Sanoxal: Instructions For Use And Analogues Of The Drug

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Sanoxal: Instructions For Use And Analogues Of The Drug
Sanoxal: Instructions For Use And Analogues Of The Drug

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With the regular use of Sanoxal, a person can get rid of parasites in a very short time. The drug belongs to the group of anthelmintic drugs. It is used to treat invasive or parasitic diseases.


  • 1 Importance of medication
  • 2 In what cases it is necessary to apply
  • 3 Action of Sanoxal
  • 4 Reception and dosage

    4.1 Single dose

  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Side effect
  • 7 Precautions
  • 8 Analogs

The importance of the medication

Any foreign organism in the human body always causes a lot of inconvenience, especially for worms. Determining the presence of parasites is not easy, even if the patient has a number of characteristic symptoms.

If the diagnosis has been confirmed with the help of laboratory tests, it is necessary to urgently start treatment. In this case, anthelmintic drugs are used.

One of the most effective drugs in relation to worms is Sanoxal

In what cases is it necessary to apply

Sanoxal is characterized as a broad-spectrum drug. It is customary to use it for the following diseases:

  • opisthorchiasis;
  • neurocysticercosis;
  • giardiasis;
  • microsporidiosis;
  • ascariasis;
  • echinococcosis;
  • enterobiasis;
  • strongyloidosis.

Sanoxal action

Albendazole is an active substance that is part of the drug. It affects not only worms, but also other types of parasites. Thanks to this component, synthesis processes are disrupted in the helminth's body. Albendazole causes paralysis of the motor muscles, which leads to the death of the worms.

Absorption of the drug occurs without any complications. However, it does not have a toxic effect on the liver and other organs. If you adhere to the correct dosage, no harmful effects on the body are observed.

Reception and dosage

The instructions for use of Sanoxal indicate that the drug is successfully used for the treatment of helminthic invasions in adults and children. It is necessary to observe a certain dosage, taking into account the type of pathogen and the degree of damage to the body. The tablets are usually swallowed whole or chewed. It is also customary to drink them with water to achieve maximum effect.


The drug is characterized by a wide spectrum of action, therefore, only a specialist should determine the dosage and method of use. This is done after studying the collected analyzes and a thorough examination of the patient. The course of treatment passes quickly if the specialist was able to determine the type of parasite. After that, a competent treatment regimen is drawn up, suitable for a particular case.

Single dose


Despite the fact that the drug can be used by both adults and children, there are a number of cases in which it is prohibited.

Sanoxal is not recommended:

  1. If the patient's body does not tolerate a substance such as Albendazole.
  2. Prohibited during pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

If a person is undergoing treatment with Sanoxal, it is recommended to use reliable methods of contraception


Each person has a different body, so someone may feel good during the treatment period, while another has various unpleasant symptoms at this time. As a result of taking the drug, the following manifestations are possible:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • dizziness;
  • regular headaches;
  • discomfort in the liver area;
  • temperature increase;
  • hair loss;
  • itching, burning and other allergic manifestations;
  • disorder of the functionality of the kidneys.

All of the above symptoms usually disappear after drug withdrawal. A person should not be intimidated if, during treatment, he began to feel very sick. This is a kind of reaction to the resistance of parasites, in the body of which a drug that is deadly for them has entered.


Even if the specialist has calculated the correct dosage, it is possible that the human body will not react in any way to the substance that is in the preparation. It is another matter if the patient does not follow the doctor's recommendations and acts as he sees fit. An overdose is usually possible in such cases. If poisoning occurs, it is recommended to immediately take activated charcoal and rinse the stomach.

If Sanoxal is taken in parallel with another drug, it is important to remember that the components can enhance the effect of Albendazole. In turn, this combination has a negative effect on the liver. A competent specialist should carefully study the patient's medical history and warn about the dangers of concomitant use of histamine blockers, glucocorticosteroids and antihelminthic drugs.


If the drug is poorly tolerated, you can switch to treatment with other drugs. Sanoxal's analogs:

  1. Vermox. In pill form.
  2. Nemozole. Release form: suspension and tablets.
  3. Mebendazole. One capsule contains 100 mg of active ingredient.
  4. Biltricide. Available in tablets.
  5. Pirantel. Designed for a short course of admission.

Worms are dangerous neighbors for any person that can significantly affect the quality of life. If the patient has been found to have helminths, it is necessary to urgently start treatment, while observing all the recommendations of the attending physician. Only in this case will success be guaranteed.

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