Allergy To Worms: Which Parasites Cause Allergies

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Allergy To Worms: Which Parasites Cause Allergies
Allergy To Worms: Which Parasites Cause Allergies

Video: Allergy To Worms: Which Parasites Cause Allergies

Video: Allergy To Worms: Which Parasites Cause Allergies
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Our body can in the usual way give an appropriate response to external stimuli (itching, redness, sneezing). But this is not always a reaction to unremarkable things and the reason can hide deep from our eyes. What are the special signs of our allergy to worms and from which particular parasites? Let's figure it out in this article.

Allergy photos with worms
Allergy photos with worms


  1. Where does an allergic reaction come from?
  2. How is allergy to worms manifested?
  3. How are worms detected?
  4. What worms can cause allergies?
  5. Ascaris
  6. Vlasoglava
  7. Pinworms
  8. Intestinal acne
  9. Filarias
  10. Schistosomes
  11. Treatment of helminthiasis
  12. Medicines
  13. ethnoscience
  14. Output

Where does an allergic reaction come from?

This is a completely normal reaction of the body to harmful antibodies that get inside. Nobody is safe from her. People with a strong body and a weak one are at risk. Often, the antibodies that are inside are harmless and do not affect the normal functioning of the body, and the protective mechanisms of the immune system fail. But there are exceptions to all the rules.

About 1 billion people on the planet are infected with parasites. And there is no way to understand that it is your acquaintance or close friend who is infected with parasites.

Causes of allergy to worms:

  1. Due to the release into the body of the results of processing the vital activity of parasites. They are toxic.
  2. The bodies of decaying worms. For example, helminths.
  3. Damage to tissues in the body by parasites.

The first stage of the onset of allergies can begin due to the ingestion of larvae into the body. They secrete special fluids that contribute to the onset of inflammatory processes. Because of this, it is more convenient for the larvae to move around the body, they choose a convenient place for themselves. They feed, grow and develop there. At the same time throwing metabolites (enzymes) into the body. This process takes up to a year. Because most worms take a long time to grow. Then they continue to poison the life of a person with the help of waste products.

How is allergy to worms manifested?

Earlier, we found out that our body quickly and sensitively reacts to stimuli that have entered the body. But those harmful substances that worms release do not pass quickly and leave a lot of inconvenience behind. Unfortunately, all symptoms are so vague and of the same type that it is almost impossible to understand the cause on your own.

Allergy to worms
Allergy to worms

Allergy to waste products of helminths, etc. does not appear immediately. By the time of detection, the larvae have time to grow up and multiply strongly.

Symptoms of the appearance of parasites inside:

  1. Itching;
  2. Skin rash;
  3. Quincke's inflammation (swelling of the skin and mucous membranes);
  4. Anaphylactic shock;
  5. Joint disease;
  6. Pulmonary spasms.

These are the cases when the body gives an immediate immune response.

Usually people who become infected attribute everything to flu, acute respiratory infections, stress.

Did you know that bad breath speaks not only of sick teeth, but also that parasites live in your body? Ask your loved ones, before they brush their teeth in the morning, if their breath smells? If they give a positive answer, then with a probability of almost 100% they are infected with worms.

  • In women: heart and cancer diseases, inflammation of the adrenal glands, bladder.
  • In men: impotence, cystitis, sand in the kidneys, bladder.
  • General signs: skin rash with worms, itching.

To corrode uninvited guests, you don't have to rush to the pharmacy and buy the most expensive products. In most cases, they are ineffective.

How are worms detected?

It is not difficult to detect parasites in the body in hospitals with the help of modern devices. Doctors specializing in such diseases, only after asking a few questions, can determine what is wrong.

A blood test may not always give a positive answer. Since during development, the larvae do not give themselves out in any way and the analysis shows a negative answer. And when the parasites grow and begin to conduct their usual life activities, then the analysis shows a positive result.

What worms can cause allergies?

If you have found parasites in the body, then it is important to know which ones. Because this will greatly affect the treatment process.


Ways of infection with ascaris
Ways of infection with ascaris

They appear most often in children, because they cannot take care of their own hygiene. Pass the fecal-oral route. If you do not wash fruits plucked from a bush, tree or bought in a store, in the market, then there is a high probability of contracting these parasites. Distinctive feature: the anus itches.


Trichocephalus trichiurus
Trichocephalus trichiurus

Parasitizes in the intestines of an adult. These are very tenacious creatures that practically do not react to adverse conditions. Therefore, to combat them, it is necessary to be observed by specialists. Infection through food or water. Among them are the cutaneous migratory larva. But in most cases, contamination occurs through contaminated food. Due to its presence, metabolic processes of the entire food system are disrupted. A person is intoxication and feels constant malaise and apathy.


The infection is painless. The main symptom of the manifestation of their vital activity is itching in the anus. Also characterized by frequent stools, skin allergies.

Invasion occurs through contact with an already infected person, through unwashed hands, through objects with the presence of these worms.


At the initial stage, the anus itches for the first 2-3 days, after the itching returns after a few weeks.

Intestinal acne

They penetrate the skin imperceptibly. Signs are swelling, itching, bleeding at the site of penetration. May cause itchy skin in the elderly and adults. It is very rare in children.

This is one of the most dangerous worms. He can live in all organs. With the frequent movement of intestinal acne through the lungs, the probability of death reaches 90%. He can live quietly for more than 10 years in the body and not manifest himself in any way. During the breeding stage, it is very dangerous.


Their life cycle in the human body goes through 3 stages:

  1. The larva is transported through an insect bite. This stage is characterized by the appearance of urticaria.
  2. The larva develops. Up to 7 years old. The person is in a fever.
  3. Clogged lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are enlarged.

Many eggs are laid.

Filariasis of the eye
Filariasis of the eye

Also, worms of the filaria type cause an allergic cough. There are frequent cases of attacks of bronchial asthma and allergic bronchitis. In the later stages, eye damage, inflammation of the lymph nodes are possible. From complications - elephantiasis, ascites.


Infection occurs through dirty water. The eggs of this parasite can be found in absolutely any body of water. It is especially common when washing clothes.

Diseases characteristic of schistosoma: dry cough, headaches, abdominal pain, fever, pressure, enlarged liver, leukocytosis, intoxication with waste products, problems with urination.


Severe stages often lead to infertility, liver cirrhosis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, bladder cancer, colon tumors, urolithiasis.

Also, allergy-causing worms include: spirometer, fluke, bovine tapeworm, anisakida, gnatostomy, toxocara.

They are characterized by: bather's itch, urticaria, yellowing of the skin, subcutaneous itching, recurrent pain.

Treatment of helminthiasis

After the parasites disappear, you will feel much better. There will be no constant fatigue, unpleasant, painful sensations, allergies will disappear.

  • Take anti-parasite medications;
  • Enterosorbets, to improve bowel function;
  • Antihistamines to relieve allergies;
  • Local remedies for itching.


Choose medication based on your doctor's advice. Because most are matched to the characteristics of the body. For example, for the treatment of children, the elderly, pregnant women, the presence of allergies.

For parasites living outside the intestines, the following are suitable:

  • Ivermectin;
  • Ivermek;
  • Baymek.


  • Pirantel;
  • Dekaris;
  • Medamin;
  • Nourished;
  • Nemozole.


Recipes based on alcohol, garlic, horseradish, pomegranate are suitable.


  1. Eat up to 100 grams of pumpkin seeds every morning.
  2. Tincture of vodka, garlic and horseradish, take one tablespoon before meals.
  3. The cooked pomegranate rind is drunk as a compote at a time.
  4. Drink brewed wormwood before meals.


So, it is not so easy to understand that parasites have appeared in your body. To do this, you need to pass a special blood test in a timely manner and undergo a difficult course of treatment, which can greatly affect the body. To prevent such situations from recurring, wash your hands, food before use, do not eat raw fish, do not drink, do not wash clothes in dirty ponds and while bathing, try to avoid getting water into your mouth. Some of the worms are deadly to humans. They multiply quickly and parasitize for a long time in the body. It will not be possible to remove parasites once and for all, but by adhering to simple hygiene rules, you can avoid meeting with them and parasitizing for many years in the body.