Parasites In The Liver: Symptoms And Treatment

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Parasites In The Liver: Symptoms And Treatment
Parasites In The Liver: Symptoms And Treatment

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Human liver
Human liver

Helminthiases cause serious harm to health. Parasites are especially dangerous in the human liver, since this organ is responsible for the metabolism and production of many substances necessary for health. Various parasitic diseases can cause serious harm not only to the liver itself, but also to the entire body. The danger is that they are difficult to recognize, so treatment does not start immediately.


  1. What parasites live in the liver
  2. Amoebas
  3. Giardia
  4. Ascaris
  5. Echinococcus
  6. Alveococci
  7. Cat fluke
  8. Lancet fluke
  9. Dwarf tapeworm
  10. Hepatic fluke
  11. Intestinal acne
  12. Chinese fluke
  13. Symptoms of parasitic diseases
  14. How to know if there are parasites in the liver
  15. How to remove parasites from the liver
  16. Medications
  17. Folk remedies
  18. Cleansing the liver from parasites and toxins
  19. Prevention

What parasites live in the liver

Helminths enter the body through contaminated food or water, upon contact with a sick animal. They can spread to all organs. But most often the liver is chosen. There is good blood supply and a lot of nutrients.

Helminthiases gradually cause serious health problems. Their features and severity depend on the type of helminths. Many parasites live in the liver and gallbladder.


Amoebas are protozoa that travel with the bloodstream. In the liver, conditions are favorable for them. They cause a disease called amebiasis. Liver cells are destroyed, blood clots form, and inflammation occurs. The disease is often complicated by thrombosis, abscess, hepatitis.


Giardia can settle in any organ, leading to the development of giardiasis. Liver damage is dangerous because liver cells are destroyed and inflammation occurs. Parasites can go into a dormant state without showing themselves, but after a while cholecystitis or hepatitis develops.


Roundworms are roundworms that infect the intestines, but can enter the liver. A disease such as ascariasis is the most common. Since they penetrate through the intestines, they most often live in the bile ducts. Ascariasis is difficult to detect, and without treatment, with a strong increase in the number of parasites, inflammation of the liver and gallbladder develops, an abscess may appear.


Echinococcus - this tape parasite leads to the development of echinococcosis. Parasites mainly come from animals or from dirty vegetables. The disease may be asymptomatic for a long time. But a large number of parasites release toxins that lead to inflammation, which can cause the development of ascites.


Alveococcus is also a tapeworm. Alveococcosis is difficult. The parasites combine to form a cyst. It presses on the surrounding tissues, leading to impaired circulation. Complications such as obstructive jaundice, thrombosis, liver necrosis are possible.

Cat fluke

Cat fluke. Infection with this parasite leads to the development of opisthorchiasis. This is a fairly common disease. You can get infected from fish and seafood, from sick people. The disease is difficult, often leading to the development of cirrhosis, cholecystitis, peritonitis. Reproducing, flukes cause enlargement of the liver, hardening of its tissues.

Liver fluke in Latin Fasciola hepatica
Liver fluke in Latin Fasciola hepatica

Lancet fluke

The lanceolate fluke is a parasite similar to the cat fluke. It often settles in the liver, causing the development of dicroceliosis. Leads to damage to the bile ducts, inflammation or cirrhosis.

Dwarf tapeworm

Dwarf tapeworm is a tapeworm parasite. It lives mainly in the intestines, but can penetrate into the liver. It causes the development of a disease such as hymenolepiasis. In addition to severe pain and digestive disorders, it can lead to the development of seizures.

Hepatic fluke

Giant and hepatic flukes settle in the liver and bile ducts. When infected, fascioliasis develops. It penetrates into the body most often with dirty water. Chronic inflammation, intoxication of the body develops.

Intestinal acne

Intestinal eel is a roundworm that can travel from the intestines to the liver. At the same time, strongyloidosis develops, which, with low immunity, can be fatal. Penetrates the skin, for example when walking barefoot.

Chinese fluke

The Chinese fluke causes a disease called clonorchiasis. The most common parasites are in East Asia. Transmitted through contaminated fish. They cause the development of liver failure, inflammation of the biliary tract.

Photo of a Chinese fluke egg that causes clonorchiasis
Photo of a Chinese fluke egg that causes clonorchiasis

Symptoms of parasitic diseases

At first, helminthic invasion does not cause pronounced symptoms. Sometimes it can take 5-10 years for signs of the presence of parasites to appear. Malaise and symptoms usually develop, which can be a manifestation of any disease. An infected person may feel:

  • headache;
  • pain in the abdomen and right hypochondrium;
  • weakness;
  • increased irritability;
  • nausea;
  • bloating;
  • disruption of the intestines;
  • impairment of memory, attention.

In severe cases, insomnia develops, joint pain, frequent vomiting, allergic reactions, dermatitis appear. Obstructive jaundice, liver enlargement, itching, increased bleeding may appear.

Different liver parasites can cause special symptoms. Their detection will help to make a preliminary diagnosis even before the examination.

Parasite Disease Features:
echinococcus echinococcosis cysts form, pain in the right side occurs, obstructive jaundice, allergic urticaria
roundworm ascariasis infiltrates in liver tissue, severe itching, yellowing of the skin, cough
cat fluke opisthorchiasis vomiting, severe pain in the liver, edema, drowsiness, dizziness, low-grade fever, pain in the pancreas
intestinal acne strongyloidosis loss of appetite, bitterness in the mouth, jaundice
lamblia giardiasis dyskinesia of the biliary tract, pallor, dryness and impaired skin pigmentation
amoeba amoebiasis enlargement of the liver, fever, severe pain on the right

How to know if there are parasites in the liver

If you suspect helminthiasis or if pain in the right side appears, it is necessary to check the liver for parasites. You need to contact a therapist who, after the conversation, will prescribe an examination. It includes:

  • blood tests - general, for antibodies, liver enzymes;
  • analysis of feces for eggs of worms;
  • Ultrasound of the liver and bile ducts;
  • endoscopy or biopsy;
  • sometimes CT or MRI is done.

How to remove parasites from the liver

Treatment of helminthiasis should be prescribed by a doctor. The choice of medication depends on the type of parasite and the individual characteristics of the patient. With a serious helminthic invasion, a special treatment regimen is needed, and some pathologies, for example, echinococcosis, are treated surgically.

Too little drug dosage can lead to the migration of parasites to other organs. A large dose often causes serious side effects. And if there were many parasites, after their death they can poison the body with decay products.

Therefore, treatment should be phased.

  • First, it is necessary to neutralize the toxic effect of parasites, improve the functioning of the liver and gastrointestinal tract. For this, sorbents, enzymes, antiallergic and choleretic drugs are prescribed.
  • Only then are anthelmintic drugs prescribed. Their choice depends on the type of parasite. Sometimes drugs of a wide spectrum of action are used.
  • After that, it is necessary to restore the activity of the liver, to strengthen the immune system. Probiotics, sorbents, multivitamin complexes are prescribed. Proper nutrition is very important.


There are now many antiparasitic drugs. It is difficult to independently understand which one will be better. An incorrectly chosen remedy or a low dosage leads to the transition of the disease into a chronic form. There are some of the most effective parasite-fighting drugs.

  • Albendazole is a broad-spectrum substance that is active against most helminths, killing adults, larvae and eggs. It is a part of such preparations: "Vormil", "Nemozol", "Sanoxal".
  • Clevamizole is effective in strongyloidosis and ascariasis, paralyzes adult worms. Additionally strengthens the immune system.
  • Mebendazole is a part of "Vermox", "Helmindazole". Kills adult parasites, is used for ascariasis, opisthorchiasis.
  • Pirantel is one of the safest medicines, often used for children. But it is effective mainly for ascariasis.

  • With giardiasis, "Furazolidone", "Tinidazone", "Trichopol" are prescribed.
  • Amoebiasis is treated with "Chemophone", "Metronidazole", "Enteroseptol", "Dehydroemetin".
  • Praziquantel is effective against liver flukes.

Folk remedies

In addition to drug therapy, folk remedies are used. Various herbal extracts can also remove parasites from the liver, but they are effective only when they are in small quantities. The most famous herbal remedy is triad. This is a herbal collection of flowers of tansy, wormwood and cloves. There is also "Troichetka Evalar", which includes aspen bark instead of wormwood. These are the most effective antiparasitic plants.

There are several more popular folk recipes:

  • eat a handful of pumpkin seeds daily;
  • take 5 drops of tincture of walnut peel in alcohol;
  • take a tablespoon of garlic tincture on cognac;
  • rosehip broth will help restore liver function and strengthen immunity.

Cleansing the liver from parasites and toxins

Before taking the above drugs and folk remedies to get rid of worms and parasites, it is recommended to go on a diet, exclude meat, bread and sweets; be sure to drink enough clean water.

After a week, you can start drugs prescribed by a doctor for a specific parasite. And as a result consolidation, take a course of Allohol.


To prevent infection with worms, you need to carefully monitor hygiene. In addition to washing your hands before eating, you need to be careful to consume only washed vegetables and fruits. It is important to heat-treat meat and fish. And drink only boiled or bottled water. Pet owners need to deworm and keep them clean twice a year.

Parasites in the liver are often found and greatly worsen the state of health. It is not difficult to remove them, the main thing is to start treatment on time. Otherwise, serious complications are possible.

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