Coccidiosis In Humans: Symptoms And Treatment In Humans

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Coccidiosis In Humans: Symptoms And Treatment In Humans
Coccidiosis In Humans: Symptoms And Treatment In Humans

Video: Coccidiosis In Humans: Symptoms And Treatment In Humans

Video: Coccidiosis In Humans: Symptoms And Treatment In Humans
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Coccidiosis in humans is quite rare, usually domestic and wild animals suffer from it. Although there are known cases of infection of both adults and children. In this case, the disease is individual for everyone. Some do not notice symptoms in the first weeks, while others immediately experience digestive problems and headaches. In the article, we will consider what causes coccidiosis, how it can be infected, symptoms and treatment.


coccidiosis in humans
coccidiosis in humans

This disease occurs when a parasite called coccidia (Isospora belli) enters the human small intestine. These organisms are capable of combining both sexual and asexual methods of reproduction. This is how oocysts or the propagative stage of the parasite's reproduction are formed; they enter the environment along with the feces.

Isospora belli, unlike many other pests, are localized only in the human body. In order to complete the entire development cycle of coccidia, they do not need to leave the body. After infection, the incubation period lasts about one week.

With asexual reproduction of oocysts, eight sporozoites appear. They negatively affect the functioning of the intestines, destroy epithelial cells and subsequently cause inflammation. As a result, this can lead to complications in the form of erosion or ulceration. Such problems require a different approach to therapy and take longer to recover.

Reason for infection

cause of infection
cause of infection

After the oocysts enter the soil, they continue their vital activity. Under favorable conditions, this parasite can remain active for up to one month. The process of division, asexual reproduction, continues when at room temperature.

Coccidia usually enter the body through food, contaminated water, or unwashed hands. Another cause of the disease is the consumption of animal meat that has not undergone sufficient heat treatment, for example, this disease occurs in pigs.

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It is worth remembering that the pest enters the body only through the mouth, it cannot be infected by contact, even if there is damage to the skin. In this regard, coccidiosis is classified as a group of diseases arising from non-observance of hygiene and sanitary standards.

Yet not every person gets sick, even oocysts enter the gastrointestinal tract. People with strong immune systems are able to withstand the threat. In their body, coccidia simply cannot begin to multiply.

Symptoms of the disease


After the parasite enters the body, it becomes attached to the walls of the small intestine. Moreover, the first signs of invasion appear only after five, and sometimes even ten days. The symptoms of the disease resemble isosporosis, since both diseases are caused by the same pathogens. Therefore, it is difficult to determine what kind of disease a person has without research.

The following symptoms are characteristic of coccidiosis:

  • for several days, a high temperature remains, up to 39 °;
  • persistent diarrhea with watery feces;
  • mucus and blood may appear in feces;
  • periodically there are vomiting attacks;
  • due to the increased body temperature, chills and fever are felt;
  • losing appetite, the patient's weight decreases.

Similar symptoms of coccidiosis can last for two weeks, which is exactly how long it takes for parasites to actively reproduce. It should be understood that painful sensations are caused not by the vital activity of microorganisms, but by the process of their division. The fact is that oocysts have a protective membrane, and when it breaks down, caustic substances are released. This is what causes ulcers or erosion in the gastrointestinal tract.


use of medicines
use of medicines

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The choice of therapy methods depends on the period of the disease and the stage of development of the parasite colony. The fastest recovery is obtained in situations where the patient has no complications. The whole process is reduced to the elimination of parasites from the body and the removal of toxins that have appeared in the process of their vital activity.

All therapy consists of three stages:

  1. The use of medicines.
  2. Strict adherence to the diet.
  3. Using safe folk remedies.

For treatment, the same drugs are used as for other types of parasitic infections. Usually, these drugs are classified as antiprotozoal drugs. Most often, experts recommend using the following medicines:

  • biseptol;
  • chloridine;
  • sulfazine;
  • metronidazole.

To relieve the unpleasant symptoms arising from toxins, as well as prevent pathology, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

Since parasites feed on the same thing and their host, it is important to follow the correct diet. Doctors recommend excluding fatty, salty, fried and spicy foods from the diet. Anything that irritates the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract should be removed from the table.

In addition, you can use folk remedies that will not harm your health. The most effective are garlic, flax seeds, oak bark, propolis extract and chamomile pharmacy solution. So, you can drink herbal tea from time to time, brew chamomile, celandine or St. John's wort. But before deciding on self-medication, it is important to consult your doctor. Some plants are discouraged due to possible allergic reactions.

The whole process of treatment, if there are no pathologies, takes several days. But in order to prevent coccidiosis, it is best to wash your hands regularly, use only proven meat and maintain immunity. Then you will avoid all unpleasant symptoms and can enjoy a healthy life.