Infection With Worms On Toilet Paper

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Infection With Worms On Toilet Paper
Infection With Worms On Toilet Paper

Video: Infection With Worms On Toilet Paper

Video: Infection With Worms On Toilet Paper
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Infection with worms on toilet paper


  • 1 Frequent guests causing helminthic invasion
  • 2 The main symptoms of infection
  • 3 Is it possible to diagnose at home using toilet paper
  • 4 Why is it important to see a doctor

There is not a single corner in the world where the inhabitants would not meet with cases of helminthic invasions. To date, more than 250 species of parasitic worms have been identified that can use the human body. It is often quite difficult to determine whether intruders have hit, especially at first. The fact is that the symptoms of the disease are vague and similar to many other problems. Therefore, people are interested in whether it is possible to determine the helminthic invasion on their own. What should you pay attention to? And can you see eggs of worms on toilet paper after going to the restroom?


Frequent guests causing helminthic invasion

During the discussion of parasite infestation, we often hear about small, white worms seen in feces. You can accidentally see worms on toilet paper, but these are exceptional cases. Indeed, sometimes segments and larvae of worms can enter the external environment. Most often, having found such an unpleasant picture, pinworms are the cause.

  • Worms reproduce in the large intestine and live in the human body for about 6 weeks. A small degree of infection has no striking symptoms or does not appear at all. Signs are noticeable when the number of individuals increases dramatically. It is pinworms that cause itching around the anus at night. They crawl out to lay eggs.
  • Roundworms are also a frequent guest in the human body. It is a round worm that lives in all climatic zones of the planet. Children from 5 to 10 years old are most often infected with ascariasis. The reason is the use of poor-quality drinking water, poorly washed fruits and vegetables. It is important to wash your hands as often as possible. Even following the rules of hygiene, it is impossible to protect yourself 100%.

Ascaris in the intestine

The described worms are not all parasites wishing to settle in the human body. There are many types of them. Some spend the entire life cycle with us, others are present temporarily.

The main symptoms of infection

The signs of invasion can be both latent and obvious. You should be wary in the following cases:

  1. Unreasonable weight loss occurs.
  2. Constant pallor of the skin.
  3. Chronic fatigue.
  4. Itching around anal passage at night.
  5. Nausea in the morning.

Due to the presence of parasites, various diseases of the internal organs can be aggravated and diseases that have not been observed before occur. There is a decrease in immunity. After all, parasites consume a huge amount of nutrients, and also poison the body with toxic substances.

Is it possible to diagnose at home using toilet paper

It should be understood that home remedies cannot confirm the presence of parasites. The exception is if you personally saw the larvae in the stool. It is almost impossible to see the eggs of worms on paper with the naked eye. They are too small. When addressing any ailment to a therapist, you will be assigned research.

Usually laboratory diagnostics are assigned based on simple logic. Feces, will show intestinal parasites, and the presence of extraintestinal - a blood test. It must be understood that the study of feces does not always reveal the presence of eggs or protozoan cysts. It depends on the time of their breeding. Therefore, such a study is performed three times or a special preservative is used, which brings the reliability of the result to 100%. To detect enterobiasis, a scraping from the anal folds or an imprint with adhesive tape is examined.


Laboratory diagnostics

Extraintestinal or tissue parasites are more difficult to diagnose. Necessary enzyme immunoassay of blood serum. In addition, there are other techniques. Most often, one or two methods are enough to confirm the diagnosis. Many other methods are used as additional methods.

Why is it important to see a doctor

If you suspect the presence of parasites, you should not think about how worms look on toilet paper. Stop trying to use folk remedies. Most often it is ineffectual and even dangerous. Although there are many drugs available in pharmacies, do not use them yourself.

Only a specialist will make the correct diagnosis, and most importantly, select the appropriate remedy and dosage. After all, drugs that affect parasites are poison for our body. Using the wrong drug or inappropriate dosage, you can harm yourself instead of recovery!