Treatment Of Lamblia With Folk Remedies

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Treatment Of Lamblia With Folk Remedies
Treatment Of Lamblia With Folk Remedies

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Giardia are unicellular protozoa that parasitize the intestines of humans and some animals. They cause a disease - giardiasis, which occurs in adults and children, according to WHO, up to 20% of people suffer from it.

The disease leads to dangerous consequences, so it is imperative to treat it. Giardia can be removed from the body with the help of medications, and traditional medicine, which are effective and have no side effects.


  1. Signs of the disease
  2. Traditional medicine
  3. Healing tinctures
  4. Traditional medicine recipes
  5. Drug treatment
  6. Prevention of the disease
  7. Output

Signs of the disease

Protozoa exist in immobile form (cysts) and vegetative (mobile). The incubation period of giardiasis lasts 1-3 weeks. Symptoms of the disease depend on various factors: the number and duration of parasites in the body, the age and general condition of the patient.

  1. The acute form is characterized by aching or acute pain in the hypochondrium on the right side and navel, not depending on food intake. And also dyspeptic disorders - loss of appetite, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting and heartburn. The patient suffers from diarrhea - defecation occurs up to 5 times a day, the stool is liquid and frothy. After 7 days, the acute form becomes chronic.
  2. Chronic symptoms:

⦁ alternating diarrhea and constipation;

⦁ decreased appetite and weight loss;

⦁ bloating and rumbling in the intestines;

⦁ deterioration in general health - drowsiness, irritability, sleep disturbance;

⦁ headaches;

Symptoms with giardiasis
Symptoms with giardiasis

⦁ yellowness of the skin in the neck, abdomen, armpits and face;

⦁ skin rashes, urticaria, dermatitis and others;

⦁ development of bronchial asthma;

⦁ the appearance of stomatitis, sticking in the corners of the lips;

⦁ brittle and dull hair;

⦁ intolerance to cow's milk.

If the infection has occurred a long time ago, a decrease in immunity, inflammation of the lymph nodes, low-grade fever (up to 38 ° C) is possible.

Traditional medicine

Giardiasis is treated with folk remedies. This is especially important for patients with chronic diseases of the digestive system, since pharmacological drugs are toxic.

In folk medicine, infusions, decoctions, fees for internal use are used. The most effective folk remedies are offered that will destroy parasites quickly and without side effects.

Healing tinctures

Milk with garlic is an excellent remedy for protozoa infections. Divide the peeled head of garlic into cloves, place in a jar and pour 100 ml of vodka into it. Put in a cool place to infuse for 15 days. Drink the medicine 20 drops three times a day, diluting with milk. The course is 10 days

Birch buds have high medicinal properties that allow you to fight various parasites. To prepare the tincture, take 25 g of kidneys and 200 ml of alcohol (75%). Insist 25 days. Dissolve 15 drops of infusion in 200 g of water. Take before meals twice a day for a week. Then take a break, repeat the treatment in a month

To prepare an effective remedy, you will need products: beets, carrots, cognac - 200 g each, honey - 100 g, birch leaves - 25 pcs. Rinse the birch leaves, place them on the bottom of glass or enamel dishes. Pour the mixture with a glass of cognac and put in a cool place for three weeks. Prepare 200 g of beetroot and carrot juice, add it to the infusion of leaves and brandy, put 50 g of honey. Drink half a glass before meals for a week

  1. Put chopped aspen bark (50 g) in 500 ml of vodka. Remove the tincture in a cool place for half a month, shaking occasionally. After the specified time, strain the medicine. Take a tincture of aspen bark, diluted with a small amount of water, a tablespoon before meals. The course is 20-23 days. Repeat in a month.
  2. To prepare a tincture with propolis, place 1 teaspoon of crushed propolis in 100 g of vodka. Close the container tightly and leave for half a month. Take a coffee spoon for 15 days before breakfast. Repeat the course 4-5 times with a week break.

Traditional medicine recipes

Pumpkin seeds from lamblia and opisthorchiasis contain the substance cucurbitin - a strong poison against parasites, absolutely harmless to humans. The simplest scheme for treating giardiasis with seeds is in the morning, on an empty stomach, eat 150 g of peeled seeds

An hour before bedtime, drink a tablespoon of castor oil, which has a cleansing effect and removes dead individuals.

Pumpkin seeds and castor oil are prohibited for use with increased acidity of the stomach, exacerbation of gastritis (of any type), colitis, ulcerative lesions.

Prepare coconut from lamblia as follows: divide the fruit into two parts, drain the coconut milk into a bowl. Grate the fruit pulp and mix with milk

Take a teaspoon before meals for a week. If necessary, repeat the course after 6 days. Store cooked coconut in a cool place for up to 48 hours.

  1. Birch tar is effective in combination with milk: dissolve one drop of tar in 100 g of milk and drink 25 minutes before meals. On the second day, add 2 drops, increasing their number daily to 10. Repeat the intake after 7 days, starting with 10 drops and ending with one.
  2. Mix cloves with dried wormwood herb in a 2: 1 ratio. Grind the mixture in a coffee grinder. Drink a teaspoon of the powder before bedtime with water for 3 weeks.
  3. Choleretic collection with flowers of tansy, chamomile and calendula in equal amounts helps well.

Pour 10 g of raw materials with boiling water (1 glass), put in a water bath for 20 minutes. Insist for an hour and strain. Drink the broth before meals three times a day, 100 ml.

To rid the body of the waste products of parasites and toxic substances, a cleansing enema with soda is effective

To prepare the solution, boil 1 liter of water, cool to 40 degrees. Dissolve 1.5 tablespoons of baking soda in water and mix the solution thoroughly. Try to keep the liquid in the body for at least 10 minutes, then empty the intestines.

Drug treatment

If getting rid of Giardia at home is not possible, traditional medicine will come to the rescue. Treatment is based on diagnostics, preparatory measures, treatment and rehabilitation, which take place in several stages.

The disease is detected by scatological examination of feces, blood tests and duodenal intubation.

  1. At the initial stage, intoxication is removed, immunity is increased, the disease normalizes the intestines and improves the general condition of the patient:
  2. To bring the gallbladder and ducts to tone, the patient is prescribed Euphilin, No-Shpu, Allohol, Kapsil and Mannitol.
  3. Polikopb, Cmekta - used to withdraw toxins.
  4. For the normalization of the digestive system, enzymes are taken - Mezim, Festal or Kpeon.
  5. If necessary, patients are prescribed antiallergic drugs - Tavegil, Cypactin.
  6. Then antiparasitic therapy is carried out:
  7. Fypazolidone, Enterofypil, Opnidazole. The course varies from 1 to 10 days.
  8. During the final stage, there is a recovery of organism, an increase in immunity and the elimination of dysbiosis.
  9. The patient should take vitamins and multivitamins, probiotics and prebiotics.
  10. Follow a diet.

With giardiasis, it is recommended to limit the intake of carbohydrates. Increase the amount of protein foods in the form of lean meat and fish, introduce more acidic foods and fiber (berries, kefir, yogurt, bran and whole grain bread) into the diet. Eat food often, at least 6-7 times a day.

Prevention of the disease

The source of infection with giardia is a person or animal suffering from giardiasis, objects on which there were parasites, dirty products. It is enough for 10 cysts to enter the body for a disease to develop, especially if a person has a low acidity of the stomach.

Preventive measures should be followed to prevent contamination.

It is important to observe the following rules:

⦁ be sure to wash eggs, vegetables and fruits;

⦁ drink boiled water;

⦁ for prophylaxis, take drugs against parasites;

⦁ if you suspect infection, consult a doctor;

⦁ do not swim in bodies of stagnant water;

⦁ work with the earth only with gloves, wash your hands more often.


Subject to the rules of prevention, the likelihood of infection with parasites is reduced, but getting rid of Giardia forever is impossible.

Giardiasis is being successfully treated today, you should not just start the disease and consult a doctor at the first sign of infection.

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