Vermox - Instructions For Use For Children And Reviews

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Vermox - Instructions For Use For Children And Reviews
Vermox - Instructions For Use For Children And Reviews

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  • 1 Composition and description
  • 2 Instructions for use of the drug
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The anthelmintic drug Vermox is recommended for the treatment of helminthiasis caused by various parasites. Clinical studies of the drug have revealed its maximum effectiveness against enterobiasis - infection with pinworms. The Vermox medicine has instructions for use, which comes with the tablets, provides all the information about the medicine: what helps, how to use it for treatment and prevention, side effects, contraindications, overdose, and other important nuances. Let's consider whether it is possible to give Vermox to children, and what analogues are.

Composition and description

anthelmintic drug vermox
anthelmintic drug vermox

The form of release of the drug is tablets for oral use and a suspension for oral administration. One capsule of the medication contains the active ingredient mebendazole in a dosage of 0.1 g, and 5 ml of the suspension also contains 100 mg of the active ingredient. The following ingredients were used as auxiliary components: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, lactose, starch, talc.

The drug is highly effective against many helminthiasis, since it is characterized by a wide range of effects. Vermox destroys not only sexually mature individuals, but also their eggs. Fights intestinal and extraintestinal forms of helminthic invasions.

The active substance is practically not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Approximately 90% of mebendazole is bound by the protein components of the biological fluid. The half-life varies from 2 to 5 hours. The tablets tend to accumulate in the larvae of parasites, lipid tissue and liver. The drug is metabolized in the liver.

What is Vermox from? Recommended for the following helminthiasis:

  • Ankylostomiasis;
  • Strongyloidosis;
  • Capillariasis;
  • Alveococcosis;
  • Echinococcosis;
  • Teniosis;
  • Giardiasis;
  • Mixed helminthic invasions.

After application, about 5-10% of the drug is absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract, some of the substances (no more than 10%) are then excreted by the kidneys and 90% are excreted with feces.

Instructions for using the drug

take once - one tablet
take once - one tablet

Instructions for use of Vermox provides approximate information regarding dosages and terms of use. The exact dosage and frequency of use are set individually by a medical specialist, depending on the specific disease, the patient's age and body weight.

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So how to take Vermox? Treatment regimen for adults:

  1. Vermox with enterobiasis is recommended to be taken once - one tablet. Then, two weeks later, the drug is taken again to exclude a relapse of the parasitic disease.
  2. If the patient is diagnosed with ascariasis, teniasis, or mixed helminthic invasion, then the duration of the course of treatment is three days. For parasites, take one tablet twice a day.
  3. In the treatment of trichinosis in adults, the dosage is 400 mg per application, the frequency is three times a day. Such a scheme is followed for three days, and from the fourth to the tenth day, five tablets are taken 3 times a day.
  4. Vermox with giardiasis take 1-2 tablets for several days. Sometimes the doctor prescribes a higher dosage, then a single use is enough.

Worms "lie in wait" for kids at every step. According to statistics, it is children who are at risk of contracting helminths. A child can "meet" with parasites in kindergarten, sandpit, in contact with stray cats and dogs.

Vermox with enterobiasis is prescribed quite often. The dosage of the drug depends on the age of the patient. Instructions for the use of Vermox for children (from pinworms):

  • Age 2-5 years - a quarter of a tablet once. It is recommended to take a similar dose again after a few weeks in order to exclude secondary infection with parasites;
  • Vermox for children aged 5-10 years is prescribed once - ½ tablet. Re-admission after 2 weeks, the dose is the same;
  • Tablets for worms Vermox for children over 10 years old are recommended in a dose, as for adults - 400 mg per application.

Vermox from lamblia is taken one tablet twice a day, the duration of the therapeutic course is three days. The medicine must be swallowed whole, washed down with a small amount of clean liquid. Always take after meals.

Instructions for the use of Vermox for prophylaxis in adults: one tablet every 6 or 12 months. Some mothers give their children a pill before the first visit to kindergarten - this is fundamentally wrong and threatens with serious health consequences. Such appointments should be made by the attending physician based on the results of laboratory tests.

Contraindications and side effects

contraindications and side effects
contraindications and side effects

Vermox tablets include synthetic components and chemical compounds, give a relatively small toxic effect, which can aggravate the general well-being and health of a person, so the drug is not suitable for everyone.

If you take Vermox with pinworms or other parasitic pathology, then side effects may develop. From a single use, pain occurs in the epigastric region, nausea, dizziness.

Prolonged use of an anthelmintic agent can provoke side reactions:

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  1. Disruption of the digestive tract, manifested by repeated vomiting and diarrhea.
  2. Headaches, dizziness.
  3. Mild allergic reactions - rash, hyperemia, itching. The development of angioedema is not excluded with organic intolerance to the drug.
  4. An increase in the concentration of creatinine in the body.
  5. Hematuria.
  6. Increased activity of liver enzymes.
  7. Anemia, leukopenia.

When Vermox is taken for prophylaxis, that is, one-time, the occurrence of negative phenomena is also not excluded. It is not recommended to do it on your own, there may be serious health problems.

An overdose of the drug is manifested by headache, prolonged diarrhea, vomiting, painful sensations in the abdomen. Excessively high dosages of the drug for a long time can provoke the development of hepatitis, impaired liver function, neutropenia.

Treatment for an overdose is gastric lavage. Additionally, sorbents are prescribed. In the presence of severe clinical manifestations, symptomatic therapy is required.

Analogues and reviews

drug analogues
drug analogues

Vermox is not the only drug with anthelmintic activity. There are many medications that can help get rid of parasites in the human body. That is why many are wondering how Vermox and Dekaris differ, what are the advantages of Nemozol?

The doctor may recommend an alternative if Vermox did not help, or the patient has medical contraindications that prevent safe antiparasitic treatment with pills.

Let's consider some analogs in terms of efficiency and differences:

  • Vormin has the same list of indications for use as Vermox, it has the active ingredient mebendazole at a dosage of 0.1 g per tablet. Allowed for use in childhood from two years. The difference lies only in the drug manufacturers, which does not affect the effectiveness of these;
  • I fed. The active ingredient of the drug is albendazole. If Vermox is more effective only for enterobiasis and trichocephalosis, then Vormil helps with all helminthic invasions. Used in pediatrics, small children are often prescribed a suspension at a dosage of 400 mg or chewable tablets. According to medical experts, Vormil is better than Vermox;
  • Nemozole is an antiparasitic drug with the active ingredient mebendazole, the dosage of which is 100 mg per tablet. Recommended for the treatment of mixed helminthiasis, giardiasis, infestations caused by tape parasites;
  • Dekaris contains the substance levamisole, which is contained in tablets of various dosages - 150 or 50 mg. A smaller dose is prescribed for children from three years of age. The tool helps to destroy only round worms - nekator, roundworm, hookworm.

The doctors' comments about Vermox are positive. Numerous studies have shown its 100% effectiveness in the treatment of enterobiasis. Efficiency with tapeworm infection is 80%, with strongyloidosis only 67%, with ankylostomosis 91%. Consider a few reviews for the drug Vermox:

Victor, 55 years old:

After a month of life in the country in the country, there was a strong heaviness in the stomach, the appetite was gone, there were problems with digestion. The wife also periodically complained about the deterioration of health. The family doctor advised me to be tested for parasites. It turned out that the warm summer "led" to ascariasis. Were treated with Vermox, drank according to the instructions. There were no side effects, and the state of health improved dramatically. Just in case, put the pills in the home medicine cabinet.

Julia, 33 years old:

My daughter is 3 years old, we have already started going to kindergarten. I noticed that in the evening the baby cannot fall asleep for a long time, tosses and turns, constantly pulls on the pants of her pajamas. And after going to the toilet in a pot I found worms! On the same day, we visited a pediatrician, where we were prescribed Vermox. I gave it to my daughter once. Then they passed the tests, everything is fine.

Vermox appears to be an effective medication aimed at combating various helminths. The advantages include fast action, rare adverse reactions, low cost $ 3-4, the ability to give to young children.


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