Scraping For Enterobiasis - How To Take, How To Take It, Decipher And Prepare

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Scraping For Enterobiasis - How To Take, How To Take It, Decipher And Prepare
Scraping For Enterobiasis - How To Take, How To Take It, Decipher And Prepare

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Features of performing scraping for enterobiasis


  • 1 What are pinworms and how are they dangerous
  • 2 Enterobiasis analysis - how to take
  • 3 Enterobiasis - how to get tested (instructions)
  • 4 How to Prepare to Test for Pinworms

    4.1 How many days is scraping valid for enterobiasis

  • 5 What can cause false-negative results if scraping is performed for enterobiasis

Scraping for enterobiasis - this is the name of the study, the material for which is a smear taken from a person from the perianal folds. Its purpose is to find out the presence of pinworm eggs in the body of a child or adult.

If the analysis was taken for enterobiasis once or twice, the disease can be detected with an accuracy of about 50%. The chances of reliably establishing the presence of parasites increase markedly if the procedure is performed three or four times. If the research method is wrong, a false negative result is guaranteed.

What are pinworms and how are they dangerous


Parasitic roundworms

In children, most helminthic infestations are caused by pinworms and roundworms. In pinworms, the length is 2-12 mm. The causative agent is therefore easy to detect both under a microscope and without it. To obtain biological material for a smear for enterobiasis, an option such as gluing adhesive tape to the anus can be used.

The worm parasitizes in the upper part of the large intestine or in the lower part of the small intestine. In some cases, the presence of ascaris and pinworms may occur at the same time. The presence of parasites in the body can manifest itself as a reaction to frequent stress, incorrect adherence to hygiene rules. Reproduction of worms actively occurs with a decrease in immunity.

Due to the presence of helminths, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract are noted, which lead to weight loss, complicate digestive processes, and cause intoxication syndrome. Due to the tangles of pinworms accumulated in the large intestine, intestinal obstruction may occur.

How to get tested for enterobiasis? In order to more fully assess the severity of the process and the symptoms, the procedure is often performed by the Graham method. For this, a series of studies is carried out over three days.

Most often, helminths are easy to detect using standard methods that do not present any difficulties. You can find them in feces, vomit, where they are visible to the naked eye. Also, the analysis of feces for enterobiasis can be carried out using adhesive tape, which is then examined on a glass under a microscope. Most often, they take an analysis for enterobiasis in children.

Pinworms spread very easily in children's groups. If one child is infected, the chances are high that the entire group of children will soon develop the parasites.

How to take scraping for enterobiasis:

  1. In the morning, before washing, a scraping is performed from the perianal area. The procedure is carried out before the act of defecation. The resulting material should be applied to glass, subsequently a microscopic examination will be performed.
  2. Getting a print on adhesive tape. After the strip is removed from the perianal folds, it is placed on a glass for diagnosis. The material is also taken with a spatula, after which it is pressed against the tape as tightly as possible. Eggs of helminths after adhesion are clearly visible during research.

How is enterobiasis diagnosed:

  1. Scrapings;
  2. Analysis for worm eggs;
  3. A blood test for antibodies.

Of these studies, the first two are carried out in the presence of such indications:

  • Signs of infection
  • If you need a certificate to visit the pool;
  • For referral to clinical examination;
  • If necessary, place the patient in a hospital;
  • In order to register a child in any institution.

In order to correctly determine the presence of symptoms of the disease, which will make it possible to refer the patient in order to be tested for enterobiasis, it is necessary to have an understanding of the classic signs of infection. The period of invasion can be 12-14 days. During this period, pinworms have time to reach sexual maturity and are able to reproduce. The symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • The presence of discomfort and itching in the anal area;
  • The child shows excessive interest in the genitals;
  • Manifestations of urethritis and thrush;
  • In girls, vulvovaginitis is possible.

Children infected with pinworms may experience sleep disturbances, constant moods. Because of the discomfort, they often wake up at night and are restless during the day.

If helminths are present in the body in considerable quantities, disturbances in the functioning of the digestive tract are noted. This can be poor digestion of food, diarrhea and constipation, allergies, flatulence, intoxication, increased gas production, dysbiosis and frequent irritability. Often - serious problems with the digestive tract.

If several signs of the disease are noted, a person will have to get acquainted with what an analysis for enterobiasis is. For the sake of completeness, attention should be paid to the symptomatology of the disease, especially diagnostic signs, manifested mainly by an increase in the number of leukocytes, cystitis, a decrease in hemoglobin, and inflammatory processes in the kidneys and adrenal glands. It is not uncommon for stones to form in the urinary tract.

Men should be concerned that they have parasites if symptoms of prostatitis, impotence, or prostate adenoma are noted. For women, scraping for enterobiasis is prescribed for symptoms such as mastopathy, uterine myoma, inflammatory processes in the ovaries, painful menstruation, fibroids.

Immunoassay detection of antibodies is carried out for patients whose place of work is a meat processing plant (due to frequent contact with cattle). An ELISA test is prescribed for those who have been in contact with infected patients.

Enterobiasis analysis - how to take

How enterobiasis is taken analysis in a clinic:

  • A week before the analysis for enterobiasis, it is recommended to exclude the intake of antibacterial drugs, castor oil, medicines for the treatment of diarrhea.
  • If a colon irrigoscopy is prescribed, the procedure should be performed no later than two weeks after the pinworm test has been performed.
  • If scraping is necessary for enterobiasis, as is taken from adults, it is worth asking before the procedure. To study feces for I / g, about a spoonful of fecal matter is placed in a dry, clean jar, which is closed with a lid. Make sure that no urine gets into the feces container.
  • The extraction of feces is made from different parts of the fecal masses, both upper and lateral and internal ones are selected.
  • The container must be delivered to the laboratory on the same day.

It is worth asking in advance what kind of analysis is enterobiasis and how to pass it correctly. The most accurate result will be the one obtained from the biomaterial collected half an hour after bowel movement. The container in which the fecal masses are placed is indicated by the patient's data - surname, initials, date of birth. The exact time of collection should be noted. Those who are interested in how much the test for enterobiasis is valid should know that the material taken can be stored for no more than eight hours at a temperature of 4-8 degrees.

If an analysis is submitted for enterobiasis once, it is considered for preliminary assessment. To identify the pathogen, the study is recommended to be carried out three to six times, with an interval of a couple of days.

Enterobiasis - how to get tested (instruction)

To get correct research results, ask your doctor in advance what a fecal test for enterobiasis is and how to take it. Before taking a scraping for enterobiasis in children, adults, it is not necessary to wash the anus. It is undesirable to visit the toilet for defecation.

Some patients do not know where to get tested for enterobiasis for a child or an adult. To do this, they are sent to a laboratory located in a medical institution.

The best collection container is a tube with a long stick. It is necessary that it be closed with a lid. The distal part of the instrument is wrapped with cotton wool and impregnated with saline solution, glycerin. For the correct execution of the study, manipulations are performed as follows:

  1. The laboratory employee opens the container only with gloved hands. The rod should be removed as carefully as possible. The patient should gently push the buttocks apart. Scraping for enterobiasis will be collected with a stick from the surface around the anus.
  2. After a smear for enterobiasis is obtained, the rod is removed back into the container.
  3. The container with biomaterial is closed with a lid.
  4. The material must be delivered to the laboratory on the same day.

For those who do not know how much the analysis acts on enterobiasis, it can be explained that a true result can be obtained within the next eight hours. At this time, it is permissible to carry out a microscopic examination of the feces, due to which it is possible to obtain the correct result.

About how they take an analysis for enterobiasis, you can also tell the following. If the described method of material for some reason does not promise correct results, they use another. Material for research is taken from the perineal area using a sticker, which is separated from the glass. Usually they take a smear for enterobiasis in children. After the procedure, the sticker is again pressed against the glass and sent in a shipping container to the laboratory.

The collected material can be placed in the refrigerator for a while, but the results will be accurate only if received on the same day. Otherwise, the result will not be valid. When a patient has severe helminthiasis, the signs of the disease will be as follows:

  • Nausea;
  • Stomach ache;
  • Perianal itching;
  • Allergic reactions.

How to Prepare to Test for Pinworms

When carrying out scraping for enterobiasis, much depends on the correct preparation. Preparation for collection of blood for immunological research is equally important. On the day when the analysis is planned, you should try not to eat or drink before it. The last meal should be taken at least eight hours before the procedure.

All medications should be discontinued about a week before a blood sample is taken unless they have a significant effect on health. You shouldn't drink alcohol, eat fried or very fatty foods.

How much is the analysis for enterobiasis done:

  • Stool test results will be available within one to six days.
  • Examination under a microscope is carried out on the day of taking the analysis. The rest of the time is required for registration and delivery of the report to the specialist who issued the referral for the analysis.
  • It takes two to nine days to perform an enzyme immunoassay. The final term depends on what type of helminthic invasion is.

How many days is scraping valid for enterobiasis


Laboratory research

Feces taken for analysis for enterobiasis should not be stored for a long time. If stored correctly, the likelihood of obtaining true results remains for eight hours. It is impossible that the delivery of material to the place of diagnosis would exceed two hours.

What can cause false negative results if scraping is performed for enterobiasis

Having studied how the analysis for enterobiasis is given, it is worth taking into account that a false negative result is also possible, which can be confusing. For example, with a positive test for enterobiasis in a child, the doctor will select a treatment that, with the right attitude, will gradually lead to recovery.

If a smear for enterobiasis in adults or children showed a false-negative result, treatment is not prescribed, the patient's condition is aggravated.

What are the reasons for getting a false negative result:

  • The sampling of material is incorrect;
  • A few days before the procedure, the patient took drugs prohibited by the doctor;
  • There may be difficulties when taking a scraping for pinworms, since they have a tendency to cyclically laying eggs, therefore, before taking tests for enterobiasis, it is necessary to understand that it is better to perform the procedure at least three times;
  • Sometimes incorrect results are obtained due to the dishonesty of laboratory staff (in such cases it is necessary to act depending on the characteristics of the conditions);
  • Incorrect material handling.

It is not difficult to hand over a scraping for enterobiasis. When done correctly, the study gives reliable results. If there is a suspicion of enterobiasis, the patient should seek medical help as soon as possible.

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