Erespal - Instructions For The Use Of Syrup For Children

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Erespal - Instructions For The Use Of Syrup For Children
Erespal - Instructions For The Use Of Syrup For Children
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For the treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract in children and adults, Erespal syrup and the tablet form of the drug are often recommended. The drug has a bronchodilatory and antispasmodic effect, is often included in the combined therapy of bronchial asthma, is introduced in the treatment of some stages of helminthic invasions (ascariasis). Clinical studies have proven the ability of the drug to increase the activity of the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi and ensure the restoration of pulmonary gas exchange in the human body. Consider why Erespal syrup can be given to a child?

Composition and description

erespal syrup
erespal syrup

Fenspiride hydrochloride is an active component of an antispasmodic agent. One tablet accounts for 80 mg of the substance. As auxiliary components - calcium hydrogen phosphate, magnesium stearate, povidone, colloidal silicon dioxide. The shell consists of titanium dioxide, macrogol six thousand, glycerol, magnesium stearate.

The syrup contains 200 mg of the main ingredient. 1 ml of liquid accounts for 2 mg of fenspiride. Additional components include honey flavor, vanilla tincture, extract from licorice rhizome, dye, glycerol, sucrose, saccharin, potassium sorbate, sterile water.

Erespal syrup for children is sold in bottles of 150 and 250 ml. Tablet form of 15 and 30 tablets per pack. The drug must be taken orally (by mouth).

The use of the medication is focused on preventing bronchoconstriction, slowing down exudation. The anti-inflammatory property of the drug is due to the blockage of the metabolism of arachidonic acid. The influence is produced due to inhibition of the processes of production of active components - serotonin, histamine, bradykinin (a peptide that reduces blood pressure indicators due to the expansion of blood vessels).

Erespal also inhibits alpha-adrenergic receptors, with their stimulation, an increase in the production of bronchial exudate is observed. The agent prevents bronchial spasms. If taken in high dosage, inflammation is reduced. Fenspiride hydrochloride is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum content of a substance in the blood is detected 2.5 hours after ingestion. The half-life is 12 hours.

Instructions for using the drug

pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract
pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract

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So, what does Erespal syrup come from? The indications for use are pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract. In particular, such diseases as laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, otitis media, respiratory pathology of infectious etiology. For the treatment of bronchial asthma, Erespal is included in the combination treatment.

It is advisable to take tablets / syrup if the patient has coughing fits, including with ascariasis, hoarseness of the voice against the background of influenza, measles, whooping cough, and other diseases. The tablets are intended only for an adult, they are not given to babies.

Instructions for the use of tablets:

  • Must be taken before meals;
  • For inflammatory pathologies, 0.8 g is taken in the morning and evening;
  • The acute course of the disease requires an increase in the dose to three tablets.

The duration of the treatment course is determined individually. It is due to the type of disease, the severity of the patient's condition.

Erespal syrup is a "children's" drug. It can be used from 2 years of age, and adults can also take it for coughs. You can drink 3-6 scoops of medicine per day, which equals 45-90 ml.

Most often, the dosage of the syrup depends on the weight of the babies. If the child's body weight is up to 10 kilograms, then a safe therapeutic dose is up to 20 ml per day; if the weight is more than 10 kg, then up to 60 ml per day.

Contraindications and side effects

syrup is prohibited for use for up to two years
syrup is prohibited for use for up to two years

Tablets are not prescribed for small children, the syrup is prohibited for use up to two years. Another contraindication is hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or other components of the medication. The doctor prescribes cautiously if there is a history of fructose intolerance, diabetes mellitus, regardless of the type, lack of sucrase / isomaltose.

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Taking pills and syrup can provoke adverse reactions from some organs and systems:

  1. Tachycardia (in the presence of such a symptom, it is required to reduce the dosage of the medication taken).
  2. Indigestion, gastrointestinal problems, epigastric pain, nausea. In some clinical pictures, severe vomiting develops, prolonged diarrhea.
  3. From the side of the central nervous system, sleep disturbance (extremely rare), dizziness.
  4. Asthenia, lethargy, general malaise.
  5. Allergic reaction to the dye in the syrup.

In the presence of alarming symptoms, you should immediately inform the attending physician in order to adjust the treatment course.


drug analogues
drug analogues

The pharmacy sells many analogues of Erespal. They are represented by tablets and syrups of similar properties, some of them have a different active ingredient, differ in contraindications and probable negative reactions.

The analogs are means:

  • Ascoril;
  • Fluditek;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Ambrobene;
  • Stopussin.

Only a medical specialist decides which replacement is preferred. In some situations, Erespal can be replaced with Bronchicum, which is used to treat productive and nonproductive coughs.

Erespal in comparison with analogues:

  1. Sinekod is a medication aimed at stopping coughing attacks, it has a direct effect. It is recommended for the treatment of dry cough. Sinekod and Erespal are strictly forbidden to combine.
  2. Lazolvan provides liquefaction and rapid discharge of sputum, it is recommended for productive cough. However, Erespal has a more pronounced anti-inflammatory property. The drugs can be combined (only on the recommendation of a doctor).
  3. Ambrobene is more similar to Lazolvan, therefore it is the drug of choice. For example, it can be prescribed if a patient has developed an allergic reaction to Erespal.

Erespal is prescribed only by a doctor, the duration of treatment, dose and frequency of use are determined individually. The instruction does not provide data on the safety of tablets and syrup during pregnancy and lactation.


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