Pinworm Enema - Preparation, Indications And Contraindications

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Pinworm Enema - Preparation, Indications And Contraindications
Pinworm Enema - Preparation, Indications And Contraindications

Video: Pinworm Enema - Preparation, Indications And Contraindications

Video: Pinworm Enema - Preparation, Indications And Contraindications
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How to get rid of pinworms with an enema


  • 1 Why are enemas with enterobiasis approved by doctors
  • 2 When an enema is contraindicated for the expulsion of pinworms
  • 3 Pros and cons of expelling pinworms from the body with an enema
  • 4 List of effective recipes for the procedure

    • 4.1 Enema recipe number 1
    • 4.2 Enema recipe number 2
    • 4.3 Enema recipe number 3
  • 5 Step-by-step instructions for the use of an enema for helminthic invasion
  • 6 Enema is not a panacea for worms
  • 7 In conclusion

Detection of worms in a child or adult requires urgent treatment in order to avoid serious health problems and not infect others. Both the traditional approach to expelling helminths with the help of drugs and the folk method - an enema from pinworms are effective. The specifics of enema therapy for helminthic invasion, the list of ingredients for the procedure, the rules for its use, the pros and cons will be discussed in the article.

Why are enemas for enterobiasis approved by doctors


Why are enemas for enterobiasis approved by doctors

Despite the fact that enemas when infected with pinworms should be attributed to the methods of traditional medicine, general practitioners also consider it effective in treating worms. It's simple - pinworm eggs develop in the gastrointestinal tract. After breeding the next offspring, the female worm moves into the large intestine, where it dies and goes outside. Together with feces, worm eggs can also come out, with which a person can become infected again if he does not follow the rules for the prevention of enterobiasis.

The enema helps to completely cleanse the large intestine from various toxins and processed mass, in which pinworm eggs and worms can settle. Even dead parasites harm the body by throwing toxins into it. Medicines do not always contribute to the elimination of worms, so you can combine the oral and anal methods of dealing with pinworms.

But the cleansing procedure for worms should be agreed with the doctor in order to exclude possible side reactions.

When an enema is contraindicated for expelling pinworms

Enema, like other medicinal products, has not only a positive effect, but also has a number of contraindications for use:

  • Any manifestations of disruptions in the patient's health - colds, headaches, overwork, surges in blood pressure, hyperthermia;
  • Diagnosed diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, rectum;
  • A history of heart or renal failure of an infected person;
  • Pregnancy (permissible only with the permission of a gynecologist or therapist);
  • Intolerance to the components that make up the enema;
  • Hypertension 3 degrees, heart attack, stroke;
  • Recent surgical treatment;
  • Abdominal pain without establishing the cause;
  • Inguinal hernia;
  • Child's age up to three years only after the permission of the pediatrician

In some cases, the patient cannot tolerate enemas due to the psychological state, when thoughts about the procedure itself lead to stress and clamping. If the listed reasons are not found in a person infected with worms, you can choose one or more types of enemas to expel pinworms from the colon.

Pros and cons of expelling pinworms from the body with an enema

Before starting to use an enema for enterobiasis, you need to study the positive and negative aspects of the folk method

Pros of the procedure Cons of the procedure
Direct impact on the location of the parasites. High efficiency of body cleansing. Does not affect all groups of helminths. Requires additional diagnostics to confirm the result.
The simplicity of the technique, the use of improvised means that are in any home (pear, syringe, Esmarch's mug). You can do the cleaning yourself without involving third parties. Frequency of repetition of procedures, because once is not enough. Worm eggs parasitize not only in the rectum, but also in other organs, for example, in the lungs, bronchi, mucous throat, stomach, where the liquid introduced through the anus cannot get.
A universal remedy for adults and children. Suitable for use even in pregnant women and young children, if there is no prohibition from a gynecologist or pediatrician. The list of contraindications indicated earlier.
A simple and affordable formulation of enema liquids that are prepared at home in a few minutes. -
If there are contraindications for the treatment of enterobiasis with tablets and suspensions, an enema may be the only way to expel parasites from the body. -

The advantages of an enema from pinworms are more than disadvantages, but you need to be prepared to follow the course of treatment in order to be sure of complete elimination of worms.

List of effective recipes for the procedure

Traditional medicine recipes are based on the use of natural ingredients that can be found at home or bought at the nearest pharmacy or store. Enemas for pinworms are diverse, but they work according to the same principle - they poison the parasites, stopping their reproduction cycle.

Enema recipe number 1


Often, a spicy vegetable, garlic or onion, is part of an antihelminthic enema. The ingredients can be used at the same time or in preference to garlic or onions.

The solution is prepared on the basis of pure water, which is poured into several peeled cloves of garlic or an onion. The mass is heated over a fire until it boils and kept on a low flame for 5-10 minutes. Filter through a fine mesh sieve, cool slightly. Any enema requires a warm solution that matches the temperature in the rectum.

Water can be replaced with milk, in which one head of garlic is boiled until the vegetable is soft.

Enema recipe number 2


Baking soda

This recipe only contains baking soda and boiled water. The ratio of the components is regulated by the patient's age or the doctor's recommendation. The classic recipe for traditional medicine for helminthic invasion involves using 0.5 teaspoon of soda per 100 ml of water for an enema for a small child.

For adults, the liquid should be brought to 400 ml per procedure.

Enema recipe number 3

For poisoning and expelling worms from the rectum, you can use herbal decoctions based on tansy or wormwood. But these components may be contraindicated in children. Before choosing herbal enema recipes, you should consult your doctor.

  • A decoction of tansy is prepared in a ratio of 20 grams of tansy flowers and 200 ml of water. Pour boiling water over the flowers, close the container with a lid and leave for 30 minutes to obtain a concentrated broth. Before using the liquid, heat it to 39 degrees if the broth is very cold.
  • A decoction of wormwood for an enema is prepared in the same way, but the ratio of the components is different - 2 teaspoons of wormwood per 500 ml of water.





The broth chosen for the enema with pinworms must be filtered and poured into a container for the procedure.

If you have doubts about which recipe to choose for an enema with enterobiasis, you can alternate them for greater effectiveness, if there is no individual intolerance to the ingredients.

Step-by-step instructions for the use of an enema for helminthic invasion

Cleansing pinworms with an enema must be carried out systematically so that the effectiveness is maximum. The course of treatment is usually 7-10 days with a break for the same period. Repeat the treatment until the complete expulsion of not only adult parasites, but also pinworm larvae or eggs, in order to exclude a new outbreak of self-infection.

  1. Procedures are prescribed 2 times a day - in the morning after waking up and before going to bed. Before an enema, the rectum should be cleaned of feces to ensure greater penetration of fluid into the intestinal walls, to which worms and pinworm eggs are attached.
  2. To insert a rubber bulb into the anus, you need to take a horizontal position on your stomach. Relax, lubricate the passage with petroleum jelly to exclude trauma to the skin during the procedure. Treat the rubber bulb with medical alcohol to exclude the possibility of other pathogenic microflora entering.
  3. After inserting the tip of the pear into the anus, slowly pour the liquid into the rectal cavity and hold the instrument for a few minutes so that the liquid does not come out.
  4. Remain in the supine position for several minutes so that the liquid has time to act on more parasites.
  5. Empty your bowels completely and take a shower to wash off traces of worms or pinworm eggs from the skin. For a water procedure, use soap, you can use antimicrobial soap to completely eliminate the presence of worms on the body.

The listed steps should be done both in the evening and in the morning enema, because regular hygiene is one of the points in the prevention of enterobiasis.

A good result in the expulsion of worms and pinworms from the body is achieved when the liquid introduced into the intestine using an enema is left inside overnight. But not everyone can withstand such a procedure, because it is difficult to cope with the urge to defecate and it is also impossible not to get out of bed all night.

Enema is not a panacea for worms

If infection with helminths is confirmed and they are found not only in the intestines, but also in other parts of the body, a comprehensive solution to the problem is needed:

  • Taking medicines selected by the attending physician taking into account the age, body weight, and the absence of contraindications in the patient;
  • Adjustment of the daily menu (you need to include in the diet foods that expel parasites and give up sweets, dubious quality fish and meat).
  • Hygiene is not only personal, but also in relation to the space in which the infected person lives (wet cleaning 1-2 times a day, change of bed linen and careful processing of clothes, underwear, bedding, dishes at high temperatures);
  • The requirements of preventive measures for enterobiasis must be observed by all family members, even in the absence of infestation by worms.


Pinworm enema is one of the methods of treatment of helminthic invasion, which is used to localize the expulsion of parasites that have settled in the anus and large intestine. The method is effective and affordable for home use. But it can be used only after consulting a doctor and passing a full examination to exclude contraindications.

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