Can There Be A Cough From Worms, Treatment Of Children And Adults

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Can There Be A Cough From Worms, Treatment Of Children And Adults
Can There Be A Cough From Worms, Treatment Of Children And Adults

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Systematic bouts of coughing do not always indicate a cold or acute respiratory viral infection. This condition can also be caused by parasites that have settled in the body. Cough from worms occurs in children and adults, especially during periods of weakened immunity. Such a condition must be treated, since the spread of parasites in the body is fraught with the development of serious diseases.


  1. What helminths can cause a cough?
  2. Treatment
  3. Drugs
  4. Folk remedies

What helminths can cause a cough?

There are dozens of varieties of parasites that feel great in the human body and it is very difficult to determine their presence. The reason for this phenomenon is the life cycle of these organisms. In order to accurately diagnose the doctor, it is not enough to collect anamnesis, to listen to the patient's complaints. We need laboratory research. A general and biochemical blood test can accurately diagnose and even identify the type of pathogen.

Among the helminths that can cause a cough are the following:

  • roundworm;
  • fluke;
  • toxocars.

In addition to worms, parasites such as lamblia can cause coughing.

Parasites enter the body through unwashed food, poorly cooked meat and fish, unboiled water. Infection can also occur through the air. When an infected person coughs, hundreds of parasite larvae are thrown into the air.

Most helminths live in the intestines, but in special cases they can travel throughout the body with the blood stream. This happens if unfavorable conditions are created in the intestines for their existence or they need oxygen for normal life. The best place in this case is the lungs, which constantly ventilate the air.

Ways of infection with ascaris
Ways of infection with ascaris

Ascaris causes first a dry, then a wet cough with the formation of phlegm. If untreated, pneumonia may develop. Giardia also provoke attacks of dry cough, which does not go away for months and does not turn into a wet one. In addition, symptoms such as skin allergies, weakness, headaches and pale skin appear. These are direct signs of intoxication.

Pulmonary fluke, when it enters the lung tissue, causes the formation of sputum and pus. As a result, the cough immediately appears moist, and after a while blood can be observed in the sputum.

Toksokara is one of the most dangerous parasites. Its primary carriers are dogs, so you can get infected through direct contact with infected animals. The parasite causes a severe cough before vomiting, which is accompanied by bronchospasm, skin allergies, and vision problems.


Successful diagnosis of parasites is the first and main stage in treatment. Knowing the pathogen is easier to deal with. Treating cough symptoms will never solve the problem unless the cause is addressed. Here you can combine drug therapy with folk remedies. To accurately determine the type of helminths, feces are analyzed several times. It also requires blood biochemistry, a general blood test, possibly ultrasound of internal organs and sputum examination.


Treatment of invasions lasts several weeks and requires a second course to completely destroy the parasites. In the future, preventive measures remain relevant. Of the medicinal products, doctors prescribe:

  • Pirantel;
  • Vermax;
  • Nemozole;
  • Dekaris and others.
Pirantel Nemozole
Pirantel Nemozole

Their dosage and duration of administration depends on the patient's age, weight and general health. Anthelmintic drugs not only destroy parasites and their larvae, but also help the body get rid of them. In order to cleanse the intestines, blood and lymph from toxins formed during the life of worms, doctors prescribe sorbents. It can be Enterosgel, Smecta, activated carbon.

For severe coughing attacks, antitussives and anti-inflammatory drugs are required. If the patient has signs of allergy, quick-acting antihistamines are needed, for example, Suprastin or Fenkarol. At the end of treatment, vitamins and bacterial preparations are prescribed to maintain immunity and restore the body. After 2 weeks, the course of treatment is usually repeated.

Folk remedies

A comprehensive approach to treatment is the basis for complete recovery. Of the folk remedies for the treatment of helminthiasis, the following products are considered effective:

  • pumpkin seeds;
  • linseed oil;
  • garlic;
  • Birch tar.
Pumpkin seeds for worms
Pumpkin seeds for worms

Throughout the course of treatment, you can drink a decoction of chamomile, fennel. Wormwood decoction, which is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach for 1-2 tbsp, helps well. l. it is recommended to use more spices in the cooking process, cumin, ginger and coriander are especially useful. Cinnamon can be added to tea or coffee. All these foods, herbs and spices greatly worsen the habitat of parasites, provoking them to leave the body. Birch tar, for example, contributes not only to the expulsion of parasites, but also relieves inflammatory processes in tissues and organs.

Parasites are dangerous for everyone, but especially for the child's body. The child can often get sick due to weakened immunity, inflammatory processes of internal organs, dysbiosis and poor appetite. Therefore, a frequent and lingering cough should be the reason for a thorough examination in order to identify the true causes.

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