The Best Worm Medicine For Children

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The Best Worm Medicine For Children
The Best Worm Medicine For Children

Video: The Best Worm Medicine For Children

Video: The Best Worm Medicine For Children
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Modern drug manufacturers are ready to offer a large number of parasite remedies. However, they differ in the degree of impact on the body and the possible side effects. Let's look at and compare the most popular drugs for worms for children and adults, determine their strengths and weaknesses, which will help you make the right decision when choosing a medicine.


  1. What is better Pirantel or Nemozole (suspension)?
  2. What is better for a child Pirantel or Dekaris?
  3. What to give Pirantel or Vermox?
  4. Vermox or Nemozole?
  5. Conclusion

What is better Pirantel or Nemozole (suspension)?

Pirantel Nemozole
Pirantel Nemozole

To begin with, consider such drugs as Pirantel and Nemozol. If we talk about their pharmacological action, these drugs are similar - they actively fight most types of helminths. The funds provide an opportunity to improve the condition after a single intake.

The preparations show equally good results. You can opt for Nemosole, since the spectrum of its action is wider. It is usually prescribed in a situation where parasites from the digestive system have been able to penetrate other organs, such as the liver. Since Nemozole has a wider spectrum, it is more toxic. Pirantel can be used for prophylaxis, it is also used when a diagnosis has already been made based on the results of the tests performed and the existing symptoms.

During pregnancy, Pirantel syrup is prescribed with caution, since, unlike Nemozole, it has practically no contraindications. Please note that Pirantel is prescribed for children from six months, and Nemozol only after reaching 2 years.

The drugs will help to weaken the vitality of worms and help to safely remove them from the body. Soon after the death of the parasites, the main signs of the disease will also disappear: itching, rash, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Nemozole is three times more expensive.

What is better for a child Pirantel or Dekaris?

This question is of interest to many for the reason that Pirantel and Dekaris can be used with the same indications and both agents do their job well. The difference between them is only in some nuances.

Pirantel or Decaris
Pirantel or Decaris

It is best to take 50 mg of Decaris according to the instructions in the case when the drug is required not only to rid the body of ascariasis, but also to strengthen its immune defense. Usually this may be required in the presence of concomitant diseases: bronchitis, cancerous tumors, hepatitis, etc.

Although, in general, these medicines for the treatment of worms in children are very similar both in terms of their effectiveness on parasites and in terms of cost, and are analogous to each other. In certain situations, in order to increase the therapeutic effect of the course of treatment, the doctor may prescribe two of these anthelmintic drugs for children at once. The generally accepted specificity of treatment with Pirantel or Dekaris drugs looks like this:

  • on the first day of treatment, you need to take a Decaris tablet orally;
  • on the second day, you need to cleanse the intestines using a laxative or enema;
  • on the third day, the begun process of treating the body from parasites with the help of the Pirantel tablet should be completed.

Empirically, it was found that in this case the desired result is achieved many times faster, which gives a chance to avoid the manifestation of negative effects from these antihelminthic drugs.

These drugs are generally not very expensive, but the price difference is significant: Pirantel costs about 30 rubles, and Dekaris 80 rubles.

What to give Pirantel or Vermox?

The medical product Vermox, when compared with Pirantel, has a broader spectrum of action and can cure a greater number of helminth diseases, such as:

  • ankylostomiasis;
  • non-kotorosis;
  • opisthorchiasis, etc., except for toscariasis.

But at the same time, this remedy has a lot of side effects. Therefore, Vermox is not recommended to be used as a preventive measure against parasitic diseases. However, the medication is able to fight against pathogens of severe forms of helminthic invasion, which have already spread beyond the intestines, and their eggs. It is also used after removal of the cyst for echinococcosis.

The Pirantel remedy has a milder effect on the body, for this reason it is often used in the treatment of children under the age of one year. This is due to the inability of active substances to be absorbed into the bloodstream and penetrate into organs other than the stomach. In other words, the medicine acts only on a certain area, in which helminths are mainly located. If you follow all the doctor's recommendations and follow the instructions, the medication can effectively get rid of parasites.

Vermox tablets are 60-70 rubles more expensive.

Vermox or Nemozole?

Vermox and Nemozol are medicines that are classified as antiparasitic drugs, for this reason they are considered toxic to the body. Since their main active ingredient is different, it means that they will differ in the effect they exert. And they differ in price: Nemozol is twice as expensive, about 200 rubles.


Vermox almost does not enter the bloodstream and the effects exerted only affect the organs of the digestive system. Nemozole can enter the blood vessels, which often leads to suppression of the red and white blood cells. That is why they say that Vermox is a more gentle and safer drug for combating helminthic diseases of a mixed type.

Nemozole is good because it is made in the form:

  • tablets;
  • chewable tablets;
  • suspensions (makes it possible to treat parasitic infections for children aged 2 years).

Also, the therapy of giardiasis cannot do without it, while Vermox cannot fight this infection. However, it is better not to use Nemozol in tablets when treating children.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that when choosing an antiparasitic agent, one should start not from the type of helminths, but from how the disease proceeds and what the patient's condition is. But only the doctor understands such subtleties. If you choose the medicines yourself, in this case, you can purchase any of the drugs described above.