NEMOZOL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

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NEMOZOL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
NEMOZOL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

Video: NEMOZOL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

Video: NEMOZOL - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
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When and from what Nemozole is used


  • 1 Composition and form of release
  • 2 Properties
  • 3 Purpose
  • 4 Nemozol - instructions for use
  • 5 Overdose
  • 6 Contraindications
  • 7 Side effects
  • 8 Interaction
  • 9 Analogs

    • 9.1 Pirantel or Nemozole: which is better?
    • 9.2 Sanoxal or Nemozole: which is better?
    • 9.3 Gelmadol or Nemozol: which is better?
  • 10 Special instructions
  • 11 Nemozole and alcohol
  • 12 Reviews

Nemozole is a fairly effective anthelmintic agent. Kills almost 99 percent of the known parasites that can inhabit the human body. Destroys traces of their vital activity. Parasites often settle not only on the intestinal walls, but also on the stomach. There are those that penetrate the muscles and skin and even the eyes. To remove them from the body, they use anthelmintic drugs.

Composition and form of release

Albendazole is the main component behind this medication. It is an anthelmintic substance.


Drug release forms

For the convenience of therapy, Nemozol has several forms of release. Tablet form containing the main component of 200 and 400 mg. Nemozole chewable pill also contains 400 mg of albendazole. They have a pleasant mint aroma and contain pineapple flavor. Nemozole syrup. 5 ml contains 100 mg of albendazole. Contains ice cream essence and has a fruity aroma.



The drug is an anthelmintic drug. Albendazole is a benzimidazole derivative by nature and belongs to the mebendazole group.

When ingested, the substance pointwise inhibits the polymerization of beta-tubulins. As a consequence of this work, the disintegration of cytoplasmic microtubules in the intestines of worms, the ability to reproduce ATP and the processing of glucose are sharply declining. Secretory granules and other organelles lose the ability to move rapidly in the muscles of the roundworms, as a result they die.

The drug is effective in human infection with intestinal parasites, both in one species and several at once. Promotes the death of eggs, larvae and adult worms. Roundworms are susceptible to Nemozole, including whipworm, duodenal crooked head, pinworms, human roundworm, hookworm of the new world, helminthiasis, intestinal acne, cestodes, including pork tapeworm, dwarf, bovine, as well as trematodes, non-Chinese fluke an exception. Works quite well against - Giardia.

The drug showed itself on the positive side in the treatment of ailments provoked by tissue parasites. It also works effectively with a parasitic disease of the nervous system caused by pork tapeworm larvae.

It is not absorbed well enough in the body - from the total volume, only five percent. In combination with fatty foods, absorption increases by almost five times. That, of course, needs to be taken into account during therapy

The maximum content occurs after 2-5 hours. Most of it leaves the body with bile, a small fraction comes out with urine. The half-life reaches 12 hours. With deviations in the work of the gallbladder and the bends of its channels, this time may increase.

Almost two thirds of the absorbed amount quickly enters into a bond with plasma proteins. Penetrates into most organs and tissues.

In the presence of liver disease, absorption can take twice as long, but the half-life is also lengthened.


Diseases caused by roundworms:

  • Ascariasis (occurs when the human roundworm enters the body);
  • Trichocephalosis (the disease provokes such a helminth as whipworm);
  • Giardiasis (protozoal invasion, proceeds with indigestion, parasitizing in the small intestine);
  • Strongyloidosis (the disease is often found in countries with a humid climate, the causative agent is a filamentous round helminth);
  • Intestinal acne, the disease is typical for areas where feces get into the water;
  • Enterobiasis (helminthic invasion caused by pinworms);
  • Ankylostomiasis (almost every third inhabitant of the planet suffers, the reason is the roundhead and the American necator);
  • Trichinosis (a serious illness characterized by fever, swelling of the face, rashes);
  • Toxocariasis (occurs in children aged two to seven years, the causative agent is toxocara);
  • Mixed invasions.

Tissue cestodoses:

  • Neurocysticercosis. A parasitic disease of the nervous system, it is quite difficult. The cause of the disease is pork tapeworm (in the larval stage).
  • Hydatidous echinococcosis of the liver, lungs, peritoneum. A fairly common disease. The cause of the damage to the body is a canine tapeworm (in the larval stage).

To be effective, Pirantel is often combined with other medicines in the treatment of alveolar echinococcosis, the cause of this disease is alveococcus.

Nemozol - instructions for use


Instructions for use

In view of the fact that it has several forms of release, each has its own scheme for use. Tablets are prescribed for children from three years old and adults.

Nematodes are treated as follows: with a weight of 60 kg and more, you need to take 400 mg once a day. With a weight of up to 60 kg, the norm is calculated based on the formula 15 mg / kg of body weight. The calculated volume can be taken at a time, it can be divided into two portions.

In the presence of "larva migrans" skin syndrome, a three-day therapy of 400 mg once a day is most often recommended. The treatment of this disease is complicated by the fact that the larva of the pathogen is not in one place, but constantly migrates in the patient's body.

Neurocysticercosis, hydatidosis, alveolar and cystic echinococcosis - all diseases are quite serious and require long-term therapy. The daily rate is also derived by simple calculations based on the patient's weight. For 60 kg, 400 mg is most often prescribed twice a day. With a total weight below 60 kg, the calculation of the norm is based on the principle of 15 mg / kg of the patient's body weight. It is better to split the resulting volume in half.

The treatment period lasts at least four weeks. With neurocysticercosis, the minimum period is a week, the maximum is a month. Two days before taking Nemozole and the first seven days of drug treatment, you should also drink glucocorticosteroid drugs. With alveolar echinococcosis, treatment is carried out in three approaches with a two-week pause.

With giardiasis of any stage in children under 12 years of age, 400 mg is recommended every 24 hours. Reception should be continued for at least five days.

With toxocariasis and aminotransferase, the intake rate is calculated based on the patient's weight. Everyone who takes Pirantel from 14 years old and weighing 60 kg is given 400 mg every 12 hours for ten days. With a weight of up to 60 kg, you need to take 200 mg in the same way. We must not forget that the daily volume should not exceed 800 mg. After two weeks, a maximum of a month later, the course must be completely repeated. Throughout the entire period of treatment, it is imperative to observe the quality of peripheral blood, the analysis should be done at least once a week.

In the case of mixed invasions provoked by the Chinese fluke and squirrel, 400 mg is given in the morning and evening. The course does not last long - three days.

With strongyloidosis and ankylostomiasis, the course is short - three days. 400 mg once a day. If the need arises, the drug must be drunk again according to the same scheme after seven days.

With trichinosis, 400 mg is prescribed twice a day for at least two weeks in a row. In the case of a severe course of the disease, glucocorticosteroid and symptomatic agents should be introduced into the course.


Enterobiasis, necatorosis, hookworm disease, ascariasis are prescribed 400 mg once a day. If necessary, after two weeks, the drug should be repeated in the same scheme. With enterobiasis, doctors recommend undergoing treatment not only for the carrier of the disease, but also for family members living with him.

Nemozole in the form of syrup is often prescribed for children. A small dosage allows you to easily find the optimal dose for each child individually.

For best efficiency, Nemozole is drunk during breakfast, lunch or dinner. We must not forget about the effect of fatty foods on further digestibility.

Babies up to 2 years old with enterobiasis, non-kotorosis, ankylostomiasis, ascariasis and trichinosis are prescribed 10 ml each, which is equal to 200 mg of the active ingredient. Take at a time.

In the presence of skin manifestations of "migrating larva", three-day therapy is most often recommended, sometimes one day is enough, 20 ml of suspension once a day. The treatment of this disease is complicated by the fact that the larva of the pathogen is not in one place, but constantly migrates in the patient's body.

With giardiasis of any stage, they give out 20 ml of suspension every 24 hours, it is enough to take the drug for five days.

In the case of invasive diseases caused by the Chinese fluke and squirrel, 20 ml is given every 12 hours, as a rule, three days are enough for a complete cure.


Drug abstract

Toxocariasis requires a longer course. With him, the drug should be drunk 20 ml also once a day. The duration of the course is no more than 10 days.

With strongyloidosis and teniasis, the treatment is not so long. It is advisable to drink 20 ml of syrup once a day. The course is not more than three days.

With cystoma, alveolar echinococcosis and neurocysticercosis, the selection of the portion also depends on the weight of the infected person. With these diseases, you need to prepare for the fact that the treatment will be long. With a mass of 60 kg, 20 ml - 400 mg - of a suspension is prescribed during breakfast and dinner. With a weight of up to 60 kg, the norm is derived according to the formula - 15 mg / kg of the patient's weight. The resulting volume is equal to the daily rate, which must be divided by half.

We must not forget that the daily dose should not exceed 800 mg of albendazole. On average, treatment for cystic and alveolar echinococcosis lasts for four weeks. The duration of the course for neurocysticercosis depends on the severity of the disease, the course can take as little as 7 days or a month. If necessary, the course of treatment must be repeated after two weeks. Alveolar echinococcosis is most often treated in three approaches with a break of two weeks.

For children over 2 years old, adolescents and adult patients with enterobiasis, noncatorosis, ankylostomiasis, ascariasis and trichinosis, the recommended dosage is 20 ml, which is equal to 400 mg of the main component. Drink only once. With enterobiasis, in order to prevent the disease of the close environment, in order to prevent it, it is necessary to undergo a therapeutic course not only for the carrier of the disease, but also for all family members.

Nemozol tablets also have an individual intake for each disease. You do not need to chew the drug. We must not forget that fatty foods significantly increase the absorption of the active substance, as a result of which the risk of adverse reactions increases.

The drug is drunk only during meals, no special preparation is required before treatment. The maximum daily allowance should not exceed 800 mg.

A long course of treatment should not be prescribed for children. High dosages are also best avoided. Before treatment with this drug, a complete blood count is required for biochemical composition. In the future, once a week, you need to take blood for a detailed analysis and aminotransferases. With a decrease in the number of leukocytes below 3.0 × 109 and an increase in the activity of aminotransferases by two times or higher, treatment should be suspended until the tests are completely normalized.

These are just some of the possible dosage regimens. How exactly and in what dosage to carry out the treatment is decided only by the attending physician. In no case should you change the scheme and volumes without permission.


Overdose is possible if too large a dose is taken. It manifests itself in the form of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even loss of consciousness. If you do not take action in time and do not stop further treatment, hallucinations are likely, the liver may increase in size, confused speech appears, sweat, feces, urine and saliva turn orange or red.

In case of an overdose, symptomatic treatment is prescribed. It is advisable to carry out gastric lavage and the adoption of enterosorbent agents.


  1. Intolerance to any component of the drug is a reason to refuse to take it and choose one of the analogues;
  2. During pregnancy (any trimester) and the period of breastfeeding: if there is an urgent need to drink this drug during lactation, it is better to refuse breastfeeding at this time;
  3. Children under 2 years old;
  4. Retinal diseases.

Take with caution when:

  1. Any failures in the function of the hematopoietic system;
  2. Liver disease;
  3. Other existing severe diseases of internal organs, leading to a strong decrease in immunity.

Side effects

  1. During the course, disruptions in the digestive system are not excluded. Constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the stomach, a feeling of thirst. Interruptions in liver function are likely.
  2. Malfunctions of the hematopoietic system are possible - neutropenia, suppression of bone marrow activity, aplastic anemia, pancytopenia, leukopenia, etc.
  3. There is a possibility that blood pressure will change upward.
  4. Headaches, dizziness, increased intracranial pressure are observed.
  5. A manifestation of acute renal failure is possible, therefore, you need to carefully monitor this function of the genitourinary system throughout the course.
  6. Itching, skin rash is likely. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
  7. An allergic reaction may appear in the form of swelling, itching, redness.
  8. Increased body temperature, hair loss.

If any symptoms appear, the drug should be discontinued immediately and consult your doctor.


When combined with Cimetidine and Dexamethasone, the concentration of albendazole increases. Therefore, such a duet should be avoided.


Nemozole contains many analogues both in terms of the structural component and the effect on the body. The average price of Nemozol ranges from 170 rubles.

  1. Zentel is produced by a British company, the drug is available in the form of a suspension and tablets, as the active substance is the same albendazole. It costs less than its counterpart in terms of the structural component - 110 rubles. However, it is rarely found in our pharmacies.
  2. Albendazole. As it is already clear from the name, the active substance coincides with Nemozole. In terms of its pharmacological properties, it is completely identical to the second. Produced by an Indian pharmaceutical company.





  3. Mebendazole. It is highly effective, has less toxicity than Nemozol, but is useless for giardiasis, microsporidiosis, cysticercosis and opisthorchiasis. It is almost twice as cheap as Nemozol.
  4. Levamisole. Better known as Dekaris. A very toxic drug, used in the treatment of enterobiasis, ascariasis, necatorosis, hookworm infection, trichocephalosis, strongyloidosis, trichostrongyloidosis and toxoplasmosis. On average, it costs no more than 80 rubles.





Pirantel or Nemozole: which is better?


Both drugs work against parasites in the human body. Both have a wide range of action, but the second has a slightly wider spectrum. Pirantel, unlike its brother, does not work as a prophylactic agent.

Pirantel is also produced in the form of a suspension and tablets. Works great against the five most common helminths. The cost does not exceed 40 rubles per package.

Sanoxal or Nemozol: which is better?

Sanoxal is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company. Available in 400 mg chewable tablets. In terms of its spectrum, it does not differ from Nemozol, but at the price it has significantly knocked out ahead. The pharmacy will ask for a package at least 205 rubles.





Gelmadol or Nemozol: which is better?

Helmadol is produced by an Egyptian pharmaceutical company. Releases in the form of tablets of 200 mg. On average, the price of a pack does not exceed 200 rubles. The spectrum of therapeutic action completely coincides with Nemozol. Although it costs more - 200 rubles.





special instructions

In the treatment of neurocysticercosis, it is required to carry out GCS therapy and take anticonvulsants. GCS is required to prevent a sharp increase in pressure at the beginning of treatment, which is likely due to treatment.

It is required to control the cellular composition of the blood, in case of detection of leukopenia, treatment should be stopped immediately.

A blood test is required every four weeks, and leukocyte counts must be carefully monitored.

Nemozole and alcohol


Nemozole and alcohol

The drug is rather poorly tolerated against the background of alcohol, so doctors strongly recommend not to take alcohol if you have the following problems:

  • Development of liver failure;
  • The appearance of cutting pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • Yellowing of the skin;
  • Vomiting;
  • Dizziness.

This is just a part of the symptoms likely to occur when combining strong alcoholic beverages and Nemozole. If treatment is not carried out on time, the onset of severe complications is likely, up to a lethal outcome.