Worms In The Human Heart: Symptoms And Treatment Of Heart Parasites

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Worms In The Human Heart: Symptoms And Treatment Of Heart Parasites
Worms In The Human Heart: Symptoms And Treatment Of Heart Parasites

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  • 1 Methods for diagnosing parasites in the heart
  • 2 What parasites live in the heart and how are they dangerous?
  • 3 Removal of parasites from the heart

    • 3.1 Medication
    • 3.2 Folk remedies

Parasites are often quite a dangerous phenomenon that can affect the human body destructively to one degree or another. They can affect various systems and organs of the body, affecting the efficiency of their functioning. Everyone knows that not only the state of health of a person, but also his life itself depends on the normal functioning of the heart. That is why heart parasites pose a serious threat, and at the very first symptoms of this problem, all measures must be taken immediately to eliminate it. It is important for any person to know how dangerous are worms in the heart, what are their symptoms and treatment for various organ lesions.

Methods for diagnosing parasites in the heart

CT scan
CT scan

Heartworms in humans usually indicate a general defeat by worms of the body due to the neglect of the invasion. Diagnosis of this helminthiasis is carried out through certain studies, which include:

  • CT scan;
  • Ultrasound of the heart;
  • Heart electrocardiography;
  • X-ray;
  • General blood analysis.

In order to avoid the penetration of these worms into the body, you need to carefully observe hygiene standards, try to avoid eating raw, salted, dried or not sufficiently heat-treated pork. It is also necessary in the warm season, especially in southern countries, to install mosquito nets on the windows.

What parasites live in the heart and how are they dangerous?

Heartworms differ from other types of parasitic worms. They are rather small in size, allowing worms to be located inside this organ and develop normally there. The very expression "heartworm" is a collective concept, under which the following types of helminths should be considered:

  • Pork tapeworm;
  • Dirofilaria;
  • Echinococcus.

Worms in the heart of a person are able to penetrate the walls of the organ through and through, as a result of which bleeding wounds of a small size are formed. When they heal, scars often remain and blood vessels narrow. Due to large accumulations of worms in the heart, blood circulation can be disrupted, a blockage of blood vessels can occur, which in turn will lead to a heart attack.

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The most common heartworm infections include cysticercosis and dirofilariasis. The first cause cysticercus pork tapeworm, the second - roundworms that enter the human body through insect bites. Cardiac echinococcosis is extremely rare.

The consequences of damage to the heart muscle by worms can be varied. The larvae of parasites do not pass the stage of their development in the heart - already adult individuals get there. Initially, worms settle in most cases in the gastrointestinal tract or liver, and from there, in the absence of treatment, migrate to the heart. There, parasites begin to grow actively, a special protective capsule is formed around their body. It was at this time that failures in the functioning of the cardiovascular system begin to occur:

  • Heart rhythm disorder;
  • Inflammation of the lining of the organ;
  • The appearance of atherosclerotic plaques;
  • Blood pressure surges;
  • Hemorrhage;
  • Damage to blood vessels;
  • Increased blood viscosity.

Removing parasites from the heart

After diagnosing parasites in the heart, the doctor selects the necessary treatment, starting from the neglect of the disease and the severity of the symptoms. The standard treatment for these cases is conservative therapy and surgery if necessary. There are also many folk remedies that can help get rid of parasites in the heart.

Drug treatment

drug treatment
drug treatment

When a single worm parasite on the heart is found, drugs are often prescribed that paralyze the muscular system of the helminth. The most common among them are azinox, nemosol and chloxil. The conservative treatment of heartworms with anthelmintic drugs, the purpose of which is to destroy parasites, has its drawbacks, because as a result, the worm that has died in the host's body will begin to decompose, which can have a detrimental effect on the entire body. There is a possibility of intoxication of the heart tissue or blockage of extremely important blood vessels. It is because of this that, in the presence of several individuals of the parasite in the heart muscle, in most cases, they resort to surgical intervention.

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These operations are considered quite complex and are carried out in specialized medical institutions, usually infectious diseases hospitals. During them, the doctor, by mechanical capture, removes all parasites from the heart. Surgical intervention is most often more effective than conservative treatment. After removing all helminths and products of their vital activity from the tissues of the heart, the patient is prescribed drugs of the following groups:

  • Sedatives, to restore and maintain heart rhythm;
  • Anti-inflammatory, to eliminate intoxication and inflammation;
  • Antihistamines.

Recovery after surgery when removing heartworms takes a long time. With timely treatment started, the patient has a great chance of a full recovery.

Folk remedies

decoction of birch buds and its leaves
decoction of birch buds and its leaves

There are many alternative methods to rid the body of parasites. Heartworms in humans were far from the advent of today's medicines, and they were usually fought with the help of various plants and infusions of them, here are the most famous of which:

  • Troichetka. It is a natural remedy that has absorbed three useful herbal bitterness that destroy the worms themselves in the heart and their eggs. Includes wormwood powder, clove seeds and green walnut shell tincture.
  • Birch buds. To get rid of parasites, use a tincture or a decoction of birch buds and its leaves.
  • Tansy. Its brewed flowers are an excellent remedy for parasites.
  • Carrot. Grated carrots mixed with a glass of milk are good for treating children from parasites.

No matter how unpleasant photos of worms in humans are, helminthiases have remained relevant for a long time and it is unlikely that people will ever be able to completely get rid of them. Heartworms can pose a serious health hazard, so it's best to start fighting them when you first suspect helminthiasis. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the easier it will be to treat and the more likely a positive treatment result is, and the risk of complications in this case is several times less.

The heart is one of the most important organs responsible for human life, therefore, it is simply unacceptable to allow parasites to penetrate into it, and even more so their widespread development there, otherwise you can pay not only with part of your health, but also with your whole life.


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