Ogulov's Method From Parasites: Treatment Of Parasites With Garlic

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Ogulov's Method From Parasites: Treatment Of Parasites With Garlic
Ogulov's Method From Parasites: Treatment Of Parasites With Garlic

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  • 1 Garlic in the fight against parasites

    1.1 Side effects

  • 2 Cleansing worms with soda

    • 2.1 Soda enemas
    • 2.2 Taking soda by mouth
  • 3 Dill seeds in the fight against parasites

Professor Ogulov A.T. is the founder of the method of visceral therapy. But besides this, he studied and repeatedly tested in practice the well-known folk methods of cleansing the body of worms. Cleansing the body according to Ogulov is carried out with soda, garlic and dill. This article will detail these three deworming techniques.

Garlic in the fight against parasites

garlic in the fight against parasites
garlic in the fight against parasites

Such cleansing from parasites is also called the Genghis Khan method. The essence of the method lies in the fact that garlic is a universal anthelmintic agent that helps to cope with any types of parasites at any stage (eggs, larvae, sexually mature individuals).

Deworming by the Ogulov method is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. On the eve of the weekend, you need to purchase about 0.2 kg of garlic, as well as unsweetened juice with pulp or kefir (milk) in a volume of 1.5 liters.
  2. The garlic needs to be peeled and cut into pieces that will be easy to swallow (however, you do not need to grind the cloves too much, as healing juice can flow out of them). As a result of chopped garlic, you should get about 250 ml.
  3. The prepared garlic must be evenly distributed over a large dish so that it dries a little.
  4. Two hours after eating (preferably after dinner), you can start eating garlic with milk (kefir) or juice. It is much easier not to swallow the pieces separately and then drink them, but to swallow the pieces of garlic along with the liquid.

If you are going to undergo therapy according to the Ogulov method, treatment with garlic involves refusing any drink before bed and during the night after eating garlic. If you have a strong thirst, you can quench it with an ordinary apple

Side effects

characteristic rashes
characteristic rashes

Cleansing the body of parasites with garlic sometimes gives the following side reactions:

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  • if a person has a herpes virus, then characteristic rashes may appear;
  • flatulence;
  • during the death of a large number of helminths, severe intoxication of the body can occur.

Cleansing worms with soda

Professor Ogulov believes that the effectiveness of soda against worms is due to the fact that it creates an alkaline environment in the body, while parasites prefer a neutral or acidic environment.

To get rid of worms with soda, you need to do soda enemas and use this substance inside. At the same time, it is important not to neglect complex treatment, since refusal from one of the procedures (enema or taking soda inside) will reduce the effectiveness of the method. This is explained by the fact that with a soda enema, the medicinal substance penetrates only into the large intestine and cannot rise higher because of the Bauhinia valve, and soda, taken orally, loses its alkalinity at the time of reaching the large intestine.

Soda enemas

soda enemas
soda enemas

In his writings, Professor Ogulov from parasites recommends adhering to the following soda treatment regimen:

  1. First you need to do a cleansing enema. For this it is better to use Esmarch's mug. For adults, you need to take two liters of water, for teenagers - 1.5 liters, and for children, a liter will be enough. Add 15-30 g of salt to the water. After performing the enema, you should try to delay the liquid for 10 minutes.
  2. After cleansing the intestines, you can start performing a soda enema. To do this, dissolve 15 g of soda in 0.8 liters of water (boiled). After that, the water needs to be heated to 40 degrees. After the introduction of the solution, it must be retained in the body for half an hour.
  3. Then another cleansing enema is done. The recipe for its preparation is the same as described above, only now 5 ml of lemon juice is added. The liquid must be kept in the intestines for 10 minutes.

Taking soda by mouth

taking soda orally
taking soda orally

As for the use of soda inside, then they adhere to the following treatment regimen:

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  1. On the first day, you need to drink three times a glass of boiled water in which one gram of soda is dissolved.
  2. Then, every day, the dose of soda is increased by 0.5 grams until the dose reaches 2.5 g by the fourth day of treatment.
  3. Subsequent days of therapy (up to the seventh day), the dosage remains within 2.5 g.

Dill seeds in the fight against parasites

dill seeds in the fight against parasites
dill seeds in the fight against parasites

Cleansing from parasites according to Ogulov with the help of dill ball was developed by the professor based on memories and his own experience from childhood. The professor suggests adhering to the following treatment regimen:

  1. When 2.5 hours have passed after dinner, you need to take 30 g of dill seeds, mixing them with a little honey. At the same time, in order to increase the effectiveness of the product, 15 g of seeds must be crushed into powder, and the rest should be left intact. In this case, the crushed agent will act on the parasites even in the small intestine, and the whole seeds will ensure the destruction of helminths in the colon. The product can be washed down with water.
  2. Three hours after consuming the seeds, you need to drink 30 g of castor oil.
  3. Before going to bed, put a rectal suppository of Efremov. It is a highly effective wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent based on herbal ingredients.
  4. During the next day, you need to take a Troika capsule three times.
  5. This treatment should be continued for three days.

If you cannot find Troichatka in the pharmacy chain, then it is easy to prepare it at home according to the recipe of V.A. Ivanchenko:

  • to a powdery state, grind three grams of tansy flowers, one gram of wormwood and 1.5 grams of cloves;
  • mix all the ingredients;
  • the resulting daily dose is divided into three doses (you need to use the powder 0.5 hours before meals).

If you are not allowed to take Troichka according to the first recipe, you can prepare it according to another recipe. The method of preparation and the scheme of reception is the same, the only difference is in the set of herbs. For the second recipe, you will need the following plants:

  • caraway seeds - one and a half grams;
  • calamus root - one and a half grams;
  • calendula (flowers) - 3 grams.

The listed methods of deworming according to Professor Ogulov are considered quite effective means, however, it is important to take into account contraindications and precautions during treatment, since it is possible to significantly harm the body. Moreover, these methods of therapy will not have an effect in the treatment of echinococcosis, alveococcosis and neurocysticercosis, since only surgery will help with such types of helminthiasis.


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