Pirantel For Worms, Tablets And Suspension For Children And Adults

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Pirantel For Worms, Tablets And Suspension For Children And Adults
Pirantel For Worms, Tablets And Suspension For Children And Adults

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Pirantel from worms
Pirantel from worms

Often, patients come to a medical institution with complaints of malaise and pain in the gastrointestinal tract. A competent doctor always directs you for tests. According to the results, if the infection with worms is confirmed, the specialist prescribes an antihelminthic drug. Among the population, Pirantel suspension and tablets from worms have gained high popularity. The following forms of medication are available from pharmacies with a prescription:

  • suspension (taken orally) - 15 ml bottle (dosage 250 mg / 5 ml);
  • tablets 250 mg.

Price for 1 pack of 3 pcs. 30-40 rubles. In the form of a syrup and a drop does not occur. An analogue of Pirantel (in the absence of the drug in the pharmacy) is Helmintox. There is Pirantel Pamoat, which is available in the form of a powder substance.


  1. Infection symptoms
  2. What worms does it work against?
  3. Who is contraindicated
  4. Drug dosage
  5. Side effects
  6. Treatment of children from worms
  7. Prevention with the whole family
  8. Pirantel during pregnancy and lactation
  9. Recommendations for everyone

Infection symptoms

Depending on the type of helminth, the symptoms of infection may vary, but there are the most pronounced:

  • severe abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea;
  • vomiting, dizziness;
  • insomnia, apathy and irritation;
  • burning sensation in the anal area;
  • rash, spots on the skin.

For any ailments, suspicion of helminthiasis, you should consult a parasitologist.

What worms does it work against?

Pirantel suspension
Pirantel suspension

Pirantel acts on one type of worms, and has a positive effect with mixed helminthiasis. The following parasitic infestations are amenable to treatment:

  • ascariasis (causative agent - ascaris);
  • enterobiasis (pinworm);
  • hookworm (hookworm);
  • trichocephalosis (whipworm);
  • non-katorosis (nematode).

The listed types of worms during therapy with Pirantel leave the body naturally. This is due to the neuromuscular blockade of the parasitic worms themselves with the drug.

Who is contraindicated

Contraindications include: myasthenia gravis during treatment, allergies and intolerance to Pirantel. With extreme caution, the doctor may prescribe:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • patients with liver failure;
  • children under 6 months.

For any serious ailments, it is recommended to consult with your doctor in order to avoid complications.

Drug dosage

An instruction is attached to Pirantel, indicating approximate dosages depending on the patient's body weight, age, as well as the type of helminthiasis. Adults and children under 12 years old are prescribed the exact dosage by the attending physician and the state of the body is monitored.

Tablets or suspension for invasion by one type of worms, at the discretion of a specialist, are prescribed once. If necessary, repeat the course in a few days.

With the defeat of two types of helminths, an increase in the dosage and duration of treatment is possible.

Side effects

Unfortunately, Pirantel is a toxic medication that can cause some side effects:

  • nausea or vomiting;
  • drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia;
  • skin rash;
  • diarrhea;
  • confusion of consciousness, hyperthermia;
  • decreased appetite;
  • hearing impairment.

Since Pirantel in the body releases toxins into the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract, you need to consult a doctor in advance if there are diseases:

  • stomach,
  • pancreas,
  • liver,
  • pancreatitis.

In this case, the doctor will select another drug or prescribe additional funds so that the patient's condition does not worsen.

Treatment of children from worms

It is impossible to keep track of small children, grabbing everything with their hands, crawling on the floor and taking various objects into their mouths. Therefore, a baby can easily become infected with any kind of helminths.

Pirantel suspension for children is an ideal preparation for the prevention and control of tapeworms and roundworms-parasites. But the remedy works only in the intestines, not being absorbed into the blood.

Prevention with the whole family

If one of the family members, regardless of age, is infected with helminthiasis, then the doctor will not only prescribe treatment for the patient, but also recommend taking it for prevention to everyone who lives together.

In addition, if it is not possible to maintain hygiene, cleanliness constantly, then perhaps the doctor will advise you to repeat the use of the medicine. This method is especially true for young children.

Pirantel during pregnancy and lactation

At any time during pregnancy, Pirantel is acceptable, since it is not absorbed into the bloodstream. You need to use the drug once, for a single dose it will not harm either a pregnant woman or a fetus. But you cannot heal your body on your own, only under the supervision of a doctor. On the other hand, during lactation, breastfeeding should be stopped until the end of the course of treatment.

Recommendations for everyone

In order for the helminths to come out, Pirantel should be taken only in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Often, a single dose is not enough, the drug does not always destroy worms the first time. Only a specialist knows after what period of time and how many times the treatment should be repeated.

Pirantel is a remedy proven by many people. With the correct diagnosis by a competent doctor, strict adherence to the recommendations of patients, the drug will successfully cope with helminths.

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