HELMINTOX - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

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HELMINTOX - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
HELMINTOX - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

Video: HELMINTOX - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

Video: HELMINTOX - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
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Recommendations for the use of Helmintox from parasites


  • 1 Helmintox composition
  • 2 Properties
  • 3 Indications
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 Helmintox - instructions for use
  • 6 Adverse reactions
  • 7 Helmintox during pregnancy
  • 8 Special instructions
  • 9 Interaction
  • 10 Impact on the ability to drive vehicles
  • 11 Helmintox analogues
  • 12 Helmintox or Milbemax
  • 13 Helmintox reviews

Helmintox has a fairly low toxicity, which is why it is allowed for use in children from an early age. The drug works only in the intestines, does not penetrate into other tissues and organs, and it is also not absorbed into the bloodstream. It affects both mature parasites and their larvae. Does not provoke parasites to migrate through the body. It has a paralyzing effect on worms, as a result, they are immobilized and leave a person in a natural way along with feces.

Helmintox composition


Release forms

This anthelmintic drug has several forms of release. This allows you to easily find the right dosage for both a small child and an adult.

The active ingredient underlying this drug is pyrantel. Known for its broad anthelmintic properties.

Helmintox tablets have two dosages, the minimum is 125 mg, and the maximum volume is 250 mg. In addition to the main component, it contains auxiliary substances that help its better absorption.

The tablet is coated, which helps to keep the pill intact for as long as possible and begins to dissolve only in the intestine, where the active component begins its main work.

Also, the drug is available in the form of a suspension - 2.5 ml accounts for 125 mg of the active ingredient.

The syrup is most often prescribed for children, the attached measuring spoon makes it easy to calculate the required single portion. To facilitate the intake of the drug, the syrup has a pleasant taste of caramel and currant. It contains sorbitol instead of sugar.



The drug does not provoke parasites to migratory actions. The work of Helmintoks is based on the fact that the drug, penetrating into the body, paralyzes the neuromuscular system of helminths. When the parasites die, they are excreted from the human body along with feces. It equally effectively affects both adult parasites and their larvae.

Has established itself in the fight against invasions provoked by pinworms, roundworms, hookworms. Pirantel is poorly absorbed. Its absorption is only 5 percent of the total. After taking the maximum concentration in the body occurs no earlier than an hour, but no later than three hours. the volume of the active ingredient is 12.5 mg per kilogram of the patient.

It has not been established how much the drug is able to penetrate the placenta and into the milk of a nursing woman. It is processed in a small amount in the liver. The main volume is excreted through bile. The rest of the substance is excreted along with urine. Comes out unchanged. The rest of the drug is excreted through the intestines.


Ascariasis, ankylostomiasis, noncatorosis, trichocephalosis.


  • The drug should not be taken while treating myasthenia gravis;
  • Renal and hepatic failure is also a reason to refuse to take Helmintox;
  • If there is an increased reaction to the main component or to excipients, the drug is also abandoned;
  • Children's age up to six months;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Helmintox - instructions for use

The dosage of the drug is calculated individually for each patient. It depends on the age, weight, type of helminths and concomitant diseases that a person has.

Before starting treatment, no preparatory steps are required to cleanse the intestines. You do not need to take laxatives and prescribe an enema. Thanks to the glycerol, which is part of Helmintox, the intestinal cleansing process will take place on its own. You can take the drug at any time; this procedure is not tied to food intake. Before taking, carefully read the instructions and calculate the required dosage.

Tablets can be given only from the age of six; for young children, Helmintox is available in the form of a suspension.


When the body is damaged by helminths, children from 6 to 14 years old and weighing up to 70 kg, the dosage is calculated according to the following formula: 125 mg per 10 kg of the patient's weight. That is, with a child weighing 25 kg, he will need to give two and a half tablets of 125 mg or a tablet with a quarter at a dosage of 250 mg. The entire volume should be taken once, without breaking into separate receptions.

For adult patients weighing up to 75 kg, it is recommended to take three tablets with a dosage of 250 mg or six tablets of 125 mg. With a weight above 75 kg, four and eight tablets are prescribed, respectively. Take once.

The suspension is more often prescribed for children aged 6 months and over with a body weight of more than 12 kg. Suspension intake is not associated with food intake. The bottle comes with a 2.5 ml measuring spoon, which is equal to 125 mg of the active ingredient. It helps to more accurately measure the required dosage. Rinse the measuring spoon thoroughly with dish detergent before use.

The dosage depends on the patient's weight, age and diagnosis. Before use, the bottle with the suspension must be shaken thoroughly, since the preparation contains substances insoluble in water. The entire portion should be taken at one time, without breaking into separate receptions.

Giving follows from the following calculation. From 6 months to 6 years, one scoop should be given per 10 kg of the patient's body weight. We adhere to the same principle when calculating the dosage for children in the age group from 6 to 12 years.

For adolescents 12 years of age and older and adults weighing less than 75 kg, the recommended dosage is 6 scoops. If weighed more than 75 kg, at least eight measuring spoons should be given.

In an individual case, the doctor may recommend a different regimen. Do not change the dosage arbitrarily.

Three weeks after treatment, you need to repeat the drug intake in the same way. Three weeks after re-admission, you should be tested for the presence of parasite eggs in them to make sure that the treatment is effective.

In the case of chronic liver pathologies, treatment is prescribed with extreme caution. In order for the effect of the treatment to be more effective, the drug should be drunk by all family members, even if there are no signs of invasion.

For the purpose of prevention, the calculation of the drug is exactly the same as in the treatment. Based on the weight and age of the patient. After three weeks, repeat the course again. The recommended frequency of taking the drug as a preventive measure is once a year. It is best to do this in summer - at this time of the year, the likelihood of infection with all kinds of parasites is most likely.

Adverse reactions

Helmintox is not the most toxic drug and there are practically no side reactions. It is extremely rare, but the following deviations are still possible:

  • Nausea is likely, up to vomiting, pain in the stomach, sometimes appetite can be disturbed and diarrhea appears, an increase in transaminases is extremely rare;
  • From the side of neuralgia, abnormalities such as headache, dizziness, sleep disturbances and, on the contrary, drowsiness may appear;
  • Probably the manifestation of an allergic reaction in the form of a rash, itching;
  • General weakness of the body, rapid fatigue may appear.

Helmintox during pregnancy

The drug should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If there is an urgent need to take the drug during lactation, you need to stop breastfeeding for a while.

special instructions

No special preparation is required before taking the drug. The attending physician should be notified of all his diseases so that he has a complete picture of the state of the patient's body.


Doctors strongly recommend thoroughly cleaning the entire apartment before taking the drug, washing toys, taking a shower before bed and after, changing your underwear. This will minimize the possibility of re-infection with this ailment. It makes sense to iron the bed linen with an iron on the day of taking the drug and a few days after that.

To minimize the likelihood of re-infection, you need to monitor personal hygiene: cut your nails, wash your hands with soap, and change your underwear daily.

It should be remembered that infection with parasites may not manifest itself in any way. Therefore, in order to prevent the anthelmintic drug should be taken by everyone living with the patient.

For a complete cure, a repetition of the course is required after three weeks. Three weeks after the last intake, a control analysis of feces for the presence of helminth eggs should be performed.

If there are animals in the house, it makes sense to also drink them with anthelmintic drugs designed specifically for animals. Since very often human infection occurs from contact with pets.


It is impossible to combine Helmintox and Levamisole or Piperazine in one complex. As a result of this duet, the concentration of theophylline increases significantly and the risk of overdose increases many times.





Impact on the ability to drive vehicles

There is no data on the effect of this drug on the ability to drive a car or other mechanisms that require concentration. However, in some cases, in the event of such a side reaction as dizziness, nausea, weakness, vomiting, it is advisable to refuse such actions.

Helmintox analogues

It has many analogues both in terms of its structural component and its effect on the body. The cost of the drug is not high. In pharmacies, they will ask for it from 55 rubles per pack.

  • Pirantel. Already from the name it is clear that this drug is based on the same pyrantel. According to indications and contraindications, it completely coincides with its structural analogue. It is also available in the form of a suspension and chewable tablets with a dosage of 125 and 250 mg of the active ingredient. Allowed for use in children from 6 months and adults. Equally effective for both treatment and prevention. non-toxic. It is twice as cheap as Helmintox.
  • Dekaris. Has the same indications for use as Helmintox. The drug is based on levamisole. Available only in the form of tablets with a dosage of 50 and 150 mg. Recommended for use in adults and children from the age of three. The therapeutic effect of the intake occurs after a maximum of 72 hours. The pharmacy will ask about 65 rubles for a package of the drug.
  • Biltricide. It is based on praziquantel. Prescribed for neurocysticercosis, fasciolopsidosis, trematoses, including opisthorchiasis, effective for genitourinary schistosomiasis, fascioliasis, cistercosis, cestodosis. Suitable for use in adults and children from 4 years of age. The price range varies between 400-430 rubles.







  • Nemozole. The drug is based on albendazole. Available in pill form. Its action is aimed at combating enterobiasis, ascariasis, ankylostomiasis, trichenellosis, toxocariasis, necatorosis, strongyloidosis, teniasis, echinococcosis, it is prescribed for skin syndrome of "migratory larva", neurocystyrhosis in children, and clonopistorliosis. Effective for mixed invasions. It actively penetrates into all tissues and organs, having a depressing effect on parasites. It is considered highly toxic, so it is used with extreme caution. It is produced both in the form of tablets and in the form of a suspension. The price range starts from 150 rubles per package.
  • Vormitel. Based on natural ingredients with a complex of dietary supplements. The drug is used to combat worms such as pinworms, roundworms, and is effective against lamblia and their waste products. Reduces intoxication caused by helminths, helps to prevent re-infection with parasites, maintains the digestive organs in a normal state, improves digestion and appetite. Increases the overall tone of the body. Available in syrup. The course of treatment lasts up to two weeks.





Helmintox or Milbemax


Unlike Helmintoks, Milbemax is an anthelmintic drug for cats and kittens. Despite the fact that the testimony of the second is the same as that of Helmintox, it should in no case be used in humans. The body in humans and animals reacts differently to drugs. Therefore, even with completely identical diagnoses, drugs intended for animals cannot be used. The same goes for animals. Despite the similarity of symptoms and diagnoses, animals should not be given drugs intended for humans.