Diet For Intestinal Infection In Children: What You Can Eat And The Menu

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Diet For Intestinal Infection In Children: What You Can Eat And The Menu
Diet For Intestinal Infection In Children: What You Can Eat And The Menu

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  • 1 Nutritional features in the treatment of helminthic invasion, intestinal infection

    1.1 What diet is needed for infection with worms?

  • 2 Diet options for different types of infection

    • 2.1 Diet for worms in babies
    • 2.2 Parasites in the gut - diet for children and adults
    • 2.3 Parasites in the liver - diet

Why do you need a diet for worms? A properly selected diet greatly facilitates the process of digestion and processing of products by the body. This is important for impaired gastrointestinal tract functionality. In addition, a parasite diet helps to eliminate infestations and prevent them from reappearing. Thus, the diet for intestinal infection and after it is a balanced menu, which is an auxiliary component of anthelmintic therapy.

Features of nutrition in the treatment of helminthic invasion, intestinal infection

the doctor prescribes a treatment regimen
the doctor prescribes a treatment regimen

Worms are parasites that most often choose the intestines as a place of localization. Reproduction of invasions leads to disturbances in the structure and microflora of internal organs. Lack of treatment leads to the spread of worms to the liver, lungs, brain. At first, the symptoms of infection are implicit, the routes of infection are lack of hygiene. Sometimes worms live in the host's body for a long time, without revealing their presence in any way. An accurate diagnosis requires a specialist consultation.

The doctor prescribes a treatment regimen and schedules a diet. However, knowing that worms do not like, you can take care of the prevention of infection in a timely manner and facilitate the work of the intestines if there is a suspicion of helminthiasis.

It is possible not to remove parasites, to live with them, but it is the worms that most often cause: jaundice, liver diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, cirrhosis, liver cancer, developmental retardation and other, often irreversible pathologies.

Can a diet get rid of parasites? Not. One diet is not enough, a complex effect is required: medicines and / or folk remedies plus a diet for worms in adults, children will give the desired effect and ensure 100% effectiveness.

However, it is not enough to keep the diet during the period of therapy; a diet is required after an intestinal infection. The body, weakened by the toxic waste products of parasites, will not cope with the usual diet, so a sparing diet is needed. In addition, the diet after intestinal infection in adults, babies prevents the development of re-infection and reduces the risk of relapse.

What kind of diet is needed for infection with worms?

fresh herbs
fresh herbs

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First of all, you should understand which foods do not like worms. This is everything that is not related to sugar, milk (casein), meat and other products. By refusing these products, the patient greatly facilitates the process of digesting food and does not provide food for parasites. Nutrition for an intestinal infection should be thought out in such a way as to provide an environment unbearable for invasions in which they die or come out naturally. So, what does diet mean when treating a parasitic infection:

  1. Complete rejection of the favorite food of parasites: meat, sweet, flour yeast baked goods, whole milk.
  2. Supplementing the diet with unsweetened vegetables. The fiber of the food acts as a kind of brush, cleaning parasites and their eggs from the intestines. In addition, the diet menu with vegetables helps to eliminate toxins and toxins.
  3. Fresh herbs (any) are very useful for intestinal infections in children and adults. The high content of enzymes ensures the speedy elimination of worms.
  4. The drinking regimen is at least 50 ml for each kg of weight. The water must be clean, still, unsweetened. Consumption of liquid in a large volume contributes to the elimination of not only dead particles of invasions, but also toxins, waste products, restores water exchange in the body. As a drink, freshly squeezed carrot juice is suitable - an excellent antiparasitic agent, as well as green teas.
  5. A reasonable amount of hot spices: garlic, onions, mustard, as well as flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms are the best foods for parasites in the body. They help to etch and remove infestations.
  6. Sour milk (not milk) normalizes the intestinal microflora, increasing resistance to invasions.
  7. A diet for intestinal infection in adults, the menu of which includes pasta, baked potatoes, lentils, beans, peas, perfectly saturates the body with useful trace elements and creates a negative microflora for parasites.
  8. It is better to refuse desserts, but to include in the diet what parasites do not like: sour berries, fruit drinks from them (you can sweeten it with honey).
  9. Properly processed lean fish, eggs are allowed on the patient's menu for intestinal infections.
  10. Eliminate alcohol, coffee.
  11. Limit the consumption of sweet fruits - glucose in any form and quantity is the best food for worms.
pomegranate against worms
pomegranate against worms

So, what products against worms can be kept in the patient's diet:

  • Blackberries, pineapple, pomegranates;
  • Cabbage, potatoes (baked), onions, garlic;
  • Greenery;
  • Flax seed, pumpkin, dark almonds;
  • Low-glucose fruit
  • Dairy products.

Fried foods should be removed from the diet for worms in children and adults, replacing them with boiled, baked, steam. When cooking fish, prolonged heat treatment is necessary to avoid re-infection. If you eat right, with an intestinal infection, not only microflora normalizes, but immunity also increases.

Diet options for different types of infection

inclusion of corn porridge in the diet
inclusion of corn porridge in the diet

General guidelines are the following:

  1. Inclusion in the diet of corn porridge, rice broth, a large amount of vegetables, fruits;
  2. Compliance with the drinking regime;
  3. Fractional food in small portions up to 4-6 times a day.

All products must be washed, scalded with boiling water and cooked well. It's good to add seaweed to the menu for a child and an adult with an intestinal infection. It contains a huge amount of essential amino acids and vitamins, and the acid creates unbearable conditions for parasites, forcing them to die. The first week of the diet is recommended with the use of a decoction of flax seeds before meals, and finish the meal with vegetables and fruits.

Diet for worms in babies

A large consumption of fermented milk products is recommended.

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  • Breakfast - yogurt;
  • Snack - sour apples;
  • Lunch - porridge with pumpkin;
  • Afternoon snack - sour fruits;
  • Dinner - a light vegetable salad with herbs.

Baby food for intestinal infection should be especially balanced so as not to harm the growing body due to the lack of protein.

Parasites in the intestines - diet for children and adults

diet for children and adults
diet for children and adults

This is a menu with a lot of kefir, vegetables:

  • Breakfast - vegetable mix;
  • Snack - kefir with cucumber, carrots;
  • Lunch - steamed vegetables with pepper, garlic;
  • Afternoon snack - pineapple slices;
  • Dinner - baked potato puree and vegetable salad with lots of greens.

Each meal should be washed down with kefir. The menu contains all the products that help against worms, which can be diluted with boiled eggs, mushrooms.

Parasites in the liver - diet

If it is not an intestinal infection, the diet should be milder:

  • Breakfast - fruit drinks from sour berries and corn porridge;
  • Snack - pomegranate;
  • Lunch - rice water, pumpkin porridge with steamed low-fat fish;
  • Afternoon snack - apples baked with a drop of honey;
  • Dinner - vegetable stew with yesterday's white loaf.

If an intestinal infection is diagnosed, the diet is followed until the very end of therapy. The food menu remains the same; you should not remove foods recommended for parasites from the diet. And a detailed menu of what you can eat after an intestinal infection will be written by a nutritionist.

Knowing what not to eat with worms, you can start treatment long before a diagnosis is made. Reasonable restriction of sweets, fatty and fried foods will benefit the body. And we talked in detail about what an adult and a child can eat with intestinal infection.


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