NIKLOSAMIDE - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

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NIKLOSAMIDE - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
NIKLOSAMIDE - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
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Niclosamide will help in the fight against tapeworms


  • 1 Release form
  • 2 Composition and principle of action
  • 3 Indications for use
  • 4 Contraindications for use
  • 5 How to take
  • 6 Side effects
  • 7 Analogues and price in pharmacies
  • 8 Niclosamide: patient reviews

Back in 1959, chemists discovered Niclosamide, a chemical that has shown excellent results as an anthelmintic agent. The drug is good for cestodosis - diseases that were caused by tapeworms. It effectively fights this type of parasite, but is practically ineffective against other varieties of worms, for example, round worms.

Release form


Release form

Cardboard box with plastic blister. One contains 4 chewable tablets. They are round in shape, the color is yellow-brown, with small dark spots. The tablets have a pungent, specific smell, they taste like vanillin. Also included in the package are instructions for use in several languages.

Composition and principle of action


The main component of the drug is Niclosamide. One tablet contains 500 mg of the substance. It is obtained by processing salicylanilide. It acts by providing a paralytic effect on helminths - they are immobilized and naturally leave the body. Also, as a result of the action of the drug, the resistance of parasites to proteolytic enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract, which in fact are a natural antiparasitic agent, decreases.

Niclosamide is a limited drug that is active only against certain types of tapeworms. This list includes bovine tapeworm, back tapeworm, dwarf tapeworm, pumpkin tapeworm, and wide tapeworm. In the fight against round or other types of parasites, the medication is not effective.

Also Niclosamide contains excipients - sodium starch glycolate, corn starch, xylitol, magnesium sterate, sodium saccharin and vanillin.

Indications for use

Various diseases associated with the defeat of the body by parasites from the group of tapeworms. In particular, these are:

  • Hymenolepiasis;
  • Teniarinhoz;
  • Diphyllobothriasis;
  • Teniosis;

Remember that niclosamide is a serious substance with a strong effect. It is strictly forbidden to take it yourself.

First you need to consult a doctor for diagnosis - after certain tests, the doctor will be able to determine exactly which parasites attacked your body. The doctor will also be able to adjust the dose based on your personal characteristics. In addition, the doctor will analyze if you have a history of contraindications.

Contraindications for use

High sensitivity to the main active ingredient or additional components of the drug. Contraindications also include:

  • Anemia caused by various causes;
  • Kidney disease, regardless of their intensity;
  • Disorders in the functioning of the liver;
  • Ulcer of the stomach or 12-duodenal ulcer in any form;
  • Elderly or childhood;

Also, not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Formally, pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications, but no solid studies have been conducted on the effect of niclosamide on the mother and child.

How to use


The drug is taken exclusively on an empty stomach. This should be done about an hour before a meal or two to three hours after a small snack. After a hearty lunch, you have to wait even more. The tablets are not swallowed, they are thoroughly chewed and washed down with water in a small amount. While taking the medication, it is recommended to follow a certain diet - to eat dishes that are easily and quickly absorbed, preferably liquid ones.

After taking it, you need to wait two hours and take any laxative prescribed by your doctor. This is necessary so that the parasites cannot return back, since the drug is harmful only for adults. A few days before taking niclosamide, it is better to refuse any doses of alcohol altogether. On the day of admission, alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.

The dosage depends primarily on the type of parasite.

  • In the case of pork tapeworm, adults are prescribed 4 tablets, which must be taken at a time: it is best to do this after breakfast, after waiting the required time;
  • In the case of teniarhynchosis, the dosage is the same - 4 tablets are taken at a time;
  • With diphyllobothriasis, the dosage is different - first, take the first 2 tablets, wait an hour and take 2 more;
  • For the treatment of hymenolepiasis, take 4 tablets on the first day, and in the next six days, 2 tablets per day;
  • If the patient is a child, all the dosage is divided in half: for children under two years old, this half is also divided into two (it is not easy to force children to swallow several tablets at once, but the drug can be crushed and stirred in warm water - the taste of such a mixture is quite tolerable).

The course of treatment itself lasts only a day, but the complete treatment regimen with preparation takes about a week.

Side effects

Niclosamide is most often well tolerated by patients. If the treatment was correctly selected and the patient has no contraindications, the likelihood of complications is minimal - the substance is practically not absorbed by the body and is completely excreted.


With individual intolerance to the drug, allergic reactions may sometimes occur, neurodermatitis may worsen. Photophobia is also likely, discomfort or pain in the abdomen, nausea, indigestion may be felt.

If during the reception you experience the above or any other symptoms, your health worsens, immediately consult a doctor for advice. The doctor will adjust the treatment regimen and help remove side effects.

Niclosamide is fairly neutral, but may cause reactions with some other medications. Therefore, if you regularly take or have recently taken any medications, be sure to inform your doctor about it.

If prescribed correctly, the medication does not in any way affect the ability to drive or concentrate.

Analogues and price in pharmacies

Niclosamide was discovered a long time ago, so today there are many means with it or its derivatives. The most common: fenasal, yomesan, biomesan, cestocide, aten. All of these drugs are actually niclosamide.

Praziquantel and albendazole are the closest substances in terms of action, therefore preparations based on them can also be considered close analogues.









The price can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the specific pharmacy, but on average it is quite affordable - about 150 rubles.

Niclosamide: patient reviews

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