Skin Rashes With Worms In Children And Rashes With Worms

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Skin Rashes With Worms In Children And Rashes With Worms
Skin Rashes With Worms In Children And Rashes With Worms

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  • 1 What parasites can cause rashes?
  • 2 What are the skin rashes with worms?
  • 3 Stages of development of rashes with helminthiasis

Worm infestation is one of the most insidious problems that has widespread symptoms. In this case, one of the most common signs is a rash from worms. Allergy manifests itself in the form of eczema, urticaria, itching, dermatitis. It is important to understand that allergies can be either a direct reaction to the presence of a parasite under the skin, or an indirect reaction to the release of toxins (waste products of helminths) into the blood. In what kind of rashes with worms are and what kind of parasites provoke strong allergic symptoms of worms in children and adults, we understand below.

What parasites can cause rashes?

round helminth
round helminth

The manifestation of a rash from worms, a photo of which can be seen below in the material, is especially pronounced to provoke certain types of parasites. These include the following:

  • Ascaris. Helminths from the group are round, the length of which can sometimes reach 40 cm. Infection occurs when eating vegetables, fruits or greens inseminated with worms eggs. Also through dirty hands. It is important to understand that roundworm toxins are the strongest, and therefore, with ascariasis, they provoke a pronounced allergic reaction. Initially, the rash is similar to hives. If the parasitic infection stays in the human body for a long time, then the rash spreads to the whole body and even to the mucous membranes. It is worth knowing that ascaris can be localized in the liver and in the bile ducts, and this provokes organ failure and, as a result, jaundice, manifestations of hepatitis.
  • Pinworm. Helminth, which lives exclusively in the human intestine. An allergic reaction in this case can manifest itself in the form of puffiness and extensive red spots on the body.
  • Cat fluke (opisthorchis). In this case, infection occurs when eating meat from fish infected with worms. Rashes with helminthiasis of this type are accompanied by severe itching and burning. In this case, the nature of skin rashes is expressed in the form of spots.
  • Giardia. When localized in the body of such unicellular protozoa, humans also exhibit an allergic reaction. In particular, the skin takes on a pronounced unhealthy hue. In children, acne is localized on the body. Increased acne is common in adolescents.
echinococcus in humans
echinococcus in humans

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  • Echinococcus. In case of infection with such a parasite, a person may not feel any symptoms for a long time. Skin rashes and swelling appear only when a capsule with a helminth larva bursts in one of the organs, provoking the release of a large amount of toxins into the blood. In this case, skin manifestations and edema will be accompanied by an increase in body temperature.
  • Schistosoma. Considering that this helminth is introduced into the human body through the skin, then an allergic reaction will manifest itself at the point of penetration of the parasite. That is, a nodular itchy rash will form in these places. Its manifestations are most pronounced in the first hours or days after infection. In the future, the rash subsides and after a week there is no trace of it. But this does not support the patient's recovery.
  • Dirofilaria. This helminth is localized exclusively in the human subcutaneous space. This means that itching with skin rashes will be localized exactly in the place where the worm stopped. In this case, the parasite can even be visually distinguished under the skin.
  • The sucker is pulmonary. These worms cause certain nodules under the skin on the surface of the abdomen, neck or chest.
  • Tape worm. When infected with such a parasite, a person's skin peeling increases, which is often accompanied by severe itching. This indicates the development of intense fungal activity.

What are the rashes on the skin with worms?

skin rashes
skin rashes

It is very important to understand that a rash with worms is a consequence of severe intoxication of the body due to the vital activity of a parasite in it. In this case, the mechanism for the development of skin reactions looks like this:

  • First, worms parasitizing in the intestine negatively affect its microflora. As a result, this is reflected in the condition of the skin. In particular, any rash (acne and itching) is a reflection of an unhealthy condition of the intestines.
  • Secondly, if too many worms are localized in the intestine, they cause obstruction. As a result, all toxins are absorbed into the blood as much as possible, and do not go out with feces. This is the reason for the manifestation of skin reactions.
  • It is also important to understand that in most cases the worms are attached to the intestinal walls with their hooks, thereby damaging the mucous membrane of the organ. As a result, inflammatory processes occur, which entail all kinds of allergic reactions.

When parasitizing worms, the patient's skin reactions can manifest themselves both directly and indirectly. In the first case, the parasite is the direct cause of itching and redness of the skin. That is, the worm is located directly under the human skin, which causes redness and itching.

With indirect reactions (poisoning of the body with toxins and liver failure when worms are located in it), allergic rashes in adults and children can manifest themselves in this form on the body and / or face:

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  • Hives. The skin reaction is expressed in the appearance of numerous blisters filled with liquid contents. Such rashes can be compared to nettle burns.
  • Acne on the face and back. They are the result of inflammatory processes in the sebaceous glands.
  • Furuncles. They can be localized both on the body and on the face and neck. Formed as a result of inflammation of the hair follicles.
  • Eczema. It is the result of skin lesions with a neuro-allergic etiology.

Stages of development of rashes with helminthiasis

skin reactions with parasitic infection
skin reactions with parasitic infection

It should be understood that skin reactions with a parasitic infection in each person proceeds in its own way, depending on the intensity of the damage to the body by worms and the general state of the immune system. However, there are a number of patterns in which an allergic reaction can be expressed more or less clearly. It depends on the stage of the helminthic invasion. There are such stages of manifestation of allergic reactions from parasites:

  • Acute stage of infection. In this case, the patient develops a pronounced skin reaction to the introduction of the worm into the body. In this case, the allergy can last in the acute stage from a couple of weeks to 60 days;
  • Latent (latent) stage of the course of the infection. In this case, the allergic reaction subsides or goes away almost completely. The patient may feel more or less stable for 14-60 days;
  • Chronic stage of the course of helminthic invasion. At this stage, the worm reaches sexual maturity and begins to actively lay eggs. In this case, the body will definitely react to the intensive reproduction of the parasite with an increased allergic reaction. Moreover, the rash and spots will be particularly painful. Against the background of the manifestation of allergic reactions, stool disorders, soreness in muscles and joints will also be noted.

Remember, your health is only in your hands. Do not self-medicate, especially if you suspect that you have received a helminthic invasion. At risk are children, people with pets, and patients working in certain conditions that provoke helminthic infestation (butchering meat / fish, working in water bodies, etc.). Know that among the parasitic symptoms, skin manifestations are the most striking.


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