Ascaris During Pregnancy: Symptoms And Treatment

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Ascaris During Pregnancy: Symptoms And Treatment
Ascaris During Pregnancy: Symptoms And Treatment
  • 1 How is ascariasis diagnosed in pregnant women?
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 Treatment of ascariasis during pregnancy
  • 4 Traditional methods of treatment of ascariasis
  • 5 Measures to prevent infection with ascaris

If ascaris larvae enter the human body, ascariasis is diagnosed. The larval stage of development of the parasite takes place in the lungs, after which it migrates into the intestine, where it reaches a sexually mature state and multiplies. Roundworms during pregnancy are dangerous because intestinal obstruction may occur. In addition, metabolic disorders, organ dysfunction and toxic-allergic effects of the parasite's metabolic products are dangerous for the body of the expectant mother and fetus.

How is ascariasis diagnosed in pregnant women?

serological blood test
serological blood test

What are the dangerous roundworms in pregnant women, we have listed above. That is why ascariasis during pregnancy should be diagnosed and cured as early as possible. There are two stages of this ailment:

  • migratory (pulmonary);
  • intestinal.

At the first stage, the larvae of parasites live in the respiratory system (in the lungs), where they moult twice and grow slightly. It is very difficult to identify helminths at this stage in a pregnant woman's body, since the parasite has not yet reached a sexually mature state and its eggs are not excreted in the feces. Usually, the following techniques are used to diagnose the pulmonary phase of ascariasis:

  1. X-ray examination reveals "volatile" infiltrates in the lungs. Usually, several pictures are taken at intervals of a couple of days, which show migratory infiltrates. However, this method of research is contraindicated for a pregnant woman.
  2. Roundworms during pregnancy in the migration phase can be detected by examining the sputum secreted from the bronchi during coughing. Sometimes, parasite larvae can be identified in the test material. However, this research technique is ineffective, therefore it is rarely used.
  3. The most informative method that allows you to identify roundworms during pregnancy is a serological blood test. There are different analytical methods, but the most effective of them is the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). When examining blood for the presence of ascaris in the serum, it is possible to detect specific immunoglobulins (antibodies) to the antigens of the parasite.

If roundworms in the patient's body have reached a sexually mature state, then for diagnosis it is enough to examine the feces for parasite eggs. In this case, two types of analyzes can be used:

  1. The usual coprogram. This test requires fresh stool, which is examined under a microscope. The disadvantage of this method is that helminth eggs appear in the feces at regular intervals, therefore, to obtain a reliable result, sometimes the analysis must be repeated several times with an interval of a couple of days.
  2. More informative will be the study of feces by PCR. In this case, not ascaris eggs are looked for in the feces, but particles of their DNA. To obtain reliable results, it is enough to pass the test a couple of times with an interval of a week or two.


general malaise
general malaise

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The first symptoms of the onset of the disease can be seen in the migration phase, they differ from the symptoms of the disease in the intestinal stage. Usually in the pulmonary phase, the disease is manifested by the following complex of symptoms:

  • First, there is general malaise. The temperature can rise to subfebrile values ​​or higher.
  • The patient is tormented by a cough, during which mucus is separated with an admixture of pus and blood. Pleurisy may develop, wheezing is heard.
  • Symptoms of general intoxication, headache appear, lymph nodes, spleen and liver enlarge.
  • Allergic skin rashes (dermatoses, urticaria) must be present.
  • In blood tests, pronounced eosinophilia, sometimes leukocytosis, ESR within normal limits.

The symptoms of the disease in the intestinal phase are as follows:

  • This stage is accompanied by abdominal pain, constipation, alternating diarrhea, and symptoms of dyspepsia. Intestinal symptoms are very similar to those of dysentery, typhoid, or even cholera.
  • During pregnancy, nausea may appear, vomiting often occurs, appetite worsens, rapid weight loss, and fatigue are observed.

Some patients are interested in the answer to the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant with ascariasis. Theoretically, everything is possible, but it is advisable to first cure the ailment, and then plan a pregnancy, since against the background of ascariasis there is a high probability of miscarriage, frozen pregnancy and fetal pathologies.

Treatment of ascariasis during pregnancy

treatment of ascariasis during pregnancy
treatment of ascariasis during pregnancy

In case of detection of ascaris during pregnancy, urgent treatment is necessary. Doctors do not recommend that pregnant women be treated with folk remedies, since if used improperly, this can aggravate the disease and affect the course of pregnancy.

If roundworms are found during pregnancy, treatment is usually carried out with an anthelmintic drug - Piperazine. Its main feature is that it is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore it does not have a toxic effect on the body of a pregnant woman. Also, this drug has no side effects. The drug simply paralyzes sexually mature individuals, and they are excreted from the body with feces.

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In addition, your doctor may prescribe one of the following:

  • Pirantel;
  • Sankofen;
  • Heptylresorcinol;
  • oxygen therapy.

The best results are achieved with complex treatment, during which different methods are used. Usually prescribed low-toxic anthelmintic drugs, physiotherapy techniques, as well as the correct diet. Certain foods are known to have anthelmintic effects. In this regard, walnuts, garlic, carrots, strawberries, lingonberries should prevail in the diet.

Traditional methods of treatment of ascariasis

alternative methods of treatment of ascariasis
alternative methods of treatment of ascariasis

In mild cases, it is possible to cure ascariasis with folk remedies. The most effective recipes that can be used during pregnancy are listed here:

  1. It is necessary to take in equal parts crushed tansy plants, blueberries and elecampane root. Everything is ground into powder. It is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. The first portion in the amount of 5 tbsp. l. take immediately in the morning, and the second two hours later.
  2. In equal volume, take chamomile flowers, bitter wormwood herb and tansy flowers. All this is poured with a glass of boiling water, after insisting, filtered. Take sutra and in the evening, 0.25 liters for three days.
  3. You need to mix one gram of mistletoe rhizome and valerian root. One gram of the resulting powder is drunk once a day for three days.
  4. For the next recipe, you will need 10 g of centaury herb and the same number of sandy immortelle flowers, as well as 15 g of yellow gentian and 5 g of a three-leaf watch. Pour the mixture of plants with boiling water (0.7 l) and boil for three minutes. Add 10 g of tansy to the broth and filter after 12 hours of infusion. We take 250 ml three times a day with an interval of 1 hour. The duration of treatment is at least three weeks.
  5. For the treatment of ascariasis, it is useful to use plum kernel kernels in the amount of 5-20 g.
  6. You can prepare an infusion of thuja shoots. For a liter of water, you need to take 20 g of thuja.
  7. It is also useful to just drink an infusion of tansy flowers. A glass of boiling water will need 15 g of the plant. Take 30 g three times a day.

Measures to prevent ascaris infection

Prevention of ascaris infection is aimed at maintaining hygiene. It is important to adhere to these rules:

  1. Wash your hands as often as possible. Be sure to do this before eating, after using the toilet, staying in transport or a store, as well as an active walk on the street;
  2. If you have a habit of biting your nails, then you need to get rid of it;
  3. After washing, it is advisable to iron the underwear and bedding;
  4. Any fruits and greens must be washed well before use.

If you are planning a pregnancy in advance, it is advisable to undergo an examination for helminthiasis. This will allow you to avoid many complications of pregnancy and the treatment of a parasitic disease in the process of carrying a baby.


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