Vermox From Worms, Instructions For Adults And Children

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Vermox From Worms, Instructions For Adults And Children
Vermox From Worms, Instructions For Adults And Children

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Vermox tablets from worms
Vermox tablets from worms

Vermox is an effective drug for eliminating helminths. It is used as a preventive measure to prevent ascariasis and other invasions. Tablets for worms Vermox are taken according to the instructions for the drug.

The product is available in 2 types:

  • tablets - 100 mg;
  • suspension (2%).
Vermox suspension
Vermox suspension

Contains the active substance mebendazole, as well as other active ingredients. Some manufacturers produce analogues of this drug containing the same substance, such as mebex, vormin, etc.


  1. Pharmacological action of the drug
  2. Contraindications
  3. Correct dosage
  4. Side effects
  5. Action during pregnancy and lactation

Pharmacological action of the drug

Indications for the appointment of Vermox:

  1. When the body is affected by several types of parasites;
  2. When infected with pork tapeworm eggs;
  3. When a whipworm is found - a parasite that causes serious disturbances in the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas;
  4. Enterobiasis;
  5. Ascariasis.

The drug effectively helps in the fight against various kinds of tapeworms, and also has a positive result when infected with pinworms, whipworm. In the human body, in the intestines, the drug is absorbed and destroys helminths, disrupting the metabolic processes in the parasite's body. That leads to the inevitable death of worms, after which all toxins leave the body with feces. Some of the drug enters the bloodstream, then to the liver, where decay products are formed and excreted through the kidneys.


Taking the drug is unacceptable with individual intolerance to the components included in the composition, as well as in the presence of the following diseases:

  • liver pathology;
  • peptic ulcer and acute gastritis;
  • with Crohn's disease.

If it is prescribed to take a medication for liver diseases, the course of treatment is strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

Correct dosage

Vermox packaging
Vermox packaging

The product should be taken orally with a little liquid. When infected with helminths, the drug is most often prescribed for the whole family as a prophylaxis. The dosage depends on the form of the lesion.

When there is a risk of re-infection, the drug is applied again after 2 weeks or a month to make sure that all parasites are gone.

With mixed helminthic invasions, Vermox is used 2 times a day in the morning and evening, the general course is 3 days. With this therapy, the remedy effectively heals the body.

Side effects

Side effects can occur if patients neglect contraindications, as well as when the permissible dose is exceeded. The following health problems may occur: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, anemia, abdominal pain.

Action during pregnancy and lactation

It is forbidden to prescribe this drug during pregnancy and lactation. Also, you should not take Vermox to children under 2 years old.

If symptoms of helminthiasis appear, you should seek help from a doctor. Drops, tablets are not recommended to be consumed without the appointment of a specialist.

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