Birch Tar From Worms And Parasites

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Birch Tar From Worms And Parasites
Birch Tar From Worms And Parasites

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Our grandmothers knew well that the treatment of worms with birch tar is effective and can be suitable even for the smallest. This unique folk remedy helps to cleanse the body well of unpleasant parasites that cause considerable damage (cause intoxication, disrupt metabolism, cause itching, etc.). Let's try to understand in more detail how useful tar is, how it works and which worms it can cure, are there any contraindications and consider the recipes themselves.


  1. How does tar work on worms and parasites?
  2. What worms can birch tar cure?
  3. Beneficial features
  4. Folk recipes with birch tar
  5. Contraindications
  6. Alternative to birch tar
  7. Output

How does tar work on worms and parasites?

This folk remedy contains potent ingredients that worms, lice, nits, scabies and other parasites do not like very much. In addition, tar is able not only to free the body from their presence, but also to remove all the consequences of their vital activity (poisons and toxins).

Birch medicine, in accordance with popular advice, is mixed with other auxiliary ingredients such as honey, water, milk, bread, etc. Due to the high concentration of the chemical composition, tar should not be taken without dilution.

In the fight against parasites, children often have to be treated, as they are more at risk. Birch tar actively neutralizes worms in the body, destroying and evacuating them in a natural way. An additional effect of the application of tar inside from worms is a local antiseptic effect.

Tar can also be used as a prophylaxis for helminths, using a product strictly according to a given recipe. Experts say that the systematic use of birch tar from lamblia not only cleanses the body of their presence, but also significantly strengthens the immune defense.

What worms can birch tar cure?

Birch tar is able to destroy parasites that multiply in the liver, pancreas, as well as the large and small intestines. These parasites include the following:

  1. Pinworms;
  2. Ascaris;
  3. Pork and bovine tapeworm;
  4. Vlasoglav;
  5. Fluke;
  6. Giardia.

Beneficial features

Due to its chemical composition, birch tar confidently copes with almost all types of helminthic invasions. The main active substances (phytoncides, toluene, xylene and others) provide it with the following beneficial properties:

  • Antimicrobial - suppression of growth and destruction of pathogens, and also stimulates the activity of digestion;
  • Antiparasitic and disinfecting - thanks to the toluene and phenol present in the composition, tar has the ability to destroy 99% of helminths and disinfect the body;
  • Anti-inflammatory - salicylic acid helps to eliminate the processes of inflammation and putrefaction;
  • Antiseptic - destroys bacteria and parasitic fungi.

In addition to the above properties, birch tar has analgesic, drying, regenerating and disinfecting properties. The use of tar inside from parasites can also improve the metabolism of the digestive system, strengthen the heart muscles, and restore the normal intestinal microflora.

Folk recipes with birch tar

With apple juice

Add 1 drop of birch tar to one spoon of freshly squeezed apple juice. For seven days, increase the proportion of tar by 1 drop daily. Then, for 30 days, they drink half a teaspoon of tar per 1 spoonful of juice. Then a break for 3 months. The course is resumed, taking at once for 1 spoonful of juice half a teaspoon of tar for 5 days. During the next 6 months, it is advisable to repeat the treatment for the purpose of prevention.

With bread

A well-known recipe among folk recipes. 5 drops of tar are dripped onto a small piece of bread and eaten before going to bed at night, without drinking or eating anything. Over the next 10 days, you should increase the daily dose by 1 drop and then eat bread with 10 drops for 10 days. Further, each next day is reduced by 1 drop until their number becomes 5. The duration of the course is 25 days. If you strictly follow the regimen, then such a recipe helps to get rid not only of lamblia, but also of other complex types of helminths.

With honey

The course lasts 12 days. The scheme is as follows: 1 drop of tar is dripped onto 1 teaspoon of honey. Further, until the ninth day, increase the dose of tar every day by 1 drop. From 9 to 12 days, strictly 8 drops of the medicine should be drunk.

Outwardly - to the navel

This method is very convenient for children, as birch tar has a strong specific smell and taste. Soak a cotton swab with a little tar. From worms on the navel, you need to apply a tampon, fixing it with improvised means. To avoid irritation, you can lubricate the umbilical area with a fat baby cream. All manipulations are carried out at night before bedtime. Many, having already tested this method, note that already on the third day, the obvious manifestations of the presence of parasites in the body pass, and the general well-being improves markedly.


Pay particular attention to the reaction of children to the treatment of worms with birch tar. If you notice any manifestations of an allergic reaction, rash, dermatitis, then you must stop taking the medication and consult a doctor. In addition, tar treatment should not be carried out during an exacerbation of any disease.

During the period of gestation and breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use birch tar, as in pregnant women it can increase nausea and cause vomiting, and diarrhea may appear in babies during lactation.

Alternative to birch tar

In addition to birch tar, there are many other popular recipes that promise to cleanse your body of parasites. Many recipes are based on garlic or onion tinctures. Uses baking soda, eucalyptus leaves, lemon, and more.


If unpleasant parasites such as worms are found in your body, you should pay attention not only to treatment, but also to your usual diet. It is advised to remove garlic, onions, all kinds of spices from your menu, as well as sweets and pastries made from refined flour. It is good to use sour fruits and berries (apples, currants), dietary meat, fish and dairy products.

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