Candles From Pinworms For Adults And Children With Enterobiasis

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Candles From Pinworms For Adults And Children With Enterobiasis
Candles From Pinworms For Adults And Children With Enterobiasis

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  • 1 The advantages of suppositories over other drugs
  • 2 Application rules

    • 2.1 Use in children
    • 2.2 Use in adults
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Anthelmintic drugs have different actions and have a different form of release. When the first symptoms of helminthiasis are found, it is recommended to undergo an examination and examination, on the basis of which therapy will be prescribed. The most effective remedy are suppositories for pinworms, this is due to the fact that suppositories begin to act due to the rapid absorption of components into the intestines. In this article we will tell you which candles are used for pinworms for adults and children.

The advantages of suppositories over other drugs

pinworm candles
pinworm candles

Modern suppositories for enterobiasis contain potent components, however, only adults can be treated with these drugs. During pregnancy, regardless of the trimester, lactation, as well as children under 4 years old, oral anthelmintic drugs are prohibited. The main advantages of using rectal suppositories are as follows:

  • Suppositories are rapidly absorbed into the intestinal wall and are carried by the bloodstream, due to which the effect is much higher;
  • Active substances enter the bloodstream and enter the venous system, while the substances do not enter the liver. This action prevents metabolism and reduces the dose of the drug. As a result, therapy is safe for children and women during pregnancy;
  • Most of the candles are made on the basis of medicinal herbs (tansy, cloves, wormwood, caraway seeds). The natural composition provides additional protection for the body;
  • The drug has no toxic effect on internal systems and organs.

As a rule, suppositories are produced in different dosages, which allows them to be used by both children and adults as therapy and prevention of enterobiasis.

Application rules

rules for using candles
rules for using candles

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Due to the absence of chemical components, suppositories are allowed to be taken by lactating and pregnant women, children and the elderly with reduced immunity. This dosage form has practically no contraindications due to which side effects are minimized. The duration of the course of treatment is no more than 5 days, the suppository is administered before bedtime. For quick and painless insertion of the suppository into the anus, it is recommended to wet the product in cold water. It is necessary to store the medicine at temperatures up to 8 degrees Celsius, room temperature can make the suppository soft, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

The main task of candles is the following:

  • healing of wounds and cracks due to the oily structure of the suppository;
  • treatment of the inflammatory process in the focus of parasitism of helminths;
  • elimination of intestinal functionality problems;
  • strengthening the immune defense;
  • treatment and prevention of helminthic invasions.

Application in children

pinworm candles for children
pinworm candles for children

Infectionists prescribe candles for pinworms for children, because they contain natural ingredients. As a rule, active substances do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate the intestinal walls, which is especially important for a child's body. However, before starting therapy, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because not all suppositories are able to have the desired effect in relation to various types of worms. The most common helminthiasis in children is:

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  • ascariasis - the causative agent of the disease is ascaris, which is introduced into the body and affects it;
  • enterobiasis - the pathology is provoked by the pinworm.

Adult use

Pinworm suppositories for adults help to avoid a high level of toxic burden on the entire body. Carrying out therapy with this dosage form allows you to exclude helminth formation for people suffering from diseases of the kidneys, liver and during pregnancy and lactation.

List of pinworm candles

pinworm remedy
pinworm remedy

The drug is produced for adults and children, the main difference between suppositories is the composition and cost. As a rule, the following drugs are prescribed to combat pinworms in children and adults:

  • Vormil is an effective agent with anthelmintic properties, the active ingredient is albendazole. It should be noted that this drug is contraindicated in children under 2 years of age, during pregnancy and lactation. The drug is administered once, take a break for 2 days and repeat the course of treatment;
  • Helmavitol is a unique preparation based on tansy, garlic, milk thistle, wormwood. This combination of components acts on the structure of the worms and quickly cleanses the intestines. The main advantage of suppositories is the absence of contraindications;
  • Hirudotex - rectal suppositories against pinworms, which contain cloves, caraway seeds, wormwood, tansy. However, this remedy is contraindicated for children under 5 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, because tansy extract is considered a poisonous substance;

Nigella Sativa is a pinworm remedy based on black cumin. The drug eliminates pinworms, bacterial infections, bleeding hemorrhoids, and also restores the intestinal microflora. Nigella Sativa is contraindicated in children under 6 years old, pregnant and lactating women

It is worth noting that suppositories from pinworms in adults and children are prescribed by an infectious disease specialist only after laboratory tests. Most of the rectal suppositories do not have serious contraindications, however, their appointment is controlled by an infectious disease specialist. Successful and quick treatment of pinworms in children and adults is possible, provided that the doctor's recommendations are followed.


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