MEDAMIN - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues

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MEDAMIN - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
MEDAMIN - Instructions For Use, Price, Reviews And Analogues
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Medamin strike against parasites in the intestines


  • 1 Exposure to the drug
  • 2 Composition and form of release
  • 3 Indications
  • 4 Instructions for use
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Side effects
  • 7 Analogs
  • 8 Price of Medamin
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To get rid of parasites in the intestines, anthelmintic drugs are used with a narrow spectrum of action. They work very efficiently at low cost. One of these drugs is Medamin. The medicine is available in tablets.

Effects of the drug


Effects of the drug

Medamin has a chemotherapeutic effect against worms. The drug copes with all parasites, except for the nematode worm, which leads to the onset of the disease trichinosis. After taking the medicine, the effect on the worms begins ten minutes later

The main component of the drug enters the intestines, is absorbed into the membrane of each parasite and prevents the conduction of its nerve impulses. After the muscle fibers of the helminth are paralyzed. It cannot move and attach to the intestinal walls, feed and reproduce. The helminth does not have the ability to resist the peristaltic movements of the intestinal walls, so it comes out with the feces. The drug differs in that it is not absorbed into the intestines, therefore the effect is only against parasites without causing harm to the body.

Composition and form of release


Composition and form of release

The drug is available in the form of round tablets, each containing 100 mg of carbendacim. It is developed on the basis of carboxylic acid, benzimidazole, methyl ester. The medicine is low-toxic, therefore it is well tolerated by adults and children. One package contains ten tablets. The medicine is quite difficult to find on the free market; it is ordered in online stores.


Medamin is prescribed for adults and children over the age of three. Usually prescribed for defeat by roundworms - intestinal nematodes. It can also be taken in the following cases:

  • Strongyloid invasion. It is caused by intestinal acne. Symptoms: asthmatic cough, allergies, vomiting, jaundice, pain in the abdomen;
  • Trichurosis invasion. Appears due to the Vlasoglav worm. Its localization is the cecum.
  • Ankylostomidous invasion. Symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, iron deficiency, vesicles.
  • Pinworms. Usually appear in childhood;
  • Ascariasis invasion. Occurs in adults and children in the small intestine.
  • Nonatorosis. Symptoms: allergic reactions, gastrointestinal tract disorders, anemia.

Instructions for use


Medamin is prescribed by a doctor. The dose is calculated based on the patient's weight according to the formula - 10 mg per 1 kg. The drug must be consumed three times a day during meals or after. The tablets are crushed and mixed with warm water or chewed thoroughly, followed by drinking the liquid. The course lasts depending on the type of disease. To remove pinworms, it is enough to take the medicine for one day. In severe forms and in other cases, the drug may be prescribed for three days.

Children can be prescribed Medamin from the age of three. The dosage is calculated using the same formula. The drug is prescribed exclusively by a doctor based on tests. You can take the medicine again only after 14 days. The second course is needed to remove the eggs of the worms.

During pregnancy and lactation, Medamin is not prescribed. The reason is the lack of information about the effect of the drug on the development of the fetus and baby. If treatment is required during pregnancy, another medication is prescribed. Breastfeeding while taking Medamin should be suspended. The use of laxatives and adherence to special nutritional principles while using the drug is not necessary.


Care should be taken when taking medication. The reaction of the body when using the drug without consulting a specialist can be unpredictable. Contraindications to taking Medamin are as follows:

  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • Acute renal dysfunction;
  • Liver disease;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • Age up to three years.

During the reception, it is not recommended to work with complex mechanisms and drive a car.

Side effects

With an incorrect dosage, the following side effects may occur:

  • Digestive system pathologies. There is nausea, vomiting, pain in the right hypochondrium, diarrhea. Sometimes the level of activity of hepatic transaminases increases.
  • Allergies. Symptoms include itching, reversible erythema, urticaria, skin redness, and dermatitis. In advanced cases, there may be a rapid progress of Quincke's edema or anaphylactic shock.
  • Nervous system pathologies. The patient may experience manifestations such as drowsiness, dizziness, headaches. Sometimes coordination of movements is impaired.

In this case, you should stop using Medamin and take medications to relieve symptoms.


Medamin has a lot of analogues, but Mebendazole is the closest in composition and action. This drug has a wide spectrum of action; when taken, no additional drugs and laxatives are required.

Another analogue for the effect is Levamisole. It comes in pill form. The cost of one package is 80 rubles. The drug has antiprotozoal and antibacterial effects. The dose is selected individually, the doctor is based on age criteria. The drug is taken once a day. The course, if necessary, is repeated in a week. With the wrong dosage, there may be side effects.





Levamisole should not be taken for prophylaxis as it is very toxic. It is not prescribed for pregnancy, lactation and under two years of age. Also similar drugs are Vermox, Gelmodol, Vormin and Sanoxal.

Medamin's price

Medamin is absent from the state registration. It has been quite difficult to find a drug in ordinary pharmacies in the Russian Federation since 2003. It can be purchased in online stores at a cost of 100 to 130 rubles. It is much easier to find analogs of medicines, their price is from 80 to 400 rubles.


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