opisthorchiasis is a huge stress for almost all organs of the body, and even after a complete cure, you need to treat your body responsibly

What to eat with exacerbation of opisthorchiasis

If the disease has worsened and many clinical symptoms of opisthorchiasis appear, then the diet should be carefully considered. You cannot completely refuse food for fear of an even greater aggravation. Let's consider a sample menu for one day.

  1. Breakfast: an omelet made from one steamed chicken egg white. May be supplemented with raw vegetables.
  2. Additional breakfast: a glass of 1% kefir, 50 g of berries.
  3. Lunch: vegetable puree soup and some seaweed.
  4. Afternoon snack: half a glass of dried and peeled pumpkin seeds.
  5. Dinner: wheat porridge with one dairy or chicken sausage.

Opisthorchiasis of the liver

This is the most common type of disease. Both with chronic opisthorchiasis, and with exacerbations, it is recommended to take daily on an empty stomach a decoction of pumpkin seeds. To do this, grind the dried seeds in a blender and pour the resulting powder with one glass of water. The resulting drink should be simmered in a water bath for one and a half to two hours, strain, cool and drink in the morning, 10-15 minutes before meals.

Approximate menu for one day with liver opisthorchiasis

  1. Breakfast: pumpkin porridge, light tea without sugar
  2. Additional breakfast: baked apple with 20 g of honey after baking.
  3. Lunch: lean borscht, fresh vegetable salad, seasoned with low-fat sour cream.
  4. Afternoon snack: low-fat yogurt, some sweet fresh berries.
  5. Dinner: steamed carrot cutlets, stewed vegetables.

Approximate menu for one day with pancreatic opisthorchiasis

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with the addition of 50 g of berry jam.
  2. Additional breakfast: fresh fruit salad dressed with low-fat yogurt.
  3. Lunch: lean soup, fresh vegetable salad.
  4. Afternoon snack: 200 ml of 1% kefir, an apple without a peel.
  5. Dinner: pumpkin or mashed potatoes, a glass of natural juice with pulp.

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