Scraping On The Oviduct - How Is The Diagnosis Carried Out?

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Scraping On The Oviduct - How Is The Diagnosis Carried Out?
Scraping On The Oviduct - How Is The Diagnosis Carried Out?

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Annual analysis - scraping for ovipositor


  • 1 What is a worm egg scraping
  • 2 What is enterobiasis
  • 3 When is the best time to be tested for helminths
  • 4 How to donate a scraping for an egg-leaf to a child
  • 5 Conducting a survey
  • 6 What the patient and doctor should do after the test is done
  • 7 Hygiene during enterobiasis

One of the most commonly performed tests performed in laboratories is the so-called oocyte scraping. It must be held annually. The procedure is important enough for both adults and children.

What is a worm egg scraping


What is a worm egg scraping

The study is carried out in a clinic; you can choose both a municipal and a private institution. The procedure is prescribed in order to identify enterobiasis. Most often, the disease can be found in children of younger preschool age, but the danger of infection from them to adult family members cannot be ruled out.

Many are familiar with enterobiasis not by hearsay. The first sign of the disease is irritating itching in the anal area, which usually worsens towards night. Its occurrence is the result of the fact that female pinworms crawl out and begin to lay eggs in the folds of skin around the anus. To determine the presence of eggs, it is enough to take a scraping from the skin surface. The aim of the study is to detect traces of the presence of the parasite in the body. Other parasitic worms cannot be detected with this method of investigation.

This type of research is distinguished by its simplicity and high accuracy of the result. The procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations, so there is no particular difficulty if it is necessary to carry it out for small children. It is recommended to carry out scrapings as soon as possible after problems in the form of discomfort in the anal area are first noted.

Some of the workers whose activities are associated with constant contact with food take such tests approximately once a quarter. Through careful monitoring, epidemics of infectious diseases are expected to be avoided. Tests for enterobiasis are considered one of the most common examinations. There are no restrictions - you can perform them as many times as needed to make the correct diagnosis. This will help make the treatment more effective.

What is enterobiasis

Enterobiasis is a disease caused by pinworm parasites. Female pinworms grow up to a centimeter in length, males up to 5 mm. Their usual habitat is the appendix, the cecum. Parasites are perfectly adapted to survival, they are resistant to disinfection, getting rid of them is not easy, especially with an advanced disease.

Enterobiasis is more often noted in children 3-14 years old. This disease is very common in children's groups. One sick child is capable of infecting the entire kindergarten group in a short time.

What are the causes of helminths:

  • Weak immunity;
  • Wrong attitude towards compliance with hygiene requirements;
  • A large number of children in the team;
  • Unfavorable living conditions.

For humans, any worms are very dangerous. In the process of their vital activity, toxic substances are released into the host's body, which negatively affect the state of health. In addition, they can take away most of the nutrients that a person receives with food, disrupt metabolism and assimilation. The toxins secreted by the worms cause symptoms of intoxication, if found, it is necessary to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

When is the best time to be tested for helminths

An analysis of scraping on an ovarian leaf should be carried out in any case if there are suspicions of the presence of worms in the body. Signs to be wary of include:

  1. Pain sensations of varying intensity;
  2. Manifestation of allergies;
  3. Disturbing itching in the anus, worse in the evening;
  4. Unreasonable nausea and vomiting;
  5. Feeling weak, poor appetite;
  6. Problems with the digestive tract, diarrhea, flatulence;
  7. Excessive irritability is possible, which can manifest itself not only in behavior, but also in the form of gnashing of teeth.

If the disease is left unattended, granulomas, which contain multiple clusters of parasite eggs, begin to develop in the patient's perianal region. Depletion of the body begins, which can lead to an extremely unpleasant outcome. The patient may faint in crowded places, has problems with the absorption of nutrients.

The earlier a disease is detected, the more effectively it is possible to cope with its consequences, so do not neglect the opportunity to do an analysis. In some cases, passing an examination for eggs, a worm acts as a necessity - for example, when drawing up a medical book, certificates to school and kindergarten.

How to donate a scraping for an egg-leaf to a child

Children are more susceptible to infection with parasites than adults. Parents should be attentive to how the child behaves - this will allow tracking changes in his behavior. The first symptoms of pinworm infection are:

  • Upset sleep - due to uncomfortable sensations, the patient wakes up all the time;
  • Due to the constant itching around the anus, the child scratches the affected area;
  • It is noticeable that the child shows a strong interest in his own genitals (tries to scratch, rub through clothes);
  • The skin around the affected area turns red.

Scrapings can be prescribed to children in the following cases:

  • Upon admission to kindergarten, and during their stay in it - in case of long absences due to illness or other reasons;
  • Before planned treatment in a hospital setting;
  • Before playing sports in special institutions, including for visiting the pool;
  • If necessary, issue a voucher to the sanatorium.

Conditions for adults are almost the same, may vary slightly.


It is best to collect material for analysis in the morning. Pinworms are especially active at night, they crawl out and lay eggs, so the analysis will give an accurate result.

To collect the material at home, you can use a regular cotton swab. To improve the process, you need to prepare the instrument in the evening. Prepare a stick in the morning - wet the tip with lukewarm boiled water and wipe the skin near the anus with it. Then place the instrument in a clean, sterilized tube and send it for diagnostics.

Another option is to collect the material with a piece of adhesive tape. It is also performed in the morning. For the fence, cut off a small piece of tape and apply the sticky side to the anus. The tape is then placed on glass to be placed under a microscope. In this form, the material is sent to the laboratory.

There is another method for taking a scraping. It is done using a glass spatula. A medical spatula is carried over the skin in the anal area, then the material is applied to a glass slide and transferred for microscopic examination.

Before the biological material is sent, it must be stored in a cool place where the temperature is within 4-8 degrees. It should be delivered for research on the same day it is assembled. The results depend on whether the material is collected correctly. The time that elapses between the collection of biomaterial and delivery to the laboratory should be reduced as much as possible. The longer the delivery takes, the less credible the results.


The best results in terms of accuracy can be achieved by visiting a special institution that performs diagnostics. But even at home, it is possible to obtain high-quality material for research, if all actions are performed in accordance with the rules. If the patient is going to receive material at home, it is necessary to find out from the nurse or doctor exactly how to do this.

No special preparation is required before collecting the scraping on the worm eggs. There is no need to restrict the patient in terms of food or drink, no special treatment or pre-medication is needed. It is not recommended to even wash yourself before scraping. The result is determined quickly - the next day it will be ready. Deciphering it is simple, since it is only required to establish whether the donated material contains eggs of parasites or not. They should not be normal.

In some cases, the attending physician may decide to repeat the analysis - each examination increases the accuracy of the result. In some cases, they are asked to bring stool samples along with scraping material, but eggs are almost never found in it. If adult worms are found in the sample, they must be placed in ethyl alcohol in order to then transfer them to the laboratory for analysis.

What the patient and doctor should do after the test is done

The ideal analysis is one in which there are no parasite eggs. Under this condition, a certificate is issued with a positive conclusion about the opportunity to attend educational institutions, classes in swimming pools and gyms, and other places. In the presence of pathogen eggs in the presented sample, enterobiasis should be treated. To do this, you need to contact a pediatrician or infectious disease specialist with the results of the study.

For treatment, drugs are prescribed, the action of which is aimed at disrupting the metabolic processes of worms in the organisms. As a result, they die, the muscles relax, they cease to stick to the intestinal walls, after which they are excreted during the act of defecation.

Often, after the very first use of anthelmintic drugs, the patient gets rid of most of the worms. But for a few more days it poses a danger - other people can also get infected from it. Therefore, the medicine should be taken in full. The following drugs may be prescribed:

  • Pirantel;
  • Mebendazole;
  • Piperazine adipate;
  • Albendazole.





Piperazine adipate



If the disease has reached a sufficiently severe degree, drugs are added to the treatment course to prevent possible complications. Use antihistamines for severe itching. An enema with a mild baking soda solution may be prescribed. After this procedure, it is possible to get rid of the female parasite, which are located in the lower part of the intestine. Itching is slightly reduced, as well as other symptoms of the disease that cause severe discomfort.

To slightly smooth out intoxication, enterosorbents are shown. It is worth remembering that when taken simultaneously with anthelmintic drugs, they will not have the expected effect. Therefore, the reception must be carried out separately.

Hygiene during enterobiasis

When submitting a biomaterial for research, the patient should observe personal hygiene as carefully as possible. Hands should be thoroughly washed before using instruments for scraping. If you do not follow these simple enough rules, pathogens are very likely to get on the slide and the sampling tool. This will distort the true analysis results. If a dubious result is obtained, it will be necessary to repeat the procedure.

Those who have little resistance to infection with worms, as well as those who work in hospitals or children's institutions, in catering establishments, will need to observe certain hygiene rules:

  • Wash hands with antibacterial soap before meals and after each trip to the toilet;
  • Cut nails short, it is especially necessary to monitor children in this regard - eggs of parasites often accumulate under the nails;
  • It is necessary to refrain from scratching the skin around the anus (teach children not to scratch the itchy area);
  • At night, you can put on thin cotton gloves on your hands - this will help protect your nails from the accumulation of parasites under them;
  • Bed linen must be kept clean, if one of the household has worms, do not be too lazy to boil and iron everything thoroughly with an iron after drying;
  • Premises should be cleaned daily.

To find out how to take a scraping for worm eggs, you need to consult an infectious disease specialist. Scraping for enterobiasis is an informative study in which the patient will not experience unnecessary discomfort. It helps to get accurate information about the presence of pinworm eggs in the body.

With the right attitude to the procedure, the probability of error is extremely small. When the examination results are ready, the doctor will evaluate them and, if necessary, select a therapy method.

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