Ascaris Tablets Are The Most Effective Drugs

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Ascaris Tablets Are The Most Effective Drugs
Ascaris Tablets Are The Most Effective Drugs
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How to properly treat ascaris


  • 1 Some information about Ascaris
  • 2 Symptoms of the disease: general and specific signs
  • 3 How is ascariasis diagnosed
  • 4 Therapeutic scheme for ascariasis

    • 4.1 How to treat chronic ascariasis
    • 4.2 Diet during the treatment of ascariasis
    • 4.3 Why is a laxative prescribed for ascariasis
  • 5 Rehabilitation after ascariasis
  • 6 Why drink vitamins after treatment of ascariasis

If you believe the statistics, then every second inhabitant of the planet at least once suffered from helminthic diseases. Of course, many did not even suspect that they did not go to doctors, did not take medicine. Is it correct to think that helminthic invasion is a pathology that is subject to self-healing? This is an erroneous opinion, there is very little truth in it, and it is conditional. Even ascariasis, one of the most formidable helminth diseases, can go away on its own. But to be sure that in each specific case the disease will go away on its own, without consequences, is at least unreasonable.

Some information about roundworm



This parasite belongs to the roundworm family. His life path begins only in the soil. Ascaris grows from a larva to an adult in 25-30 days. It is scary to imagine, but in less than a month, an almost invisible larva becomes a worm, which can reach 40 cm in length! If you imagine that this parasite lives in the human body, it becomes scary for your health.

Symptoms of the disease: general and specific signs

Doctors divide the symptoms of ascariasis into general and specific. The general ones are similar to the signs of other infections, therefore only their occurrence cannot be considered a clinical picture of helminthiasis.

Common symptoms that occur with ascariasis:

  • Nausea, at times with vomiting;
  • Dramatic weight loss;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Pain in the abdomen (not always);
  • Upset stomach, alternating with constipation;
  • Flatulence;
  • Rise in temperature and fever (not always).

Most intestinal infections have the same symptoms, so it is almost impossible to identify ascariasis by them. But the disease also has specific symptoms. Ascariasis is often associated with pain in the lungs, kidney and liver problems, fever, and persistent abdominal discomfort.

It is not difficult to diagnose the disease in modern laboratory conditions. Therefore, a doctor, when a patient with similar symptoms comes to see him, does not exclude helminthiasis. The doctor prescribes special studies for the patient, which determine the cause of the disease with medical accuracy.

How is ascariasis diagnosed?

How to treat ascariasis in adults, only the doctor decides. And any treatment is based on a clear diagnosis, laboratory identified, and not simply assumed by the patient and / or doctor. The scheme of therapy is such that the patient will take drugs that are quite serious in their effect, which means that his body is subject to considerable stress. Without identifying exactly what kind of disease led to a number of symptoms, it is impossible to prescribe powerful drugs.

Today, ascariasis can be determined:

  • By analyzing feces (it only detects roundworm larvae);
  • Using a blood test.

There are additional research methods, including chest x-ray. During the migratory stage of roundworm, one can see how the larvae of the parasite form infiltrates (foci of inflammation in the lungs). X-rays in this case are done several times with a short time interval.

Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity can also be informative - with its help, a specialist is able to see the localization of worms. For some reason, the opinion is stable that if huge roundworms are found in the human body, then it is no longer possible to cure the patient without an operation. Of course, modern medicine knows more gentle methods of treatment: medicines for roundworm are effective and affordable.

Therapeutic scheme for ascariasis

Drug treatment is a mandatory step, no folk recipes and one hundred percent methods of worm damage advertised on dubious Internet resources are not at all associated with recovery. If the patient is found to have ascariasis, the doctor will prescribe the treatment, he also monitors the course of therapy, and also conducts rehabilitation.

The most popular pills for ascariasis:

  • Piperazine. The advantages of this drug include high efficiency in relation to roundworm. Also, this remedy is prescribed for enterobiasis (pinworms). The active substance is actively absorbed, quickly excreted from the body, does not pose a threat to human health. Piperazine has a paralyzing effect on the helminth, and the parasite comes out naturally. The main treatment takes two to three days. The doctor prescribes the scheme and dosage.
  • Heptylresorcinol. This remedy is most effective in ascariasis. It is almost not absorbed, therefore the toxic effect on human organs is minimal. The peculiarity of this drug is that they drink it according to a special scheme that requires the patient to rest in bed. Do not prescribe this medicine to children under 5 years of age, as well as to people with gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Setonin. It is considered an effective drug, the advantage of which is the minimum duration of treatment, only 2 days. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor. Treatment requires bowel preparation (either laxatives or cleansing enemas). Also, Setonin will help only if the patient follows a strict diet during treatment.
  • Albendazole. These are not tablets, but a suspension. The drug is considered a broad-spectrum anthelmintic drug. The tool destroys carbohydrate metabolism in parasite cells, which inevitably perishes. For the treatment of adults, this drug is considered the most preferred. Repeat treatment if necessary after 21-25 days.





  • Dekaris. It has a detrimental effect on many types of parasites. You can drink these pills at any stage of the disease. This drug is not highly toxic: it does not kill roundworm, but only paralyzes it. But even such an action is enough for the worm to soon come out naturally.
  • I fed. This is the same albendazole, the main active ingredient of the drug. It helps even with the development of the disease outside the intestinal tissues: in the liver, lungs, brain, muscles.





There are at least a dozen more popular drugs that are analogous to the drugs described above. The doctor selects the main medication taking into account a number of criteria: the patient's age, allergic status, the presence of concomitant diseases, the stage of the disease and the fact, primary or secondary infection.

How to treat chronic ascariasis


Chronic disease is considered a pathology when sexually mature individuals already live in the human intestine. Treatment begins at the diagnostic stage: the patient is tested so that the diagnosis is accurate and the therapy is adequate. Before treatment, the doctor recommends the patient to clear the stomach (take a laxative).

Then the patient undergoes a traditional course of drug treatment, which lasts from 2 to 14 days. In the process of taking drugs during the act of defecation, worms will come out of the patient's intestines. It happens that at the same time a person suffers from bloating and pain in the intestines: this is permissible. The process of release of worms is not accompanied by pain, burning, discomfort. Rather, it is a psychologically unpleasant moment.

After the therapeutic course, the patient re-tests: you need to make sure that recovery has come.

Diet during the treatment of ascariasis

The doctor will tell the patient that medication and diet are indispensable components of treatment. If the patient is responsible, he will follow all the prescriptions of doctors. Improper nutrition during the treatment period aggravates the healing process, complicates treatment and unnecessarily burdens the body.

What you can eat:

  • Low-fat varieties of fish or meat (baked dishes, boiled), heat treatment must be impeccable;
  • Vegetables, fruits, naturally, thoroughly washed, do not eat those foods that lead to increased gas formation (for example, grapes);
  • Lenten soups, the best option is vegetable broths;
  • Low-fat fermented milk products in small quantities;
  • Bread and croutons.

You can't eat fatty meat, sweets, flour, fatty soups and borscht.

Why is a laxative prescribed for ascariasis

Anthelmintic drugs alone will not be a quality treatment for ascariasis. A laxative is an adjunct. The worms can clump together, which interferes with the act of defecation. And without a laxative, you won't be able to go to the toilet normally. By taking the drug, a person can expect that the natural process will be fast and minimally uncomfortable.

Also, a feature of laxatives is that they remove toxins that remain in the body after helminthic invasion. If you are strongly against medication, you can resort to natural laxative recipes - for example, a decoction of senna leaves and buckthorn bark. Castor oil is often used as a laxative.

Rehabilitation after ascariasis

Even if you know exactly how to remove roundworms and have successfully completed the therapeutic course, the treatment is not over. The recovery period is mandatory: at this time, you should revise the regimen and nature of the diet, develop a suitable therapeutic diet, and enhance the vitamin component in the menu. All this is needed not only to help the digestive tract organs recover from a helminthic infection, it can also be considered one of the points of prevention of secondary infection.

The recovery stage involves the following scheme:

  • A therapeutic diet with a gradual transition to full-fledged proper nutrition;
  • Vitamin therapy;
  • Leisure;
  • Disease prevention.

Worm infestation is a load on the body. Immune mechanisms work, antibodies are produced, organs and systems are trying to protect themselves. The body, figuratively speaking, is going through a serious shake-up, the digestive tract organs are especially affected, The treatment is serious: in order to kill or neutralize the worms, a person drinks drugs with a certain degree of toxicity. This is another blow to the body, albeit not so strong, albeit necessary. If a person, after all this, forces his body to fight the consequences of malnutrition, it looks like a mockery of his own body. Therefore, it is so important to follow a diet during treatment and during rehabilitation.

Refusal should be from fatty, spicy, salty and fried foods. Be sure to cross out sweets from the diet - this is a favorite breeding ground for many parasites. Spoil yourself with marshmallows or marshmallows only occasionally. More often add fiber to the menu: vegetables and fruits, products made from wholemeal flour, buckwheat, etc. Pass store-bought juices and soda: drink clear water, herbal and green teas, freshly squeezed vegetable juices and smoothies.

Why drink vitamins after treatment of ascariasis


Why drink vitamins after treatment of ascariasis

Roundworms don't just live in the human intestines. They take away nutrients, vitamins, and those resources that serve as energy for the human body. In such cases, the patient is often diagnosed with anemia. Lack of nutrients, vitamins, minerals must be replenished.

That is why, at the recovery stage, one or another vitamin complex should be taken. You can combine natural fortified food with synthetic drugs. What vitamins to drink is an individual question. Vegetables and fruits, nuts, diet meats, probiotics - all of this must be on the menu, as this is a fortified food.

Another point of the recovery period is active rest. For the normalization of blood circulation, for the healthy work of muscles and metabolic processes, it is very important to move, exercise, give the body the physical activity it needs. This also contributes to the early recovery of the body.

Treatment of ascariasis is always medication. There are situations where medication is highly undesirable (for example, pregnancy or breastfeeding). But even at this time, the patient must come to the doctor, and together they will find that compromise solution that will contribute to recovery. Don't let the disease ruin your health: get tested, take effective medications, avoid the possibility of infection. There is nothing wrong with treatment: it is much more dangerous to be inactive.

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