How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home

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How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home
How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home

Video: How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home

Video: How To Get Rid Of Roundworms At Home
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Ways to get rid of Ascaris on your own


  • 1 Common sources of infection
  • 2 Symptoms of ascariasis
  • 3 Rules for choosing herbs for ascariasis
  • 4 Ascaris - home treatment

    • 4.1 Garlic with ascariasis
    • 4.2 Pumpkin with ascariasis
    • 4.3 Tansy with ascariasis
    • 4.4 Wormwood with ascariasis
    • 4.5 Onions for ascariasis
    • 4.6 Baking soda for ascariasis
    • 4.7 Collection for children with ascariasis
  • 5 Other folk remedies for ascariasis
  • 6 Recommendations for eliminating ascaris at home
  • 7 Prevention of ascariasis

Against the background of annoying advertisements that threaten the entire humanity with parasites, this problem is very urgent. But the question is so delicate that most of the sick prefer to solve it on their own, without examination in a medical facility, but simply by comparing their symptoms and prescribing very toxic medications for themselves. This method is not only erroneous, but also dangerous. But, since it is widespread enough, interest in home remedies for getting rid of parasites as more gentle and quite effective is justified. Everyone, regardless of social status, gender or age, can become infected with ascaris, the sources of a dangerous disease. This high risk is based on the variety of sources of helminthic infestation.

Common sources of infection

Ascaris eggs enter the body in different ways. If the soil is infected with helminths, they will be in the vegetables and fruits grown on it. When swimming in bodies of water, you can accidentally swallow water contaminated with parasites. By the way, they feel great in a faucet with chlorinated water.

By contact, you can catch an infection in transport, through money, working in a garden area without gloves; for young children, the source of infection is often a sandbox in the yard.


You can bring dangerous pathogens of ascariasis into the house with dirty shoes, on the wheels of a baby carriage or bicycle, on the wool and paws of pets. Insects and rodents - flies, cockroaches, mice serve as carriers of infection.

You can get infected even faster by eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, as well as by carelessly cooking meat and fish.

Symptoms of ascariasis

In the human body, ascaris goes through two stages of development, each of them has its own characteristics. The initial, migratory stage is characterized by the penetration of helminth eggs into the stomach and intestines. Spreading throughout the body, from the respiratory system to the liver, microorganisms in the process of their vital activity produce very toxic substances that destroy the mucous membrane and paralyze the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Outwardly, this manifests itself in the form:

  • Allergic reactions to the skin;
  • Prolonged subfebrile (up to 38 °) temperature;
  • General weakness;
  • Joint aches;
  • Wet cough of unknown origin.

The intestines are already colonized by adult microorganisms. They live there for a year, absorbing nutrients that are vital for humans. As a result, there is a sharp weight loss, anemia, a constant feeling of fatigue, insomnia, violation of the rhythm of defecation. Roundworms are insidious, you should not rely on your own immunity: having identified symptoms in adults, you can organize treatment at home, without waiting for serious complications.

Rules for choosing herbs for ascariasis


Rules for choosing herbs for ascariasis

In herbal preparations, plants are selected according to such a principle that they complement and at the same time enhance the capabilities of each other, reducing the destructive effects of roundworms on the body.

Anthelmintic components are selected according to the following criteria:

  • The pungency of taste. In Asia, chili is added to food every day, since the infestation by helminths is widespread there. The spice plays the role of a preventive agent.
  • Burning effect. Foods such as cloves, ginger and various types of peppers (allspice, black, hot) raise the general body temperature, and this process is detrimental to microorganisms.
  • Bitterness. Phytotherapists distinguish 4 types of bitter herbs: aromatic, mucus-containing, pure and tonic. The last three classes are used for ascariasis. These are such plants as wormwood, bearberry, galangal, elecampane, centaury, barberry, aloe. Bitter herbs dehydrate the body slightly. Lack of fluid inhibits the activity of ascaris.

A certain group of components is introduced in order to improve digestion. This is a very important point, since the elimination of dead and very toxic worms should occur as soon as possible.

There is another group of ingredients in anti-ascarid preparations - these are plants and products that strengthen the immune system, restore the mineral and vitamin balance, and have wound-healing and antibacterial properties. They will help restore the state of the gastrointestinal mucosa, since for roundworms this is the number one target organ. They colonize the intestines in the first place, damaging its membrane with the wastes of their vital activity.

Not all herbs and spices that are used to treat ascariasis are certainly bitter and pungent. Many popular foods that we include in our diet every day have a pleasant, spicy taste.

With ascariasis, first of all, you should use cinnamon, bay leaf, turmeric, garlic, celery, parsley, dill, sesame seeds, mint, nettle, rosemary, barberry, pumpkin seeds, thyme, fennel.

Ascaris - home treatment

Folk remedies that are used in the fight against intestinal parasites are available and quite effective. Their reliability has been tested for centuries, but a doctor's consultation will not be superfluous in this case. Only after examination can the type of worms be accurately determined. The infectious disease specialist makes the drug treatment regimen taking into account the age, concomitant diseases, contraindications. This is the most effective way, and home remedies can be used as an aid.

Garlic with ascariasis


Garlic is one of the most effective foods for getting rid of worms quickly and safely. One course will require a glass of peeled and chopped cloves of garlic. You need to eat it all at once. This procedure is best done before bed. Garlic is not chewed, but the pieces are swallowed whole, washed down with tomato or plum juice, you can pasteurized milk. Application - single, roundworms come out completely after such treatment.

Used for ascariasis and garlic tincture. Peel 6 medium-sized cloves per serving and chop finely. In a small saucepan, mix the raw materials with a glass of milk and boil the medicine for about 10 minutes. Insist the broth in a dark, cool place.

The product is suitable for both internal and external use in the form of enemas. Adults will need 200 ml of tincture for a course of treatment, half of this norm is enough for children.

Pumpkin with ascariasis


Treatment and prevention of helminths will be incomplete without the use of pumpkin seeds. Their unique composition allows you to get rid of parasites quickly and painlessly. It is important to use peeled seeds for treatment, while maintaining a film that has a powerful anthelminthic effect. Adults will need 300 g of seeds for a course of treatment, children - half as much. The seeds must be kneaded in a mortar or coffee grinder to a powder consistency. Raw materials are poured with a glass of boiled water, cooled to room temperature.

To improve the taste, you can add up to 20 g of honey to the drink. It is best to drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach. To speed up the release of dead helminths, after 3 hours you need to take any laxative, and after another half hour, the intestines should be additionally cleansed with an enema.

Tansy with ascariasis

To combat various types of worms, including roundworms, herbalists recommend tansy. This affordable herb is ubiquitous, but it is better to get it at the pharmacy. There are two most popular recipes:

  • For 1 glass of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of dried flowers is required. You can infuse herbal tea in a thermos for 4 hours. Take the medicine four times, several sips before meals. The entire dose must be drunk per day.
  • Tansy is also used to prepare a solution for enemas. For 100 ml of warm water (about 60 °), 1 tablespoon of dry crushed raw materials is required. Insist for at least 3 hours. Then strain and fill the enema with the solution. The procedure is performed in the evening, before bedtime. The course of treatment is 7 days.

The medicinal plant helps to completely get rid of worms within a week, but in addition to individual intolerance, it also has other contraindications and side effects, therefore, treatment should be started with the consultation of a specialist.

Wormwood with ascariasis

The medicinal potential of wormwood has been known since ancient Greece. With ascariasis, dry inflorescences of the plant are used. They are ground to a powder state. To reduce bitterness, it can be mixed with jam or honey, added to porridge. An adult will need 5 g of powder for one dose, the child is set individually. The course of treatment is 2 days. You should take a laxative the night before. Wormwood is a rather toxic plant: it is completely contraindicated for pregnant women, an overdose, even in adults, provokes muscle spasms, a disorder of color perception, therefore, a specialist consultation is required.

In addition to flowers, wormwood leaves are also used for ascariasis. For the infusion, you need 100 g of dry raw materials. Half a liter of vodka is added to it, and even better - 70% alcohol. Insist on the composition for at least 20 days, periodically the medicine must be shaken. After three weeks, you can filter and take strictly 30 drops 3 times a day. The medicine is washed down with plain water.

If the tincture is prepared for children, the leaves are steamed with boiling water (400 ml). Having wrapped the container with a warming cloth, you need to keep it warm for half an hour. After straining, the child is given a quarter of a glass 3 times a day, certainly before meals.

Onions for ascariasis


Onions are a versatile anthelmintic product that is successfully used to treat both children and adults. In the first version of the recipe, the onion is finely chopped, filling a one and a half liter container by half. Then the bottle must be topped up with vodka and kept in a dark place for 10 days. You need to take 2 tablespoons 2 times a day before meals.

For infusion for children, instead of alcohol, pour onions with boiling water and insist for a day, then filter. Give the child 150 ml of medicine before meals. The course of treatment is from 4 days.

Baking soda for ascariasis


Soda can be used for both internal and external treatment of parasites. A cleansing enema is prepared in water with 2 tablespoons of salt. After such cleansing, you can begin treatment with soda. You can add a little lemon juice to the baking soda solution.

For internal use, a certain scheme must be followed. Start with 0.2 teaspoon, gradually increase the dose. A single dose of the powder is dissolved in a glass of warm water. The dosage is increased every day so that on the 4th day it is 0.5 teaspoon. Such proportions must be observed for another 3 days, until the end of the course of treatment.

Collection for children with ascariasis

The recipe can be used as an adjuvant, if a child is suspected of having roundworms, a doctor should treat him! As a preventive measure, a collection based on dill, cardamom, fennel will be useful:

  • Dill seeds and grass gently eliminate helminths, compensate for vitamin deficiencies, inhibit putrefactive processes, and remove toxins;
  • Cardamom also has anthelmintic properties, is non-toxic, cleanses the body of poisons, is especially effective for roundworm in children;
  • Fennel saturates the body with a vitamin and mineral complex, improves intestinal absorption of vitamins and nutrients, eliminates flatulence and bloating.

To prepare the infusion, mix all the ingredients in equal proportions. 1 tablespoon of the mixture must be poured with boiling water (1 glass) and held in a water bath. After cooling, filter and bring the volume remaining during evaporation to 1 glass. Give the child a decoction 2 times a day (before breakfast and before bedtime), 1/8 cup.


Dill seeds


Pumpkin seeds





Other folk remedies for ascariasis

If, for some reason, the recipes described are not suitable, you can use other products that can be found in every home.

  • If hot peppers (red or black) are present in the diet every day, this can significantly slow down the spread of worms.
  • Rice is also useful in this regard. As a medicine, it is used one hour before meals, 2 tablespoons of raw cereals scalded with boiling water.
  • Ginger root effectively fights roundworms in adults. It is added to food in a refined and crushed form. You can also use dry root powder for this purpose.
  • Melon juice and pulp helps to cope with helminths for both adults and children. It is important to use a quality product that can be purchased during its natural maturation. Early varieties stuffed with nitrates do not possess medicinal properties.
  • Thyme essential oil is used both internally and for inhalation. One dose requires 7 drops, they must be added to olive oil (1 teaspoon). Take before meals, if the medicine causes a gag reflex, you can drink it with water and lemon juice. Thyme inhalation cleanses the mouth and respiratory system from parasites.
  • The pomegranate peel contains many active components that paralyze helminths. In order to prepare the broth, pour the crushed peel with a glass of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. The pleasant-tasting drink is drunk during the day, dividing the glass of broth into 3 parts.
  • In the summer, sorrel broth is used to combat ascaris. To prepare a drink for a day (you cannot store it, you need to prepare a fresh portion every day), boil 1 kg of fresh sorrel leaves in a liter of water until the liquid boils away. When 200 ml of broth remains, you can add a little sugar and drink 2 sips before meals.

Hot pepper


Ginger root


Melon pulp




Pomegranate peel



This original recipe isn't for everyone. For children, pregnant women, persons with alcohol dependence, such methods of removing helminths are contraindicated. The mechanism of action of the method is based on the fact that after trying alcohol, roundworms "get drunk" and lose their ability to cling to the intestinal walls.

This facilitates their removal. The scheme of treatment with alcohol is as follows: drink 100 g of cognac on an empty stomach in the morning, and after 20 minutes take 2 tablespoons of castor oil. Don't delay going to the toilet. Such cleaning can be carried out intermittently for 5-7 days. It is better to check the result in the laboratory.

More recipes for folk remedies for helminths - on the video:

Recommendations for eliminating ascaris at home

Even a properly prepared medicine will not give the expected effect if consumed without special preparation and dietary nutrition. The whole process can be roughly divided into three stages:

  • Training. Its duration is at least half a month. To tune the body to treatment, you must gradually switch to vegetarian food. This will help deprive the helminths of their full support to reduce their activity. Eliminate meat and fish from the menu, replenishing the protein deficiency with mushrooms, legumes, cereals and other types of vegetables and fruits, freshly made juices.
  • Starvation. If there are no gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers or cholecystitis, you can cleanse the body by fasting. If a complete refusal of food is not indicated, you can simply reduce the portions by staying on a vegetarian diet. In addition, juices and herbal teas are introduced: on the first day - apple fresh, on the second - mint tea, on the third - vegetable juice from carrots, beets, cabbage.
  • Expulsion of helminths. When using the medicine, it is advisable to wear thick cotton underwear. Panties should be changed daily, washed with chlorine-containing products, after drying, the laundry should be ironed.

If for some reason the described fees are not available, you can drive out the worms at the second stage. To do this, garlic is introduced into the vegetarian diet, eating 1 clove every hour during the daytime. The next day, you can enjoy your fill of pumpkin seeds, only raw. The next day, you need to drink 1 tablespoon of castor oil so that the dead individuals can safely leave the intestines. Nettle herbal tea can be used as a wound healing agent.

For the expulsion of dead roundworms, herbs can also be used in limited quantities as a laxative - elderberry (bark, flowers, leaves), fennel, senna (leaf), buckthorn (bark). To normalize intestinal motility, use chamomile, fennel, caraway seeds, thyme, flax seeds.

At the final stage, cinnamon, turmeric, barberry, mint, and fennel will help to heal the damage, saturate the body with nutrients and strengthen the immune system. With stones in the gallbladder or during pregnancy, turmeric is excluded from the collection.

Prevention of ascariasis


Prevention of ascariasis

Traditional medicine has accumulated many ways to treat ascariasis. In order not to experiment on your health, you need to choose your recipe together with your doctor.

A drug that prevents infection with roundworms has not yet been invented. Moreover, a carrier of microorganisms, if he has not yet developed ascariasis, cannot take toxic anthelmintic tablets.

"Dirty hands disease" can only be prevented by competent personal hygiene. Children also need to be taught to wash their hands as often as possible in order to form a conditioned reflex in them to visit the bathroom before eating or after using the toilet.

Pets should be shown to the veterinarian annually for timely deworming.

A correct diet will help prevent infection and get rid of problems at an early stage. Add tomatoes, beets, pumpkins, nuts to your daily menu.

It is difficult to independently diagnose the type of infection, because specific symptoms of the disease, such as itching in the anus or an allergic rash, are not always present. Therefore, it is so important to get tested on time. If the examination reveals a strong infection, home remedies will be ineffective. In this case, a doctor's consultation and the implementation of all his recommendations for drug therapy are required. The effectiveness of home treatment methods can only be judged after a laboratory analysis of feces and blood for the presence of ascaris eggs.

Specialist recommendations on the prevention of helminthiasis - on the video: