Treatment Of Dogs From Worms: Treatment And Prevention

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Treatment Of Dogs From Worms: Treatment And Prevention
Treatment Of Dogs From Worms: Treatment And Prevention

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Worm infestation in adult dogs and puppies
Worm infestation in adult dogs and puppies

If the pet walks a lot, picks up food on the street, sniffs everything or drinks dirty water, it is necessary to treat the dog from worms and parasites at regular intervals. There are three main types of worms that occur in dogs: tapeworms, roundworms, and flatworms. Each type of helminth has a detrimental effect on the intestinal microflora and the body as a whole. Some representatives of these parasites are dangerous not only for animals, but also for humans.


  1. The most common canine worms
  2. Effective anthelmintics for dogs
  3. Names of funds and form of release
  4. How to use drugs correctly?
  5. Symptoms of helminthiasis in dogs
  6. Features of prevention of worms in puppies
  7. Is it harmful to worm puppies?
  8. How often to treat a puppy with worms and at what age can pills be given?
  9. Is it worth giving anthelmintic drugs to pregnant and lactating
  10. Conclusion

The most common canine worms

Nematodes - a specific type that lives in a pet's body is difficult to determine, since there are more than 24 thousand species of nematodes in their class. Most often, infection with these helminths occurs through water. In fresh water and the sea, nematodes are especially active and can exceed the number of 1 million individuals per 1 cubic meter.

Below are the most common nematodes:

  • Toxocara can appear in puppies, causes mechanical damage, poisoning the body from the inside;
  • Toxascaris leonina, a type of roundworm, can be up to 40 centimeters long. In the body, the worm can live from 11 to 24 months. Has a detrimental effect on the digestive tract;
  • The hookworm feeds on animal flesh, gradually destroys the intestinal walls and releases toxins;
  • Dirofilariae, or heartworms, enter the body through insect bites. The disease can kill the dog.
Helminth called toxocara
Helminth called toxocara

Cestodes are long, white tapeworms that consist of separate sections, or so-called segments. Parts of these helminths can be seen in the animal's feces if the invasion is too intense. They can be up to 10 meters long.

  • Cucumber tapeworm, which causes dipylidiosis, affects the small intestine;
  • Echinococcus a dog becomes infected through low-quality meat. They are carried through the internal organs through the circulatory system.

Effective anthelmintics for dogs

When choosing anthelmintics for dogs, it should be borne in mind that they are divided into two types:

  • for prevention - it is recommended to use it when the pet is not yet infected with parasites;
  • direct action - aimed at fighting a specific type of helminths and are the most effective means.
Dirofen tablets for dogs
Dirofen tablets for dogs

Names of funds and form of release

Name Indications Dosage Contraindications
Helmimax for small, medium and large breeds Nematodoses, cestodoses 1 tablet Weight less than 0.5 kg.
Drontal plus Toxocariasis, echinococcosis, dipylidiosis, hookworm infection, giardiasis, etc. 1 tablet for 10 kg. Less than 2 weeks of age
Dirofen for dogs of large breeds Diphyllobothriasis, dipylidiosis, toxocariasis, toxascariasis, mesocestoidosis 1 tablet for 20 kg. Considered a low-risk drug
Prazicide complex drops on the withers From worms, ticks, lice 1 pipette Age younger than 2 months, pregnancy, lactation
Prazitel suspension

Prazicide suspension

Against round and tape worms 1 ml. on the

1 kg.

Less than 3 weeks of age
Prazicide suspension for dogs
Prazicide suspension for dogs

How to use drugs correctly?

  • The tablet must be carefully placed on the root of the tongue with your fingers or a special tablet dispenser;
  • The suspension is usually mixed with food in the correct amount. Or use a special syringe without a needle (see the video at the end of the article);
  • Drops on the withers are applied with gloves on the skin, not the wool.

Symptoms of helminthiasis in dogs

If it is noticeable that the pet has malaise, sluggish activity and poor appetite, it is necessary to show it to a specialist. There is a risk that the dog is infected with parasites, there are main signs by which you can determine the infection at home:

  • there is a change in appearance, tousled coat and dandruff appear. In some cases, skin diseases appear: eczema, rashes, dermatosis, etc.;
  • visible changes in the pet's body weight, poor appetite, or vice versa, the addiction to food, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and other ailments increase. All this is caused by the malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract;

  • itching of the anus, with the excessive activity of the dog, which seeks to get rid of the itching. Most often, the pet begins to ride on the floor on the back of the body;
  • manifestation of hiccups with / after eating or drinking water.

Features of prevention of worms in puppies

When carrying out prophylaxis, some precautions must be taken so as not to harm the young individual.

All anthelmintic drugs are prescribed after laboratory tests, for this, the feces are checked for the presence of a worm egg. Puppies are often infected with nematodes, and in order to remove worms at home, experts recommend using Drontal Junior.

Is it harmful to worm puppies?

For a young body, such potent drugs are harmful, but necessary, so you need to follow the instructions clearly. When infected in a young dog after worms, worms are observed in the feces.

How often to treat a puppy with worms and at what age can pills be given?

The first deworming should be done for newborn puppies, as they can be infected from their mother, but not earlier than 2-4 weeks after birth. The treatment should be repeated 10-12 days after the first dose of the medicine. To reduce the risk of parasites, it is recommended to do the treatment once every 4-5 months.

Drops on the withers are unlikely to help adults, they are usually used against fleas. But if it is a puppy, a special drip solution can be quite effective in the fight against helminths or preventive purposes. Read the instructions for use carefully - there may be age restrictions.

Prazicide drops on the withers
Prazicide drops on the withers

All drops act according to the same principle, they contain special substances that do not harm the animal, but are toxic to worms. After applying the solution to the withers, after a day the drug is distributed throughout the body and begins an active fight against parasites.

Is it worth giving anthelmintic drugs to pregnant and lactating

Worming a pregnant bitch is quite dangerous, but at the same time necessary. When the body is infected, there are great risks that the helminths will be transmitted from mother to puppy. For correct and safe disinfection, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Selecting the required drug. For pregnant and lactating bitches, special medicines have been developed that cause minimal damage to the fetus. For example, Dirofen.
  2. Instruction. After determining with an anthelmintic drug, you should clearly adhere to the description and the rules for its administration. Do not exceed the indicated dosages!
  3. Strict purpose! Do not give your dog medications that are intended for humans. Products designed for humans usually contain more active substances or their concentrations, which will greatly affect the fetus.
  4. Take the dog to the vet. Doctors encounter such problems very often and know better what drug to prescribe for your pet.


It is necessary to give anthelmintics, and as a preventive measure, because a serious infection can be fatal. Disinfect pregnant bitches with caution, do not load their body with potent drugs. In cases of infection, you should not try to solve the problem yourself, rather trust the professionals of the veterinary clinic.

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