Ascaris How Can You Get Infected And How To Prevent It?

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Ascaris How Can You Get Infected And How To Prevent It?
Ascaris How Can You Get Infected And How To Prevent It?

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How is ascaris infection


  • 1 Features of ascariasis
  • 2 Methods of infection
  • 3 Worms from cat to person: is this transmission route possible?
  • 4 Ascariasis and fish: is this route of infection possible?
  • 5 Most common routes of infection
  • 6 Real prevention of ascariasis
  • 7 Is it possible to re-infection with ascariasis
  • 8 Should I turn to folk recipes

What is Ascariasis? This is a parasitic disease, no one is 100% insured against it. And if we talk about children, the risk of infection increases significantly. Helminth diseases are all somewhat similar, but, nevertheless, there are significant differences. In particular, they relate to the ways of infection, as well as the further existence of the worm in the body.

Features of ascariasis


Features of ascariasis

These parasites have advanced evolutionarily over many other worms. Even unfavorable conditions are not so terrible for these worms, for example, they can survive at low temperatures. Roundworms live on the mucous membrane, where the worms feed on those useful substances that are intended for the human body. Blood is also a nutrient medium for them.

Infection with ascariasis occurs in two ways:

  • Fecal-oral;
  • Contact.

Helminth eggs are not visible to the human eye, but you need to understand that with a high degree of probability they are on strawberries from the garden, carrots, apples, and even in well water. Finally, the soil itself is contaminated with eggs, and people who work on the site are theoretically in danger. But to a greater extent, of course, children can catch ascariasis. And no matter how romantic the barefoot village childhood looks in the representations of many, the possibility of helminthic invasion with this type of rest is very great.

Infection methods

It is also dangerous that if one child in the family falls ill with ascariasis, it is highly likely that other children will be infected. That is why, when one case of ascariasis is detected, the family members of the patient should be examined for helminthic invasion. The whole family of the patient almost always takes treatment.

If you understand the ways of infection with human ascaris, then the risks, of course, can be minimized. But it is almost impossible to completely prevent the threat. For example, the larvae of worms are carried by mosquitoes and flies, as well as other insects. Therefore, even if you have cultivated the soil on your site, the risk of infection still remains.

Infection with these helminths is also possible by contact with the carrier of the worm's eggs. For example, if an infected person did not wash their hands after going to the toilet, then they can be considered a spread of the disease. The things he touches become a surface for the attachment of roundworm eggs. Then these things are touched by a healthy person, and he can also become a victim of an illness.

Human-to-human infection is possible:

  • When a healthy person comes into contact with contaminated household items (linen, personal items, clothing, food, etc.);
  • With kiss and sexual intercourse;
  • During pregnancy, ascariasis is able to pass through the placenta, as well as to the child from the mother during the passage of the baby through the birth canal.

The way the disease is transmitted from person to person is not so rare. Fragments of eggs settle under the nails, on various household items. Not always, after infection, pronounced symptoms appear, quite often a person is unaware of his illness. Therefore, during the annual medical examination, each adult patient is recommended to undergo an analysis for helminthiasis. Children should also undergo the necessary tests, since for them helminthic invasion is more likely.

Worms from cat to person: is this transmission route possible?


Worms from cat to person: is this transmission route possible?

A cat is a living creature that is also susceptible to infection with parasites. She actively interacts with the environment. Sand, earth, grass, and other animals are all possible sources of helminths. In order not to risk it, you should regularly treat your pet for worms. How exactly, the veterinarian will tell you. He will also explain how often you need to carry out the course of treatment, what medications to give your pet, whether there are side effects, how to feed the cat on these days, etc.

Worms from a cat to a person are able to pass through direct contact: you stroked the cat, touched it, played with it, and these actions are enough for it to "reward" you with worms. Therefore, wash your hands after all contact with your pet. Many will be surprised: wash your hands every time? Any specialist will answer in the affirmative. But since it is common for a person to forget, to do some things on the machine, it is unlikely that you will really be able to wash your hands several times a day after each stroking the cat.

In this case, you definitely need reinsurance - treat the cat's permanent residence with special antibacterial agents.

Ascariasis and fish: is this route of infection possible?

Unfortunately, yes, it is possible. Worms can indeed be infected through fish. Worm eggs often enter the body of fish through various river molluscs. The fish themselves will be only an intermediate point of transmission of the parasite - they do not suffer from worms in any way. Therefore, when buying fish, ask for the necessary sanitary and epidemiological documentation. The fish must be checked by specialists so that the potential buyer does not risk his health.

Danger of fish in relation to helminthic infestation:

  • Caviar and pieces of fish with helminth eggs can be dangerous if processed poorly;
  • Eating sushi where fish is used raw;
  • Dried fish is also a threat of helminthic infestation.

Maximum safety lies in the use of fish, the heat treatment of which has not been carried out thoroughly enough. Although, to be fair, it is easier to get infected with opisthorchiasis through fish than with ascariasis. But there are still risks.

The most common routes of infection


The most common routes of infection

The picture is not the most pleasant: it turns out that ascariasis is a disease that cannot be completely protected against. Even if a person is ideal in terms of personal hygiene, always washes food, cooks well and does not eat underfried fish, then another person or a cat, for example, can infect him. Indeed, there is no complete certainty that the disease will never find you. But, one way or another, analyze - what are the risks, what can be done, how to protect yourself as much as possible from this threat.

Ascariasis - transmission routes:

  • The soil. Fruits and berries come into contact with contaminated soil. A person eats strawberries directly from the garden or does not thoroughly wash a cucumber, for example. So easily ascaris gets into the human body. I must say that roundworm eggs are very tenacious - if conditions are favorable, they can live in the soil for about 12 years.
  • Contaminated water. Ascaris eggs can get there along with feces. Swimming in a body of water is a simple example of a possible contamination. After all, people often rest in those places next to which there is a public toilet.
  • Flies and other insects. They carry roundworm eggs on their paws for food. The man does not even suspect that he has just eaten a piece of bread that is already infected.
  • Saliva or phlegm that a person releases into the environment. Of course, this route of transmission of the disease is unlikely, but it is quite possible. Therefore, do not hesitate to make comments to people who sneeze and cough, without saving strangers from possible negative effects.

It turns out that the household route of transmission has a low probability: indeed, in most cases, infection occurs through contaminated food and water. But in order to avoid infection, make sure your household members wash their hands after each visit to the toilet, after coming from the street, before eating, after playing with a pet, etc.

Real prevention of ascariasis

There is no need to think that no one will give a 100% guarantee, that everyone runs the risk of being infected, etc. The rules of hygiene, attention to your health are simple and feasible. It is worth making them your mainstay in everyday life, and not only ascariasis, but also many other diseases (including the so-called "infections of dirty hands") can be avoided.

In order not to become infected with parasites, you need:

  • Observe all basic conditions of personal hygiene. First of all, this is hand washing. Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least a minute. Dry your hands with a personal towel. Replace the old towel with a new one in time. The bathroom (ideally) should have personal towels for each family member.
  • Do disinfectant cleaning frequently at home. We are talking about wet cleaning with the use of special disinfectants. In the children's room, wet cleaning should be daily. This is the same unchanging rule as the daily airing of the room.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly. No matter how much you would like to bite the ruddy apple on the way home from the market, wait until there is an opportunity to wash it.
  • Prepare food according to cooking rules. Insufficiently fried and cooked meat or fish is always dangerous, this is a high risk of intestinal infections.
  • Protect children's sandboxes from possible contamination. Each sandbox must be equipped with a special protective cover. Prevent animals from entering the sandbox. Play areas should be built in sunny areas, since most worms are afraid of ultraviolet radiation.

Do not drink raw water from the well. No matter how tasty it may seem, it is dangerous. You need to drink boiled water, use special filters. Yes, there is a feeling that risks are everywhere, it is simply unrealistic to protect yourself from everyone. But it is in your power to organize your life so that the dangers of the external environment do not pose a threat to you.

Is it possible to re-infection with ascariasis

The fact is that once having had ascariasis, a person does not acquire the protection that will be an obstacle to a new infection. The body does not develop immunity to ascariasis, so re-infection is certainly possible.

It cannot be said that with a repeated illness, the symptomatology of the disease will be different, that complications will arise, etc. Much depends on the age of the patient, his immunity, the presence of concomitant diseases, as well as the number of eggs that have entered the human body.

It is not recommended to drink pills prophylactically. The fact is that ascariasis should be treated with drugs that are quite powerful in their effect. Weak, soft drugs may not kill the parasite, it will not come out naturally, but will climb up: and then the worms can come out through the mouth, nose, ears. Of course, this scenario is not at all desirable. Therefore, the medicine must be effective.

In order for the dead worm to escape through the intestines, the patient is additionally prescribed laxatives. Since the drugs are strong, to a certain extent toxic, it is not worth using them for the sake of dubiously necessary prevention. It is much easier (and more reasonable) to take tests, first find out if the diagnosis of helminthiasis is relevant for you.

Whether to turn to folk recipes


Whether to turn to folk recipes

Indeed, the so-called traditional medicine has some experience in the treatment of helminthic diseases. But there are no statistics: it is impossible to establish whether it was this, a specific remedy in removing worms, etc. Therefore, some recipes can be used as additional tools. But, of course, they cannot replace the main treatment.

Ascariasis is not the most harmless disease. Sometimes it threatens a person's life, leads to serious complications, and causes suffering to the patient. And treatment, for example, with pumpkin seeds for such a difficult case is not just not enough, it is dangerous and pointless.

Some patients are sure: if they drank the medicine for ascariasis, and then they felt bad (vomiting, weakness, malaise), then the drug did not fit.

Many simply stop treatment, turn to folk recipes. But often side effects are the body's reaction to intoxication, because there is already a dead parasite in the human body. Therefore, any treatment is carried out under medical supervision, all possible questions, doubts should be addressed to the doctor.

After a course of treatment and rehabilitation measures, a person undergoes a control diagnosis. After that, we can draw conclusions whether the treatment is successful, whether ascariasis is defeated.

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