Paragon - Medicine In Tablets: Vitalayn Complex

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Paragon - Medicine In Tablets: Vitalayn Complex
Paragon - Medicine In Tablets: Vitalayn Complex

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Infection with helminthic invasion leads to toxic damage to the body. The goal of treatment is to get rid of sexually mature worms, to prevent re-infection. When medications are not allowed, Paragon complex will help - an antiparasitic drug, about which there are many positive reviews.

Composition and description

antiparasitic drug
antiparasitic drug

The Paragon complex recommended for use is a dietary supplement containing natural extracts and extracts of herbs and fruits. Not being a drug, the drug has antiparasitic and antimicrobial effects. Dosage form - tablets weighing 890 mg. In pharmacies, it can be sold under the name Vitaline.

Composition of the preparation:

  • grapefruit peel and grain extract;
  • black walnut peel;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • marshmallow root powder;
  • seeds of bitter wormwood, cloves;
  • magnesium caprylate;
  • bismuth citrate;
  • calcium undecyclinate.

Bitter components in the complex have the necessary antiparasitic effect, and cloves and its essential oils provide high efficiency in killing sexually mature worms and their larvae.

Dietary supplement Paragon complex copes with chlamydia, ascariasis, giardiasis and other helminthic invasions. In addition to killing parasites, phenolic compounds of black walnut are a good antifungal agent, which causes blockage of respiratory enzymes and suppresses the growth of infection. Bismuth citrate provides an antacid, astringent and enveloping effect, which reduces the activity of pepsin. A characteristic feature of the drug is to prevent the development of Helicobacter pylori parasites, leading to chronic gastritis and recurrence of peptic ulcer diseases. Thus, Paragon is a medicine that not only helps to fight helminthiasis, but also heals from many harmful parasites.

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Instructions for using the drug

instructions for use of the drug
instructions for use of the drug

Indications for use:

  • gastrointestinal diseases, peptic ulcers;
  • healing from single and multiple type of helminthic invasion;
  • prevention of re-infection with worms;
  • dysbiosis treatment;
  • infectious lesions of the gastric mucosa, intestines;
  • an additional agent in cleansing therapy;
  • candidiasis, deep mycosis.

Adults should take Paragon tablets 2 pcs. twice a day with meals. The course of treatment is 21-30 days. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 6 tablets daily. Reception scheme:

  1. the first 4 days, take 1 pc. three times a day;
  2. the next 8 days, take 2 pcs. three times per day.

The medicine must be taken with a sufficient amount of liquid. The drinking regimen during the therapy period is 8-9 glasses of any liquid daily. After the end of the course of treatment, the doctor can prescribe a recovery course to normalize the intestinal microflora.


contraindicated for breastfeeding
contraindicated for breastfeeding

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The absolute prohibitions for taking Vitalain (Paragon) are:

  1. individual intolerance to the components;
  2. pregnancy;
  3. breastfeeding.

Natural Paragon complex is indicated for admission to patients aged 3 years and older according to an individual scheme drawn up by a pediatrician.

Side effects

The manufacturer does not declare possible side effects. Allergic skin rashes with individual intolerance to the components of the drug should not be ruled out. If signs are found, symptomatic treatment is performed.


In addition to Paragon, there are many similar drugs at a more affordable price:

  1. Manuka honey is a compound used to make syrup.
  2. Powdered goat milk has a similar effect to Paragon, but its effectiveness in eliminating helminths has not been proven.
  3. Lactis 5 is a remedy that heals from parasites and restores the state of the intestinal microflora. Efficiency in massive worm lesions is low.

The cost of the Paragon complex is from $ 35. The tool belongs to non-prescription, is sold in the public domain. Before use, be sure to consult your doctor.


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