Treatment Of Worms In A Dog At Home

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Treatment Of Worms In A Dog At Home
Treatment Of Worms In A Dog At Home

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Dog at home on the couch
Dog at home on the couch

Treatment of worms in dogs can be carried out at home, using not very toxic anthelmintic drugs. There is a high probability that your dog is already infected with helminths, because they are found everywhere: in grass, meat products, in puddles and in the ground. Even if the pet is a stay-at-home, upon coming home, your shoes remain in the hallway. Dogs are well-known lovers of licking or chewing on the owner's shoes. So, not only dirt penetrates into your pet's intestines, but also helminth eggs. Living in the body of an animal, parasites absorb all the necessary components for the health of the dog, and they also lead to intoxication of such a force, which often ends in the death of the dog.


  1. What kind of worms can a dog get?
  2. Signs of worms in a dog
  3. What to give a dog for worms?
  4. List of anthelmintic drugs
  5. How to remove worms in dogs by folk methods?
  6. How to avoid transmission of worms from dog to person?
  7. How often do you need to drive helminths for prevention?

What kind of worms can a dog get?

Now there are many parasites that can inhabit the body of animals. Worms affect the intestines, lungs, heart and other organs, causing serious illness, sometimes fatal.

Dirofilaria immitis
Dirofilaria immitis

There are 3 types of parasitic worms:

  • Nematodes, roundworms (toxocaras, hookworms, dirofilariae, roundworms);
  • Cestodes, tapeworms (echinococcus, cucumber tapeworm);
  • Trematodes, flatworms (liver flukes).

Signs of worms in a dog

Let's consider the signs of worms in more detail:

  1. Dramatic weight loss. The parasites feed on the nutrients that enter the dog's body, thereby leading the dog to exhaustion.
  2. Rumbling in the abdomen or entrainment of the abdomen.
  3. Increased gagging. Tape parasites induce vomiting.
  4. The manifestation of diarrhea.
  5. Blood in the stool. This symptom proves an infection with hookworm (round adult worms).
  6. Worms come out with the dog's feces: whole roundworms or parts of tapeworms.
  7. Itching and pain in the anus. If you notice that your pet is wiping its backwards on the carpet, or licking the anus, you can be sure that your pet has become infected with helminths.

What to give a dog for worms?

At the moment, there are a huge number of drugs to combat parasites. They come in the form of tablets, pastes, injections and suspensions. All that remains is to choose the right drug for you and your pet.

List of anthelmintic drugs

Azinox tablets - acts on all phases of growth and reproduction of tapeworms.

- strong effectiveness, proven over the years

- safe use at home

Drontal, tablets - the drug has a wide range of effects on various worms

- allowed until the third trimester of the dog's pregnancy and during lactation

- the tablets taste like meat

Prazitel, suspension or tablets - has a wide range of effects on round and tape parasites

- the suspension is more convenient to use than tablets

Prazicide, suspension - a complex preparation in the prevention and control of parasites in dogs

- non-addictive

- precise dosage depending on the weight of the animal

Fenpraz, tablets or suspension - the composition includes royal jelly, which improves liver function

- contributes to the prevention and treatment of nematodes and cestodoses

- single use

Milbemax tablets - treatment and prevention of parasites in dogs of various sizes.

- does not contain genetically modified components

- single use

Milprazone tablets - a modern anthelmintic drug

- a wide spectrum of action

- prevention of a serious disease - dirofilariasis (heart parasites)

The tablets can be crushed and given with food, or placed whole on the root of the tongue with your fingers or using a special tablet dispenser.

The suspension can be mixed with food if your pet is not very picky. Another option is with a syringe without a needle, it is also a dispenser, which is usually attached to the medicine itself.

Carefully look at which dogs a particular drug is intended for to avoid overdose. In most cases, the drug is produced separately for small, medium or large breeds.

There are also drops on the withers Advocate for dogs, which act not only on a wide range of helminths, but also on ectoparasites (ticks, fleas and lice).

Drops Advocate for dogs
Drops Advocate for dogs

How to remove worms in dogs by folk methods?

If you do not want to overload your dog with medications, add the following foods to your dog's diet. They are suitable as a prophylaxis, strengthening the dog's immunity to fight helminths.

  • Sagebrush. For 3 days, you need to give the dog one quarter of a teaspoon of pre-dried wormwood. In no case should you give more. An overdose of wormwood is harmful to your pet's body.
  • Pumpkin seeds effectively fight round and tapeworms. Also, the seeds have a wide range of nutrients (zinc, calcium, folic acid and various amino acids). You might even think about adding pumpkin seeds to your dog's regular diet. Also use it carefully: if suddenly the dog does not digest them or cause diarrhea, then it is better to stop and try something else.
  • Parsley. It is necessary to chop the greens and cook them for about 3 minutes. Then this infusion is added to the pet's food. You can try chopping the greens and adding them fresh to your pet's food, if he does not refuse such a dog delicacy, then this will be even more useful. But more often than not, dogs cannot stand the pronounced smell of parsley. To avoid this, you can try freezing the infusion.
  • Carnation. This seasoning should be given to the pet in the form of whole buds (the main thing is that the animal does not choke) or in a ground form. This is individual and depends on your pet's reaction to the seasoning. You need to give cloves within a week, then a week off, and then alternate receptions for 2 months.

    Folk remedy for worms
    Folk remedy for worms
  • Carrot. This vegetable can be called a dog gut cleanser. Raw carrots are finely rubbed or chopped, then it seems to scrape off parasites from the walls of the pet's intestines.
  • Garlic. In any form, it is added to the pet's food. It copes well with parasites.
  • Celandine for dogs from worms. This infusion is effective against parasites in your pets.

How to avoid transmission of worms from dog to person?

A person can become infected with toxocara (which can form inflammation in the intestines and eyes), echinococcus, which affects the heart and brain.

Ways of Toxocara infection in dogs and puppies
Ways of Toxocara infection in dogs and puppies

Children playing with their pets run the risk of contracting parasites from them. Also, infection occurs while the child plays in the sandbox, where stray dogs and cats live.

Infection should be warned, for this you need to follow a few simple rules that every animal owner should know:

  1. After spending time with the animal, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Especially before eating;
  2. Wear a flea, tick and mosquito collar on your pet. Also insect drops are suitable for processing;
  3. Each pet should have its own place in the house. Dogs should not be allowed to lie in your bed, as the probability of infection with helminths is very high;
  4. Don't let your dog lick your face. If this happens, immediately wash your hands and face with soap and water;

    The dog licks the face of the child
    The dog licks the face of the child
  5. It is necessary to regularly carry out anthelmintic procedures for your pet using various methods;
  6. If you have a pet, make it a rule to do a wet cleaning every week, using a variety of disinfectants. Pay special attention to the place reserved for your pet;
  7. Never feed your pet raw meat and fish. Parasites are often found in raw produce.

How often do you need to drive helminths for prevention?

In the event that the pet is feeling well and has no signs of parasite infestation, such procedures can be carried out every 6 months for prevention. The dog's diet also affects the frequency of these procedures. Once a year, prevention of worms is carried out for dogs that eat only dry food. If the pet's diet contains raw products, then the drugs should be used much more often.

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