Celandine Oil - Instructions For Use And Reviews

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Celandine Oil - Instructions For Use And Reviews
Celandine Oil - Instructions For Use And Reviews

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  • 1 Properties of celandine
  • 2 The effect of celandine on parasites
  • 3 Method of application

    • 3.1 Tincture
    • 3.2 Collecting herbs
    • 3.3 Enema
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 Opinion of a parasitologist

The presence of parasites in the human body is a serious problem that, if not properly addressed, can lead to extremely harmful consequences. There are several ways to solve this problem, and along with the drug method, many people use the knowledge that has been used by the people for a long time. Traditional medicine often uses various plants to treat diseases. Celandine is one of the plants whose oil is excellent for parasites in the human body. You can buy this oil at any pharmacy or make your own.

Celandine properties

celandine properties
celandine properties

Celandine is a plant that is toxic to humans and many animals, and in moderate doses can rid the body of parasites. In addition to the anthelmintic, it has other useful properties that a person has long known and uses for his own purposes - bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and antispasmodic. Here are just some of the benefits of using celandine for medicinal purposes:

  • Its freshly squeezed juice works well for topical treatments for acne, warts and dry calluses. It is able to discolor age spots, is used at the first symptoms of herpes to cauterize the blisters on the lips.
  • In some cases of the initial stages of oncological diseases, a slowdown in tumor growth is observed when using celandine. Also, the juice of the plant can be used internally after surgery for such diseases.
  • Celandine is used in the treatment of intestinal polyps, hemorrhoids, ophthalmic and gynecological disorders. For problems with the gums, manifestations of candidiasis and stomatitis, they often use a decoction of celandine, and its infusion is well suppressed by inflammation of the nasopharynx.
  • In the treatment of gastritis, salt deposits in the kidneys, colitis, gallstone disease, the antispasmodic properties of this plant help.
  • With various violations of the flora of the vagina, celandine is able to regulate the duration of the cycle, treat erosive phenomena in the cervix and solve other gynecological problems.
  • Due to its sedative properties, the plant can serve as an additive in sedative formulations to eliminate stress, neurosis, insomnia.

The action of celandine on parasites

celandine oil
celandine oil

The effective effect of celandine on worms is due to the toxins contained in it, which are deadly for most living organisms. For the destruction of parasites, small enough doses of these toxins are sufficient, and such doses are not harmful for people - a destructive effect on the human body begins at sufficiently large doses. Celandine can completely cleanse the body of worms, because the poison of this plant acts both on sexually mature individuals of worms and on their larvae and eggs.

Upon contact with parasites, plant toxins rapidly destroy their tissues, which leads to mass death of worms or protozoa, while the eggs dissolve. Together with the destruction of parasites, celandine helps to remove from the body toxins and toxins that have accumulated in the intestinal tissues from the presence of a parasitic infection in it. Such a comprehensive cleansing quickly enough leads to an improvement in the patient's condition.

When it is required to cure a complex, already quite neglected helminthiasis, celandine alone may not be enough, therefore it is recommended to combine it with other medicinal plants or medicines appropriate for the situation.

Mode of application

Instructions for using celandine oil include many options for its use, and it is worthwhile to dwell on several recipes.

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tincture of celandine
tincture of celandine

In this type of celandine for the treatment of worms has been known for a very long time. Alcohol tincture can be taken as an independent medicine or included in the complex together with other tinctures or medications. When treating with celandine, it is very important to follow all safety rules. The most common dosage in folk recipes is 2 drops of tincture in 2 tablespoons of water, 3 times a day. A maximum of one spoonful of celandine tincture is allowed per day. It is best to take the first intake of the day on an empty stomach in the morning, and the last one before bedtime. In this variant, intestinal peristalsis undergoes parallel stimulation, which allows parasites to leave the body without difficulty.

To prepare the tincture, two methods are used, different in time:

  • At the first, the celandine herb, best of all just harvested, must be finely chopped and, using gauze, squeeze the juice out of it. Add the same amount of alcohol to the resulting juice - the composition is ready to use.
  • In the second case, the grass is crushed and placed in a dark glass jar, then alcohol is poured there to the brim. The resulting composition is tightly closed with a lid, removed to a dark place and infused for 2 weeks. Then it must be filtered, poured into a clean dish and kept in the refrigerator.

The advantage of this method of using celandine oil, judging by many reviews, is its almost instantaneous effect on parasites.

Collection of herbs

picking herbs
picking herbs

Used in a complex medicinal collection of herbs, celandine perfectly fulfills its task by combining with other ingredients that can thoroughly enhance its effect on parasites. Usually, such a collection includes 3 parts of thyme and tansy, 2 parts of dandelion, agrimony, chamomile, yarrow, mistletoe and calamus root, 1 part of wormwood, wild rosemary, celandine, mint, elecampane, buckthorn and valerian.

The collected ingredients must be mixed in the indicated proportions. This composition provides the collection with a universal effect. A tablespoon of the collection should be infused in a glass of boiling water for an hour. For 2 weeks, you need to drink one glass of the herbal collection every morning and evening. It is possible to extend the treatment up to one month if necessary. This broth is absolutely safe for humans, but it has a detrimental effect on any parasites.


celandine-based enemas
celandine-based enemas

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The use of an enema based on celandine is especially effective in removing roundworms and pinworms that live in the lower intestine. To get rid of these parasites, this is the most suitable method, since the toxic effect from taking an infusion or collection may not be enough.

There are two main methods for preparing celandine enema:

  • At the first, you need to pour 2 tablespoons of celandine with 2 cups of boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes in a water bath. Strain the resulting broth and apply for enemas according to a certain scheme: for the first time, introduce a third of the broth for 5 minutes, the patient should be located at this time on the right side; then the rest of the decoction is introduced, before that the patient must turn over on the other side; after 5 minutes, you need to lie on your back for half an hour. Repeat the enema daily for a week. Usually, parasites in the first days begin to leave the body after this procedure.
  • The second method of preparing an enema involves mixing celandine with calendula and yarrow in equal proportions. After mixing the herbs, pour 100 ml of boiling water over a tablespoon of the resulting collection. A tablespoon of vegetable oil is added to the cooled composition. Next, the liquid is filtered and injected with a syringe for half an hour into the anus. The course of such treatment is designed for 5 days.


use by pregnant women is undesirable
use by pregnant women is undesirable

With all the beneficial properties of celandine, do not forget that it is a poisonous plant. When using it, you need to be especially careful and strictly follow the instructions for celandine oil.

The oil of this plant can cause serious irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract and lower blood pressure. Overdose or poisoning with celandine is characterized by the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, dizziness, heaviness in the head and stomach, sometimes hallucinations and loss of consciousness are observed. All these symptoms are caused by the content of a large amount of alkaloids in celandine juice.

Celandine oil is contraindicated in epilepsy, hypotension, bronchial asthma, various neurological diseases, intestinal problems and individual intolerance to the drug.

The opinion of a parasitologist

Any methods of traditional medicine should be agreed with a doctor before use. With the wrong choice of treatment, even if herbal remedies at first glance do not cause concern, there may be no deterioration, but the disease will receive additional time to develop, and possibly a serious aggravation of the situation.

The optimal treatment option for both parasitic diseases and all others is often an integrated approach to therapy. In this case, the doctor prescribes the most suitable antiparasitic drugs in this case, and the patient, in addition to this, cleans his body using folk methods, having previously discussed this with the doctor. This combination of treatments allows you to get rid of parasites as quickly and effectively as possible.


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