Vitom - A Drug For People: Instructions On How To Take The Drug

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Vitom - A Drug For People: Instructions On How To Take The Drug
Vitom - A Drug For People: Instructions On How To Take The Drug

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  • 1 Composition and description
  • 2 Instructions for use of the drug

    • 2.1 Contraindications
    • 2.2 Side effects
  • 3 Analogs

One of the most powerful immunomodulators today is the drug Vetom, the instructions for use determine the methods and indications for admission. A low level of immunity provokes many infectious diseases, including massive helminthic invasions with aggravated symptoms. To fight parasites, to eliminate the negative consequences of toxic waste products of helminths, you should familiarize yourself with the capabilities of Vet 1.1.

Composition and description

drug veto
drug veto

The composition is presented in the form of a dry, odorless fine crystalline powder. The pronounced sweet taste and easy solubility in water ensure painless intake even for children. The supplement is sold in packs of 5 g, 50 g, 0.5 kg, in capsules. Composition:

  • the biomass of spores of bacteria Bacilus subtilis, acting as a producing component for alpha-2 interferon;
  • food filler - sugar.

The impact is due to the colonization of positive bacteria in the intestine and stomach of the patient, further growth of bacteria within 2-5 days and excretion. In the process of reproduction, lytic enzymes are released that destroy pathogenic microflora, tumors and other destructive cells. In this case, there is an increase in the activity of monocytes, macrophages, the body's resistance to immune diseases. In addition, allergic reactions are stopped, regeneration processes are restored, metabolism is normalized and the body's immune response is stimulated.

The dietary supplement begins to act 20 minutes after entering the body. The dietary supplement goes well with vaccinations, enhancing their effectiveness, therefore, it is often prescribed to people during a high peak of off-season diseases.

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Instructions for using the drug

you can dilute the powder with boiled water
you can dilute the powder with boiled water

The general rules and dosages of the agent are as follows:

  1. empirically, a direct dependence of the effectiveness of the drug on the frequency of administration has been established: the more often and longer you take Vetom 1.1, the higher the therapeutic effect (there is no addiction to the dietary supplement);
  2. simultaneous intake of dietary supplements and antibiotics does not give a therapeutic effect, with the exception of kanamycin;
  3. high positive dynamics is observed with the use of dietary supplements 40-60 minutes before meals;
  4. you can dilute the powder with boiled water.

The standard dose of the drug is 1 tbsp. l. or 1 capsule at a time. Vitom for children should be taken at half the rate, for patients with severe forms of illness, increase the frequency of administration up to 8-10 times.

Preventive intake of dietary supplements is carried out twice a year for 1.5 months by the course:

  • 10 days by Vetom 1.1,
  • 10 days by Vetom 2;
  • 10 days by Vetom 3;
  • 10 days by Vetom 4.

Acceptance of funds occurs without interruption, in full - a decrease in the number of days will not lead to the desired result. The dosage is standard - 1 sachet or 1 capsule per day. For people with a body weight of 80 kg or more, the intake is two-fold.

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An absolute contraindication is individual intolerance and diabetes mellitus. You should carefully drink dietary supplements while taking antibiotics, probiotics.

Side effects

In extreme cases, the person taking the course therapy has high gas production, diarrhea. Over time, the symptoms disappear and do not require treatment. If unpleasant symptoms occur, the drug should be temporarily discontinued.


There is no ideal analogue for Vetom 1.1. The preparations Vetom 2, Vetom 3, Vetom 4 are identical in principle of action. A course therapy is prescribed with the use of all forms of microorganisms to ensure the restoration of the intestinal sections in full. The final impact on the patient varies. Suppose a person of the same type chooses Vetom for regular intake.

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