Birch Tar - Oral Application For Parasites

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Birch Tar - Oral Application For Parasites
Birch Tar - Oral Application For Parasites

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  • 1 Medicinal properties of birch tar
  • 2 Instructions for the use of birch tar

    • 2.1 Application inside
    • 2.2 Outdoor application
  • 3 Recipes for cleaning the body with tar
  • 4 Reviews of birch tar

In the arsenal of alternative treatment, there are many recipes that allow you to get rid of helminths in the body of children and adults. Birch tar from parasites can rightfully be called a unique remedy, since it eliminates all types of parasitic microorganisms. Birch tar has found wide application in medicine, cosmetology practice and in alternative treatment. Consider how to take birch tar inside, and how to use it outside.

The healing properties of birch tar

medicinal properties of birch tar
medicinal properties of birch tar

After burning, birch bark releases pure tar - a dark brown liquid with a specific odor and therapeutic properties. The use of birch tar in folk medicine goes back more than one hundred years. However, the greatest popularity of the tool was brought by its use in Vishnevsky's ointment and in the form of tar soap.

The healing properties are as follows:

  • The tonic and analgesic effect is provided by the essential oils that are part of the highly purified preparation;
  • Decrease in the concentration of "dangerous" cholesterol, destruction of pathogenic microorganisms due to antibacterial properties;
  • Application according to the instructions helps to get rid of calculous cholecystitis - the formation of stones in the gallbladder against the background of an inflammatory process;
  • The composition contains substances that help improve the functioning of the immune system;
  • Eliminates viruses, fungal microorganisms and bacteria, has a pronounced antiseptic effect.

In medicine, the use of tar helps to fight various dermatological diseases (psoriasis), fungal infections. It also helps with hair loss, acne.

The composition contains substances that give an antiseptic effect, which allows you to restore the normal intestinal microflora. As you know, helminths in the process of their life lead to its disruption, which is accompanied by various symptoms.

Instructions for the use of birch tar

use of birch tar
use of birch tar

Before learning how to drink birch tar from parasites, let's get acquainted with the main aspects of anthelmintic treatment. The product is a combustion product, therefore, it has a certain share of carcinogenic components, so it is drunk with extreme caution so as not to harm the body.

The product is not suitable for all people, since it has contraindications. Tar can be taken if there are no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, duodenum, stomach, pancreas of an inflammatory and ulcerative nature in the anamnesis.

Birch tar should not be taken internally until 12 years of age. If used externally in the fight against skin manifestations due to parasitic worms, then a younger age is allowed.

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Internal use

ingestion of birch tar
ingestion of birch tar

The consumption of birch tar inside is carried out according to a certain scheme, which is strictly forbidden to modify independently. An unreasonable increase in dosage or frequency of use does not help to get rid of worms faster, but it leads to serious disorders in the body.

If during the therapeutic course any alarming symptoms are revealed, for example, pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting or general malaise, treatment with birch tar is stopped. The symptoms will go away on their own after a few days.

Birch tar can be drunk not only for worms, but also for the treatment of the following diseases:

  1. Respiratory system pathologies;
  2. Atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels;
  3. Laryngitis, tonsillitis, pus in the tonsils;
  4. Cardiovascular diseases;
  5. Mastopathy;
  6. Chronic prostatitis in men;
  7. Tumor growths in the body;
  8. Disruption of the digestive tract and other diseases.

The combustion product promotes a speedy recovery against the background of the described conditions. But, as with the treatment of parasites, it is recommended to use it only after consulting a medical specialist.

Outside application

tar helps against hair loss
tar helps against hair loss

Tar can be ingested, but it is also used topically. It helps well against hair loss and scalp problems - dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infection, Demodex mite.

With a long course of a parasitic disease, people experience allergic reactions caused by intoxication. In milder cases, they manifest as redness, itching, and flaking of the skin. However, helminths can lead to serious diseases - psoriasis develops.

In the latter case, birch tar is the best helper. It is applied to problem areas for 10 minutes, then washed off with warm water. It is permissible to use with the development of eczema. They can be used at any age - even for babies.

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Acne is another attack that is caused by parasites. This is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a problem that requires treatment. To get rid of the defect as soon as possible, tar is taken internally and applied to the skin.

The described techniques are approved not only by adherents of alternative treatment, but also by official medicine. They are often recommended by doctors as an additional treatment.

To cure lamblia in children externally, a remedy is applied to a cotton pad, after which it is attached to the child's navel and left overnight. To exclude a burn, the skin around the navel is abundantly lubricated with a fat cream.

Recipes for cleansing the body with tar

tar water
tar water

The use of tar inside from parasites in a dosage suggested by the instruction is a benefit to the body. An unauthorized increase in dose is a poison that can lead to serious, including irreversible consequences.

Birch tar from worms is used in the following variations:

  • To cure giardiasis, ascariasis, opisthorchiasis, you need to put a drop of the product on a small piece of black bread, and eat it quickly. Eat on an empty stomach. After that, it is not recommended to drink water, so it is better to carry out the manipulation immediately before bedtime. The next day, the dosage is increased by 1 drop, etc. The treatment lasts up to ten drops, after which they begin to reduce to 5 drops (reduce the dose by one drop every day). In total, the therapeutic course is 25 days;
  • The recipe is effective against various types of helminthiasis. Mix 1 tablespoon of apple juice and a drop of tar. Accepted within a week. For the next week, increase the dose by one drop every day. If you strictly adhere to the dosages, then on the 14th day of therapy, the patient mixes a tablespoon of juice and ½ teaspoon of birch tar. In this proportion, the medicine is taken for one month. After a three-month break, take again, but within five days;
  • Any types of worms are displayed by carrots with birch tar. A drop is added to one tablespoon of grated vegetable, eaten immediately before bedtime. After the remedy is taken, a tar-based therapeutic compress is made. To do this, moisten the gauze and apply a lotion on the projection of the liver. A warm heating pad is placed on top, left overnight. In the morning, right after sleep, take a few laxative tablets that will help get rid of dead parasitic microorganisms. The course of treatment lasts for 4 days.

The use of tar water from parasites has proven itself well. It is a mixture of tar and ordinary liquid - take eight times more than tar. Mix only with a wooden spoon. Insist for two days. Then it is poured off so that the film and sediment disappear. Store in a cool place. Take one tablespoon every day. Treatment consists of three approaches for ten days, the interval between them is 10-15 days.

Reviews of birch tar

Most reviews on tar from worms are positive. Patients who have tried the remedy on their own experience note an improvement in their well-being on days 2-6 of treatment - lightness appears in the body, painful sensations in the abdomen disappear, and the stool is normalized. Of course, almost everyone points to the specific taste of the product, but the medicines in the pharmacy are also not sweet. Consider a few reviews about treatment with birch tar.

Marianna, 33 years old:

“I never thought that as an adult I would be diagnosed with enterobiasis. I always carefully monitor hygiene, I teach my little son to this. However, this did not save me from being infected with parasites. First, they found a child who complained of constant itching. And I decided to get tested just in case - and the result is positive. He and his son were treated together - they drank tar water. I could hardly swallow it, and I tried to persuade the child as best I could to drink it. The treatment gave a result, but the other day I took the tests - negative. I recommend it to everyone, it's disgusting, but it works."

Eugene, 21 years old:

Decided to be treated with tar following the advice from the Internet. This method has the most positive reviews. I ate with carrots for dinner (I chose it because it was the shortest course), strictly adhered to the scheme. Sometimes there were painful sensations in the abdomen, usually after a heating pad, a little nauseous, but everything quickly passed. An unpleasant aftertaste settled in my mouth, alas, I could not get it out, and I suffered. But it helped, so it's not in vain.

Treatment with birch tar is an effective and relatively safe remedy that helps to remove worms. It is recommended to adhere to dosages and instructions for use, read the contraindications before use.


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