How To Get Rid Of Pinworms: Symptoms And Treatment Of Enterobiasis In Adults

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How To Get Rid Of Pinworms: Symptoms And Treatment Of Enterobiasis In Adults
How To Get Rid Of Pinworms: Symptoms And Treatment Of Enterobiasis In Adults

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  • 1 What are pinworms?
  • 2 Symptoms of pinworms in humans
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  • 4 Folk remedies for parasites in the body

One of the most common parasites affecting the human intestines is pinworms. A disease in which the body is infected with this type of roundworm is called enterobiasis. According to statistics, at least one in four is a carrier of the disease. In the article, we will analyze this threat in more detail, consider the symptoms of pinworm infection and how to get rid of them.

What are pinworms?

one of the most common parasites
one of the most common parasites

Many people believe that pinworms and worms are the same, in principle it is. Pinworms are a type of a group of parasites related to roundworms or nematodes. They have a thin white body and grow up to 12 mm in length. Outwardly, they resemble thick cotton threads. On the one hand, the worms have a slight swelling - this is the mouth opening, with which they stick to the intestines. They consume the contents of the digestive tract and blood at the same time.

The entire life cycle of pinworms takes place in the human body. It begins from the moment the eggs enter the body, from which larvae appear over time. After a few weeks, the young become sexually mature. After fertilization, the female, at the cost of her life, gets out through the opening of the anus and lays up to 13,000 eggs. After about 5 hours, the eggs become infectious.

It is important to understand from what pinworms appear in the body. The infection process occurs in three ways:

  1. Through unwashed hands, when eggs enter the mouth;
  2. By contact with a parasite carrier;
  3. When using household items on the surface of which there is an infection.

It is dangerous to be a carrier of worms, as pinworms release a large amount of toxins. They lead to the destruction of the integrity of the intestine, and this leads to a decrease in the efficiency of digestion. In the extreme stages, food particles can enter the bloodstream. This provokes inflammation of some organs, such as the liver and appendicitis.

Pinworm symptoms in humans

itching in the anal area
itching in the anal area

The course of the disease differs between those who become infected by accident and those who received the parasites from family members. So, if a small number of pinworms have been introduced into the body, symptoms in adults may be absent or there may be slight discomfort. In such a situation, it is possible to prevent the reproduction of a pest colony, and this is the most important thing before getting rid of pinworms at home. Therefore, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements to help get rid of pinworm eggs:

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  • observe daily personal hygiene;
  • change your underwear regularly;
  • wash hands after using the toilet and before eating.

The fact is that the life cycle of pinworms lasts only a few weeks, and if they are not given the opportunity to reproduce, then the problem goes away by itself. But such a development of the disease is possible only if the family does not suffer from enterobiasis.

In the opposite situation, when a strong invasion has occurred, that is, a large number of nematode eggs have entered the body, the colony grows very quickly. This, in turn, enhances the signs of enterobiasis. This is especially facilitated by constant contact with infected people and poor hygiene. In such a situation, enterobiasis in adults is accompanied by itching in the anal area, usually it intensifies in the evenings and at night. This unpleasant feeling arises from the release of female parasites outside to lay eggs.

If you start the disease, constantly contact with patients and do not observe hygiene standards, the itching may not stop. In extreme cases, it is painful. Because of this, the patient often scratches the area around the anus, microcracks, abrasions and scratches appear. A bacterial infection can enter such wounds, which will significantly complicate the clinical picture.

fast fatiguability
fast fatiguability

Without timely treatment and constant reinfection, new symptoms associated with intestinal upset appear. Constipation appears or, conversely, mushy feces, accompanied by mucus. Sometimes blood particles are added to the stool. There is an assumption that large colonies of pinworms in the cecum, together with a bacterial infection, can exacerbate appendicitis.

Symptoms for pinworms in adults in an advanced form of development are as follows:

  • you can detect the problem by depletion of the body;
  • increased irritability;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • the appearance of an allergic reaction to various irritants;
  • decrease in hemoglobin in the blood;
  • you can recognize parasites by dizziness, headache, insomnia.

In addition to the above symptoms, women may develop endometritis and vulvovaginitis. And also in some situations, due to irritation of the peritoneum, pain appears near the navel. Symptoms and treatments in adults and children are not much different.

Pinworm treatment

pinworm treatment
pinworm treatment

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The specialist, after the examination, prescribes medication and explains how to deal with pinworms. Modern medicine does not offer a very large selection of tablets for fighting nematodes. Your doctor may prescribe one of the following treatment options for pinworms in adults:

  • Pirantel or Helmintox;
  • Levamisole, Dekaris (acts as an immunomodulator);
  • Mebendazole, Vormin, Mebex, Telmox, Vermox;
  • Kabendatsim, Medamin;
  • Nemozole is a strong remedy with a number of side effects, it is used only with a strong invasion, proceeding simultaneously with other helminthic parasites;
  • Piperazine is an ineffective drug that is often prescribed for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

In order for enterobiasis tablets to bring a positive result, you need to follow some rules in nutrition. So, before treating in a day, you need to abandon the products that fix the chair. In the morning of the next day, the medicine is taken, in the evening it is recommended to use a laxative. Thanks to this approach, you can effectively get rid of dead pinworms.

For the treatment to be beneficial, the procedure is repeated every two weeks. This is the only way to guarantee getting rid of pinworms, since the medicine acts only on adults.

If there is a pronounced itching, then to relieve symptoms, the doctor may prescribe drugs for enterobiasis in adults: Zodak, Tsetrin or Loratodin. This not only helps to reduce discomfort, but also prevents the skin from scratching. This will prevent eggs from getting on your clothes and bacteria from entering your body.

Folk remedies for parasites in the body

infusion of thyme
infusion of thyme

Now let's figure out how to get rid of pinworms at home by resorting to traditional medicine. But before that, it is worth consulting with a specialist, as some diseases can worsen. So, various folk remedies are contraindicated in diseases of the stomach, inflammation of the pancreas, colitis. If everything is in order with digestion, you can choose one of the following recipes for how to quickly remove pinworms at home:

  1. Olive oil with onions. You will need 110 g of finely chopped onions, a pinch of salt and 45 ml of olive oil. Everything needs to be mixed and the resulting product should be consumed for 6 days.
  2. Laxative. After the adult parasites have been killed, they must be removed from the intestines. The collection of medicinal herbs helps in this. To do this, take wormwood, buckthorn bark, wormwood, flax seeds in equal shares. Grind the ingredients to a powder and mix 55 g of the resulting product with a glass of boiling water. The herbal collection is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. The home treatment lasts one week.
  3. Sagebrush. This herb can also be used as an independent remedy for worms and pinworms. You will need to grind the plant and pour three pinches of powder with 275 ml of boiling water, then let it brew. The resulting medication is taken a few hours after a meal, with more than an hour before bedtime. In addition, the broth can be made in the morning upon waking up and drunk half an hour before breakfast.
  4. Infusion of thyme. Another folk remedy for pinworms involves the use of one of the most popular medicinal plants. The first step is to pour 90 g of dried grass into a thermos with two glasses of boiling water. Give 3 hours for the medicine to infuse, and then drink half a glass of strained and chilled tincture. To increase the effect of home treatment for adults, it is recommended to drink a saline solution after two and a half hours (5 g of salt is stirred in a glass of boiled water).
  5. Walnuts. In order to remove pinworms in adults, take a walnut, chop it, and pour 5 tablespoons with a glass of boiling water in which salt has been dissolved (1 tbsp. L.). Let the solution sit for 35 minutes, then strain and drink throughout the day, taking equal portions. It is recommended to combine this remedy with a laxative.

Although pinworms in humans bring many problems, they can still be cured. For this, both official and traditional medicine are used. At the same time, you can treat without leaving home, which facilitates the recovery process. The only thing that will be required from the patient is to visit a specialist before getting rid of pinworms.


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