Help For Enterobiasis: ICD 10 Code And Certificate Validity Period

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Help For Enterobiasis: ICD 10 Code And Certificate Validity Period
Help For Enterobiasis: ICD 10 Code And Certificate Validity Period

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  • 2 When is the test required?
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  • 4 How long is the analysis for enterobiasis?

Pinworms are the most common parasites that lead to diseases such as enterobiasis. Infection occurs exclusively from a sick person, animals are not carriers of helminths. Pinworms enter the body through the oral cavity. To visit a kindergarten, swimming pool, school and other institutions, you need a certificate for enterobiasis - a document confirming the absence of infection. Consider how the analysis is carried out to identify pinworms, and how much is the certificate valid?

Help for enterobiasis

certificate for enterobiasis for the pool
certificate for enterobiasis for the pool

Enterobiasis according to the ICD code 10 - International Classifier of Diseases 10 revision, refers to helminthiasis B80. To obtain admission to the pool, children and adults must submit a certificate from a medical specialist that they do not have infectious diseases.

In the pool, where there is high humidity, the likelihood of catching an infectious disease increases several times, therefore an analysis for enterobiasis is needed for the safety of the person himself and the people around him.

The cycle of the parasite is thirty days - from the moment the eggs of the parasites enter the oral cavity, and then into the human intestine. The eggs eventually transform into larvae, which in turn turn into sexually mature individuals.

Helminths of different sexes live in the intestines and are able to mate. The female parasitizes in the initial section of the large intestine, can lay eggs outside the human body - in the anal folds. Therefore, the essence of the analysis for enterobiasis for a child implies the detection of laid eggs. They should normally be absent.

A certificate is a mandatory document that is required not only to visit the pool, but is also included in the list of documentation that is provided for visiting kindergarten, school and preschool institutions.

When is an analysis required?

scraping for enterobiasis
scraping for enterobiasis

For swimming, the child needs to be checked for the presence of helminthic invasion. Scraping for enterobiasis is a standard procedure that allows you to detect parasite eggs on the baby's skin.

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The first scraping is carried out at the age of one year. Then you need to go through the study every year. According to ICD 10, enterobiasis has a B80 code, belongs to the most common pathologies of a parasitic nature, in most pictures it is diagnosed in young children.

Children over one year old are examined every year:

  • Children who attend kindergartens and school institutions, as well as other educational institutions, for example, development circles, etc.;
  • "Home" children - the examination is carried out in the children's clinic at the place of registration.

These two cases, described above, imply a routine examination approved by the medical protocol. A study is also conducted for the presence of pinworms at the request of certain institutions:

  1. Sports camp;
  2. Sanatorium;
  3. School;
  4. Kindergarten;
  5. Inpatient department of the clinic;
  6. Swimming pool.

Adults take the analysis if they get a job in kindergartens and schools, in the field of public catering. If pinworms are found, appropriate treatment is prescribed, after which a feces or scraping is performed again to confirm the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.

It is possible to take tests not only for reference to enterobiasis in the pool, but also if there are characteristic signs of helminthic invasion. In children, pinworm infection is accompanied by moodiness, anxiety, decreased appetite, severe itching in the anal area - it tends to intensify at night.

Methods for testing for enterobiasis

methods of checking for enterobiasis
methods of checking for enterobiasis

To get a certificate for enterobiasis for the pool, you need to undergo a study - scraping or analysis of feces. The latter option is recommended extremely rarely, since you need to donate feces several times, after a certain period of time.

The clinic gives a referral for examination. The next day, the patient is sent to a medical facility. The toilet of the anus and genitals should not be performed, it is recommended to refrain from defecation, as this may smear laboratory results.

At the pharmacy, you need to buy a special test tube with a cotton swab or glass with adhesive tape, or take it from a paid laboratory. Collection of biological material:

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  • The stick method. The stick is removed from the test tube, the child or adult lies on its side, push the buttocks apart with your free hand. Then a stick is carried out around the anus, lightly pressing on the skin. Carefully place the stick into a test tube, close the lid;
  • Adhesive tape method. Peel off the tape from the slide. During this manipulation, try not to touch the glass with your hands. Spread the buttocks, stick the tape in the anal area for 2 seconds, then separate it from the skin and quickly glue it on the glass. The latter is placed in a special bag.

Material for research obtained at home must be delivered to the laboratory within two hours. If an adult parasite was found during the collection of the material, it is placed in a test tube with alcohol, and is also delivered to the clinic.

It is imperative to pass an analysis for enterobiasis for the pool. Otherwise, admission to the institution will not be obtained. The result of scraping for enterobiasis is usually prepared within a day, it can be negative - there is no infection, positive - eggs are found. In the latter case, the use of antiparasitic drugs is required. After therapy, tests are done again. You can get a certificate only after receiving a negative result from the laboratory.

How long is the analysis for enterobiasis?

certificate for enterobiasis
certificate for enterobiasis

As already noted, there are two methods for identifying pinworms in the body - scraping (smear) and laboratory examination of feces. In the first case, the scraping (if taken independently) must be delivered to the clinic within two hours, the analysis of feces is valid up to 24 hours, but if stored in the refrigerator - only in the door.

Of course, many parents are interested in how much the certificate for enterobiasis is valid if a feces study or scraping was carried out? The results are valid only for ten days, so the time must be taken into account when issuing a certificate for the pool.

The validity of the certificate for enterobiasis is due to the age of the person. Due to the fact that children are often in children's groups - a kindergarten, a school, where the risk of infection significantly increases, they do not follow simple hygiene measures, the term of the certificate is shorter than that of an adult.

For children, the validity period is three months. After this time, you need to take a referral for research again, to be tested for helminths. For an adult, the document is valid for six months from the date of issue.

In conclusion, we note that a certificate for the pool confirming the absence of enterobiasis is important, because if at least one person is infected, then swimming in the pool will infect the rest of the visitors. Water is a favorable breeding ground for parasites, which allows them to quickly find a new host.


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