Pinworms During Pregnancy: What To Do And How To Treat

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Pinworms During Pregnancy: What To Do And How To Treat
Pinworms During Pregnancy: What To Do And How To Treat

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  • 1 Are pinworms dangerous during pregnancy?
  • 2 Symptoms of pinworms in pregnant women
  • 3 Treatment of pinworms during pregnancy
  • 4 How to remove parasites from the body at home?
  • 5 Folk recipes
  • 6 Prevention of pinworm infestation

One of the most common and extremely unpleasant problems for a woman in a position is pinworms during pregnancy. Immediately, we note that helminths do not pose a direct danger to the fetus, but indirectly they can significantly worsen the mother's condition, which is unfavorable for a woman in this position. How to recognize pathology in the presence of pinworms and how to remove pinworms from pregnant women with medicinal and folk methods, we will understand below.

Are pinworms dangerous during pregnancy?

pinworms during pregnancy
pinworms during pregnancy

The presence of pinworms in the body is called enterobiasis. Moreover, if the worms themselves do not pose a direct threat to the fetus, then indirectly they can conceal such a danger for a pregnant woman:

  • Pinworms can periodically crawl from the anus into the vagina of a pregnant woman. As a result, inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs will occur, which is not good in a piquant position. A woman will not only have to treat pinworms, but also take additional gynecological treatment, and this is already a threat to the fetus.
  • Pinworms during pregnancy are actively living their lives. At the same time, parasites in increased doses absorb all nutritious and valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so necessary for the body of a pregnant woman. First of all, the baby suffers.
  • The presence of parasites in the anus often provokes severe itching in this area. As a result, the pregnant woman is constantly combing the skin, which leads to a violation of the integrity of the dermis. Pathogenic bacteria can penetrate into small wounds and spread through the bloodstream throughout the body, including the placenta, which is the center of life for the fetus.
  • The presence of living microorganisms in the body of a pregnant woman leads to constant psychological discomfort. As a result, the woman's nervous system suffers greatly. A pregnant woman becomes irritable, constantly tired, aggressive, and so on.
  • Discomfort and itching during sleep greatly disrupt the rest and rest of the pregnant woman. As a result, the pregnant woman is in a state of constant fatigue, lack of sleep, and irritation. And this is not good for the mother and the fetus.

Symptoms of pinworms in pregnant women

itching of the anus
itching of the anus

Pinworms during pregnancy have their own characteristic symptoms, the same as in all other patients. The main symptom of the defeat of the body by enterobiasis is a constant and almost painful itching of the anus, especially at night. In addition, a pregnant woman may experience the following symptoms in one way or another:

  • Bloating and nausea;
  • Soreness in the abdomen;
  • Fatigue and apathy;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • The visible presence of helminthic invasions in the feces;
  • Possible pinworms (small white worms 5 to 10 mm long) on ​​the fingers when scratching the skin in the anus.

Treatment of pinworms during pregnancy

pinworm treatment during pregnancy
pinworm treatment during pregnancy

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Children's preparations for enterobiasis

It is worth knowing that the combination of pregnancy and pinworms is highly undesirable. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the pathology as soon as possible. In general, in normal situations, enterobiasis is treated with pills. In particular, such effective means are used:

  • Pirantel. One of the most inexpensive, long-standing and at the same time proven remedies for parasites. The drug is approved for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, since it does not have a negative effect on the body of the mother and baby. The drug Pirantel for adults is available in tablet form. In order to get rid of pinworms, it is enough to take one tablet. After two to three weeks, it is advisable to repeat the administration of the drug in order to finally kill possible mature pinworm larvae.
  • Dekaris. The active ingredient of this drug is levomizole. It works effectively on pinworms. But here it is worth knowing that the use of such a drug is strictly prohibited for pregnant women in the first trimesters. In the last trimesters of pregnancy, the drug is approved for use with enterobiasis only under the supervision of a physician and in the case when other tactics do not work against enterobiasis.
  • Piperazine. A drug that expels pinworms well during pregnancy. The drug should be taken 3-4 tablets per day for a course of five days. But due to the fact that while taking Piperazine it is necessary to put cleansing enemas, it is undesirable to use this remedy in the treatment of pregnant women.

Also, pinworms during pregnancy are treated with rectal suppositories, the effectiveness of which is no less. In particular, such drugs are used:

  • Nourished;
  • Prostad;
  • Helma-Vitol.

These candles must be placed one at a time in the anus. The course of treatment is seven days.

In addition, against the background of the received drug therapy, it is desirable to lubricate the anal area with zinc ointment or petroleum jelly. These preparations perfectly sanitize the skin around the anus, prevent the reproduction of pinworms through the impossibility of laying eggs with them.

How to remove parasites from the body at home?

wash hands thoroughly with soap
wash hands thoroughly with soap

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For the treatment of pinworms during pregnancy without the use of drugs, a simple tactic is used, which is based on adherence to enhanced rules of personal and intimate hygiene. To completely interrupt the life cycle of parasites, you need to do the following:

  • Do not touch the anus with your hands. Do not scratch the skin in this area. This will prevent helminth eggs from getting on the hands and their further penetration into the body through the mouth;
  • Do not touch your mouth with your hands without first washing them;
  • You should wear cotton underwear that is close to the skin;
  • It is necessary to carry out regular washing at least three times a day with soap or shower gel;
  • It is advisable to change your underwear 2-3 times a day, while, before putting on panties, you need to treat them with a hot iron;
  • It is imperative to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet and every time before eating;
  • The house should be cleaned two or three times a week using a liquid soap solution;
  • Bed linen is recommended to be changed a couple of times a week or every evening and morning to iron it with a very hot iron.

Folk recipes

beet juice
beet juice

If a woman wants to figure out how to treat pinworms in pregnant women and what to do in such a situation, then one of the proven folk methods can also be used. So, to combat pinworms and oppression / excretion of waste products of helminths, it is not at all necessary to take medications. You can use these folk remedies for treatment:

  • Beet juice. It is enough to drink at least 100 ml of beet juice in the morning on an empty stomach for one to two weeks, and you can say goodbye to pinworms forever.
  • Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are chewed no more than one handful a day, after peeling them of their dense rind. The course of such therapy is 5-7 days.
  • A decoction of pumpkin seeds is also good for enterobiasis during pregnancy. To prepare an anthelmintic agent, take 100 g of fruit seeds, previously peeled from a dense peel. The seeds are poured over 0.5 liters of water and boiled for about 20 minutes over low heat. Such a remedy must be drunk a little over 7 days.
  • Ginger and cloves. Spices in small quantities can be added with care to tea or morning porridge. But here it should be borne in mind that both cloves and ginger increase blood circulation, and therefore are not always useful during pregnancy.

Prevention of pinworm infestation

To avoid possible infection with enterobiasis and not to think about which traditional medicine to use for treatment, every pregnant woman is obliged to observe basic rules of personal hygiene. They will be preventive measures against infection with helminths. In particular, the following principles of daily life should be observed:

  • Thorough hand washing after using the toilet and every time before eating;
  • Obligatory washing of all vegetables and fruits under running water before use;
  • Mandatory boiling of tap water for simple drinking or the use of purified drinking water for food;
  • A categorical ban on the presence of fingers in the mouth;
  • Limiting direct contact with pets and even more street animals.

Every woman, being in a state of pregnancy, should think not only about her health, but also about the health of the fetus in the first place. Therefore, the observance of the basic rules of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle should become the norm for every expectant mother. If, nevertheless, enterobiasis has visited a pregnant woman, it is advisable not to self-medicate, but to consult a family doctor to prescribe an effective and correct therapy. Remember, your health and the health of your unborn baby is only in your hands.


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