SANOKSAL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

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SANOKSAL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
SANOKSAL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

Video: SANOKSAL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

Video: SANOKSAL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
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Remedy for the fight against worms Sanoxal


  • 1 How does the drug work?
  • 2 Indications for use
  • 3 Instructions for use
  • 4 Side effects and contraindications
  • 5 Special instructions
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Sanoxal is an antihelminthic drug that is produced in the form of gelatin tablets. They are covered with a special shell that is easy to chew. The capsules are intended for oral use. Sanoxal has a rounded flat shape, the walls are orange in color. The drug is available in blisters, which include 1 or 3 chewable capsules. Each of them has 400 mg of albendazole, the active ingredient. They additionally contain sucrose, lactose, magnesium stearate and talc.

How does the drug work?


Release form Sanoxal

Together with each package of Sanoxal, instructions for use are supplied, which describe all sections in detail. It indicates that the drug can be used as a prophylaxis for helminthic infection, as well as for the treatment of lesions with round worms, tapeworms, and protozoal infections. Albendazole is the active ingredient in this drug. It has a selective effect that acts exclusively on the body of worms.

Studies have shown that Sanoxal only in 5% of cases has any effect on the digestive tract. To improve the excretion of components from the body, doctors recommend eating as much fatty food as possible during treatment - dairy products, for example, sour cream, are best suited. In this case, albendazole is better absorbed into the bloodstream. Already after 1 hour, its concentration in the blood reaches a maximum - a therapeutic effect on the body begins.

When an active substance enters the blood of a person, it spreads throughout the body. In the second hour after consumption, the concentration of albendazole reaches its peak. This substance inhibits the activity of the central nervous system of pathogenic microorganisms, they stop producing ATP. Because of this, their metabolic processes are disrupted, they no longer receive a sufficient amount of nutrients. As a result, they decelerate, after which they die en masse.

Indications for use

Sanoxal is a broad-spectrum antihelminthic drug. Many specialists actively prescribe it to many of their patients. Due to the possibility of a combined effect, the drug is effective against the mixed type of helminthiasis. It should be borne in mind that Sanoxal has some toxic effect, as it remains in the liver. It is for this reason that this medicine is strictly forbidden to use for self-treatment. Most often, Sanoxal is used to expel the following types of parasites:

  • Giardia;
  • Trichinella;
  • Opisthorchiasis;
  • Ascaris;
  • Pinworms;
  • Enterobiasis;
  • Ankylostomiasis.

Sanoxal is a safe drug that will help you get rid of many protozoal infections such as microsporidia and giardia in a short time. The same medicine has a positive effect on the prevention of echinococcosis cystic formations, which may occur after surgery.

Instructions for use


Sanoxal is an anthelmintic agent with a wide spectrum of action. It is absolutely safe, but it can only be consumed as directed by your doctor. Only he will be able to choose the correct dosage and duration of treatment. Keep in mind that it is necessary to conduct an extended diagnostic examination, which should accurately determine the presence of worms in the body. You also need to know the type of parasite in order to get the most appropriate treatment.

The drug is intended for internal use. It is best consumed during or after meals. The Sanoxal capsule must be chewed thoroughly and then swallowed with plenty of water. The dosage of the medicine depends not only on the type of helminth, but also on the patient's body weight. It is also necessary to take into account the presence of chronic diseases. In general, the treatment regimen is as follows:

  • Enterobiasis, ankylostomiasis, enterobiasis, trichinosis - for the treatment of these diseases, it is necessary to take 400 mg of the drug once. If Sanoksal is used to treat children under 2 years of age, it is necessary to reduce the dosage by 2 times.
  • Strongyloidosis, teniasis, hymenolepiasis - 400 mg of Sanoxal is used to treat these pathologies once a day for 3 days. After that, after 2 and 3 weeks, the therapy must be repeated.
  • Combined helminthiasis, opisthorchiasis - for the treatment of these infections, you will have to use 400 mg of the drug twice a day for 3 days.
  • Echinococcosis - this disease requires the use of 400 mg of the drug twice a day for 28 years.
  • Giardiasis - To get rid of this condition, you need to take 400 mg of Sanoxan for 5 days.

Side effects and contraindications

Sanoxal is a fairly safe drug. He has undergone many laboratory studies that have proven the absolute safety of this drug. It has been experimentally proven that the medicine is strictly forbidden to take in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • Children under 12;
  • With increased sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • For hypersensitivity to benzimidazole.

If used incorrectly, the medicine can easily cause side effects. Most often, the following consequences occur:

  • The appearance of painful sensations in the abdomen, stomach area;
  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Decrease in blood pressure;
  • Disorders of the urinary system;
  • Image

    Liver dysfunction;

  • Development of leukopenia;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Rash on the skin, itching and burning;
  • Inflammation of the mucous membranes;
  • Hair loss;
  • Increase in body temperature.

special instructions


During the use of Sanoxal, women should be as careful as possible about their contraception. It is also necessary to minimize the risk of pregnancy during treatment, as well as in the next 2 months.

The active ingredients remain in the body for a certain period of time and, during conception, can provoke the development of serious consequences. Also, before prescribing the drug, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination of the condition of the eyes and determine whether the retina is healthy. This will help reduce the risk of developing severe complications. Sanoxal therapy is strictly prohibited in people who suffer from leukopenia.

If you experience any side effects, you must immediately stop using Sanoxal. No special therapy is required, all negative manifestations will go away on their own in 1-3 days. It is not necessary to use laxatives to accelerate the endowment, and even more so to do an enema.

With extreme caution, Sanoxal is used to treat children 3-6 years old. Be sure to observe the therapeutic dose in order to prevent the development of side effects. If a person has abnormalities in the functioning of the liver and kidneys, it is very important to constantly monitor their performance.