Doctor Komarovsky's Opinion About Worms In Children, Prevention (video)

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Doctor Komarovsky's Opinion About Worms In Children, Prevention (video)
Doctor Komarovsky's Opinion About Worms In Children, Prevention (video)

Video: Doctor Komarovsky's Opinion About Worms In Children, Prevention (video)

Video: Doctor Komarovsky's Opinion About Worms In Children, Prevention (video)
Video: Гельминты #2. Острицы. / Worms #2. Pinworms. 2023, December

The most common helminthiases that occur in children are ascariasis and enterobiasis, as well as trichocephalosis, the causative agent of which is whipworm. The immune system of a child's body is much weaker than that of an adult. It begins to form only by the age of 3. Since the body's defense is not yet perfect, the signs of worms in children are noticeable already at the initial stage of the disease. Children from 1.5-5 years old are more often susceptible to the penetration of parasites, since the child often takes dirty hands in his mouth. The baby learns the world through tactile and taste sensations, so it is difficult for parents to protect the child from the penetration of worms.


  1. Symptoms and treatment of pinworms in children
  2. The clinical picture of enterobiasis
  3. How to confirm the presence of helminthiasis?
  4. Treatments for enterobiasis
  5. Symptoms and treatment of ascaris in children
  6. Diagnosis of the disease
  7. Therapy for ascariasis
  8. Prevention of helminthiasis
  9. Conclusion

Symptoms and treatment of pinworms in children

Enterobiasis is a disease caused by the ingestion of pinworms in the body. According to the WHO, pinworms are infected more than 1 billion people on Earth. The disease is very easily transmitted from child to child. Infection can occur through food, dishes, toys, carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains, personal hygiene items, while playing in the sandbox, and contact with sick children.

Pets on their fur can also carry eggs, but pinworms are not carriers. A puppy can become a random host for pinworms, but it is people who infect him. Scientists recently made the discovery that pinworms can be contracted from cockroaches. The most common place of infection, according to Dr. Komarovsky, in kindergarten is the sandbox. Eggs keep well in the sand.

According to the doctor, pinworms do not cause serious harm to the human body, since they feed on the contents of the intestines.

The clinical picture of enterobiasis

The clinic of enterobiasis in children is typical, it allows you to quickly suspect infection with pinworms of a child.

pinworm symptoms in children
pinworm symptoms in children


  • itching at the anus;
  • abdominal pain in the navel area;
  • drowsiness, circles under the eyes;
  • difficulty falling asleep;
  • restless sleep;
  • decreased appetite, weight loss, nausea;

The female pinworms usually crawl out at night to lay eggs in the folds of the anus, pouring around isovaleric acid, which causes severe itching. That is why the child scratches his ass. When scratching the perineum, the eggs fall under the baby's nails (which is why you should cut your nails short), and then into the mouth. This process is called self-infection. The child does not get enough sleep, becomes moody. According to Komarovsky, worms in babies can cause a rash on the skin. It is triggered by an allergy to the waste products of parasites.

If these symptoms are found, Dr. Komarovsky advises that you immediately go to the pediatrician to confirm the diagnosis.

How to confirm the presence of helminthiasis?

If a pinworm infection is suspected, the pediatrician will prescribe a scraping for enterobiasis or a smear. Scraping is considered the most convenient. It can be carried out with a stick or with adhesive tape.

To do this, take adhesive tape, touch its sticky side to the anus, then stick it on a glass slide. The analysis is delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours. These manipulations are carried out by a nurse attached to a kindergarten or school.

Pinworm swab
Pinworm swab

A smear is taken with a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly. After the procedure, the analysis is also sent to the laboratory at the same time.

Treatments for enterobiasis

Komarovsky for the treatment of pinworms in children suggests using medicines, and not traditional medicine.

There are many safe anthelmintic drugs for the treatment of pinworms in children, and they all work effectively, for example:

  • Pirantel;
  • Piperazine;
  • Vermox.

Komarovsky advises using traditional methods of treatment as ancillary measures. The doctor does not consider effective treatment of helminthiasis with pumpkin seeds, but allows the use of a decoction of chamomile as an anti-inflammatory agent. The use of garlic for the treatment of enterobiasis in children is also not acceptable, especially in the form of a garlic solution for enemas.

Tablets for worms
Tablets for worms

You cannot self-medicate, since in children, in the absence of timely therapy for enterobiasis, complications may occur (vaginitis, liver damage, kidney damage, pinworms penetration into the abdominal cavity).

Enterosorbents are prescribed as symptomatic therapy, especially for infants who have an allergic reaction.

Treatment of pinworms in children at home involves preventing re-infection. To do this, you need to strictly observe hygiene, wash your pets, wear tight underwear (panties with elastic bands), use antibacterial soap in the shower, carry out wet cleaning, iron bed linen and clothes. Komarovsky also proposes to carry out disinfection with frost in winter, hanging carpets on the street, or to carry out solar sanitation.

Pinworm eggs in a house or apartment can survive outside the human body for about 40 days, then they die. But, unfortunately, the likelihood of re-infection is extremely high.

Symptoms and treatment of ascaris in children

Ascariasis is a disease caused by the penetration of human roundworm into the body. The length of the female is 35 cm, of the male - 20 cm. The tail part of the body of the male is twisted in the form of a hook. The disease often affects children, as roundworm eggs are well preserved in the external environment, especially in the soil. A sandbox can be a source of infection. Eggs enter the child's body through unwashed hands. Of these, larvae mature in the intestines, and then adults.

Ascariasis symptoms:

  • cough;
  • chest pain;
  • dyspnea;
  • weakness;
  • swollen lymph nodes.

The child has an intolerance to dairy products, rapid digestion of food. The baby loses weight, becomes irritable and moody.


Diagnosis of the disease

Ascariasis can be confirmed by taking a stool sample. During laboratory research, helminth eggs are found.

To obtain a reliable result, feces must be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 18 hours.

If eggs are not found in the analysis, an x-ray examination or bioresonance tomography can be performed.

Therapy for ascariasis

Komarovsky in his cycle of transmissions says that ascariasis does not go away on its own.

Pinworms and roundworms
Pinworms and roundworms

In advanced cases, a fatal outcome is possible. Drug therapy depends on the stage of development of the disease.

During the migratory stage, children are prescribed such drugs for worms as Vermox, at the intestinal stage - Pirantel or Piperazine.

Pulmonary symptoms are relieved by bronchodilators and glucocorticosteroid hormonal agents. The child is prescribed vitamins of group B, A.

Prevention of helminthiasis

Parents need to teach their children to wash their hands with soap and water after playing in the sandbox. You should use your personal hygiene products in preschool institutions. If there are pets after a walk, they must be washed.

At the stage of treatment of enterobiasis you need:

  • wash your hands before every meal;
  • take a shower every day using antibacterial soap;
  • wear underwear with tight elastic bands at the legs and at the waist;
  • cut nails short;
  • thoroughly wash the dishes from which the sick child ate;
  • insert a tampon with petroleum jelly into the anus at night.

As a preventive measure for ascariasis, Dr. Komarovsky suggests washing your hands after walking, rinsing fruits and vegetables well. Playgrounds, summer cottages should be cleaned, sand should be loosened in sandboxes.

Prevention of worms in children under 2 years of age provides for parental control over the cleanliness of the child. Do not allow your baby to take dirty hands or sand in his mouth. Outdoor and indoor toys must be washed with soap.


Komarovsky adheres to traditional methods of treating worms in children. The main methods of therapy for parasitic diseases, in his opinion, are anthelmintic drugs. Before using them, the doctor recommends contacting a specialist. Komarovsky does not advise neglecting drug therapy, as it is dangerous for the child's health.