Can The Stomach Hurt From Worms - How To Get Rid Of The Misfortune?

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Can The Stomach Hurt From Worms - How To Get Rid Of The Misfortune?
Can The Stomach Hurt From Worms - How To Get Rid Of The Misfortune?

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Pain in the abdomen with helminthic invasion, the nature of the pain and treatment


  • 1 Why there is pain in the abdomen from worms
  • 2 How to determine the nature of pain
  • 3 Why you can not drink pain medications
  • 4 Stomach pain
  • 5 Pain in the intestines with worms
  • 6 Elimination of symptoms
  • 7 Preventive measures

Patients who come to see a parasitologist are interested in whether the stomach can hurt from worms. Experts say that this symptom always manifests itself first with the development of helminthic invasion. It cannot be neglected. When unpleasant pains in the abdomen appear, which make themselves felt periodically, especially after eating, it is worth undergoing a full examination of the body and identifying the cause of the symptom.

We often neglect preventive examinations by a doctor, the passage of mandatory annual examinations of the body. By such actions, we only provoke the development of serious ailments. If you identify helminthiasis at the initial stage of its development, when it is still asymptomatic, it is much easier to deal with the disease.


If abdominal pain with worms already makes itself felt, do not self-medicate, rush to the doctor. You can start the examination with a therapist. He, if necessary, will refer you to a narrow specialist.

Pain and discomfort in the abdomen cannot be ignored. This indicates that parasites actively exist there, causing harm to the entire body. The nature of the pain can be different.

Why does abdominal pain from worms occur?

Worms are parasites that live off nutrients from the host. You become a kind of fertile ground for the development of worms and their offspring. Here they lay eggs, other waste products, disrupting metabolic processes, provoking the development of concomitant ailments.

Parasites enter the human body in the form of embryos. Here they grow and develop. If there are several individuals of different sexes inside, they reproduce. Eggs come out with feces, then fall into the soil, then other people are infected. Self-infection is also possible when eggs end up on the bed, underwear, hands. So they get inside again and go through a full development cycle.


For a long time, a person does not even realize that there are foreign organisms inside him, and the malaise, abdominal pain is attributed to improper nutrition, stress, and other reasons. You can not treat your health with disdain.

The patient simply feels them inside. Bloating is another symptom, along with pain, which indicates a worm infestation.

Abdominal pain from worms occurs at any time, can disturb at night, disturbing sleep, or during the working day. Experts say that most often the discomfort is noticeable after eating. The body spends a lot of energy on digesting food, this is a significant load for it. If foreign bodies multiply in the gastrointestinal tract, then the load increases. The digestive system is working to the limit, which is reflected in the painful sensations.

How to determine the nature of pain


Unpleasant sensations can be pulling, cutting or sharp, as if something penetrates the stomach from the inside. The nature of abdominal pain with worms is difficult to fit into a certain framework. The degree of damage to internal organs is of great importance.

Often, worms penetrate the walls of the intestines, stomach, receiving nutrients in this way. Wounds and abrasions remain on the tissues, which then turn into ulcers. Inflammatory processes are always painful. Sometimes this symptom is so strong that the patient simply cannot stand, but often the patient gets so used to new sensations that he ceases to notice them.

When, during an accidental examination, a doctor is asked and an ailment is detected, he is asked whether his stomach ached, the person is surprised to say that no, there were no unpleasant sensations. Only later, after completing the treatment and restoring all organs and systems, he realizes that the symptoms still arose, but they were not paid attention to.

Regardless of the nature of the pain, its location, frequency of manifestation, you must immediately contact your doctor. This symptom is not a 100% guarantee of the presence of worms in the body, but it indicates that some functions are impaired. It is necessary to identify the root cause of this manifestation and eliminate it.

Why you can't drink pain relievers

The problem of diagnosing helminthic invasion often arises in female patients, because they associate abdominal pain with the onset or approach of menstruation. In this case, potent pain relievers are used, which cannot be done at all with helminthiasis.

To understand why it is impossible to drink anesthetic for worms, it is necessary to understand the principles of the effect of such drugs on the human body. Pain relievers do not relieve pain; they only temporarily disable a specific receptor in the brain that is responsible for discomfort.

Any symptoms and manifestations of the presence of worms in the body are a certain beacon for a person, a kind of "signaling" that indicates that there are problems in the body. Taking painkillers, we simply turn a blind eye to the alarm signals, turn off such a "notification". The abdomen continues to hurt, but the patient simply does not feel it for some time.


Painkillers are strictly forbidden to drink with pain in the abdomen, because they significantly lubricate the clinical picture. Determining the localization of pain, its nature and degree of manifestation becomes problematic. Doctors simply cannot make a diagnosis.

And if with helminthic invasion it is relatively harmless, but with a number of other diseases - appendicitis, internal gastric bleeding, an untimely diagnosis can cost a person his life.

Considering the fact that helminthiasis in the later stages of development can provoke any of the above consequences, one cannot neglect health. Abdominal pain is often the first and only symptom of the development of worms in the body. If you miss this moment and do not start timely treatment, then it will be dangerous, lengthy and expensive.

Stomach pain

When painful sensations arise in the stomach area, patients persuade themselves that these cannot be worms. According to many, helminths can develop only in the intestines. This judgment is erroneous, because eggs and adults of parasites are often detected even in the lungs, liver or heart.

The stomach is a hollow internal organ where food is partially digested. High acidity reigns here. This environment is not suitable for helminths, but they can stay here for a while.


Stomach pain occurs when a peptic ulcer develops due to parasites. The body cannot cope with the load, gastric juice is produced more than usual, and the process of self-destruction starts. If you feel acute pain in the pancreas and stomach, then this is a reason to urgently consult a doctor.

It is highly likely that he will prescribe gastroduodenoscopy. Do not give up this survey method. It allows you to examine the internal cavity of the stomach, identify parasites, the degree of tissue destruction. be sure to follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

Pain in the intestines with worms

Adult worms develop in different parts of the large and small intestines. It is here that pain and discomfort often arise.

The patient also needs to pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Stool disorders;

  • Feeling bloated;
  • Flatulence;
  • Nausea, sudden vomiting;
  • Development of hemorrhoids;
  • Bloody, slimy discharge with feces.

Such symptoms cannot be ignored. You should not wait until the moment when the pain can no longer be tolerated. The sooner the cause of the disease is revealed, the easier it will be to eliminate it.

Elimination of symptoms

Elimination of pain from worms in the abdomen is carried out only within the framework of complex therapy. The doctor prescribes drugs that destroy worms and remove them from the body. Then restorative therapy begins. Already at the stage of removing toxins with the help of sorbents, the pain subsides noticeably.

The next stage of treatment is the colonization of the intestines with beneficial friendly microorganisms. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria eliminate the last unpleasant symptoms, establish a balance within the body, and help strengthen the immune system.


Only an experienced doctor can choose the right drugs for worms and associated pain. For this, a set of diagnostic measures is carried out to determine the type of parasites, their localization and the degree of development.

Preventive actions

Not only children, as is commonly believed, but also many adults suffer from worms. In order not to suffer from abdominal pain due to parasites, it is necessary to take preventive measures.

Regular examinations in an outpatient clinic, the delivery of tests allow you to identify an ailment at an early stage.

In order to prevent infection, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly, observe individual hygiene, do not eat raw or semi-raw meat, fish, and thoroughly wash fresh vegetables and fruits. Such measures are yielding positive results. You don't have to worry about the possibility of infection with worms.

Seasonal immunization and hardening also give a positive result. People with strong immune systems have a much lower chance of contracting parasites.

Abdominal pain with worms is often manifested, the symptom cannot be neglected, self-medication is also categorically contraindicated. You should not use popular folk and alternative medicine methods. They do not give the desired result and can only aggravate the patient's condition.

Be sure to listen to the recommendations of your doctor, do not ignore the appointment

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