Scraping For Enterobiasis In Children, Smear On Worm Eggs

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Scraping For Enterobiasis In Children, Smear On Worm Eggs
Scraping For Enterobiasis In Children, Smear On Worm Eggs

Video: Scraping For Enterobiasis In Children, Smear On Worm Eggs

Video: Scraping For Enterobiasis In Children, Smear On Worm Eggs
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Enterobiasis is a very common childhood helminth infection. If there is a suspicion of infection with worms, they take a swab from the priests of children for enterobiasis. This analysis is simple and accurate enough.



  1. Enterobiasis concept
  2. Methods of taking scrapings for enterobiasis in children
  3. Using a cotton swab
  4. With adhesive tape - Graham method
  5. Scraping with eye sticks
  6. Subungual scraping
  7. How to take scraping at home
  8. Analysis of feces for ovum leaf and smear for enterobiasis
  9. How much analysis is investigated
  10. Terms of validity

Enterobiasis concept

Enterobiasis is a helminthic infection caused by pinworms. These helminths look like small, round worms. The females of these helminths are slightly larger than the males. The length can be up to 2 centimeters or more. Over a year of life, one pair of pinworms produces more than 200 million larvae.

In pinworms, the way of reproduction is different from other parasites. In the intestines, parasites actively mate, but the females do not lay eggs. They need oxygen to ripen their eggs. To continue the development of the larvae, the female crawls into the rectum, comes out and calmly lays the larvae in the folds around the anus. This process occurs at night, at which time the muscles of the anus relax and the worms freely come out. This is repeated twice in seven days.

pinworm symptoms
pinworm symptoms

The disease almost always lasts unnoticed, even if there are thousands of parasites in the intestines. This is precisely why it is dangerous. The main symptom is itching in the anus, which begins at night. The spread of the invasion is very high. To clarify the diagnosis, it is necessary to take a smear.

Methods of taking scrapings for enterobiasis in children

Scraping for enterobiasis is done in such cases:

  1. Suspected pinworm infestation.
  2. Before your child arrives at school or kindergarten.
  3. Help for the pool.
  4. Registration of a voucher to a camp or a sanatorium.

For the results to be accurate, you need to prepare before passing the analysis:

  1. Do not take strong medications (especially antibiotics).
  2. The day before the test, do not take fried and fatty foods.
  3. On the day of delivery of the material, you cannot wash the child before the smear.

Scraping on eggs, worms in infants and children in the laboratory are taken in several ways:

Using a cotton swab

The doctor issues a referral for analysis. In the laboratory, after explaining the course of the future procedure, the child is laid on its side. The nurse spreads the buttocks and scrapes the anus and its folds with a swab or cotton swab soaked in glycerin. Then the material is put into a test tube, the surname is written and passed to the laboratory.

With adhesive tape - Graham method

The execution algorithm is very similar to the previous one. The difference is that instead of a cotton swab, adhesive tape is used. During the analysis, the tape is glued to the folds around the outlet for a couple of seconds. After removal, it is glued onto a glass slide. Then the material is sent to the laboratory, where a laboratory assistant examines it under a microscope for the presence of parasite eggs.

Scraping with eye sticks

Eye spatula
Eye spatula

Eye sticks are glass spatulas with one extended edge. During the analysis, the extended end of the stick is immersed in special glue and allowed to dry a little. After drying, a film forms, the stick is applied to the anus and folds around it. Then the spatula is placed in a special test tube and carried for research.

Subungual scraping

It is possible to detect the eggs of worms during examination by the method of subungual scraping in kindergarten. A nurse makes a scraping with a wooden stick under the child's nail. Pinworm eggs spread very quickly. If a child with enterobiasis goes to kindergarten, then there is a possibility of infection of the entire group. The rest of the children also need to be examined. If during the examination the infection shows more than 15%, then all children are sent for treatment.

Most often, the analysis is carried out using adhesive tape and a cotton swab.

How to take scraping at home


Anyone without medical qualifications can make a scraping for enterobiasis at home. Before collecting material, do not wash the child. This procedure is done in two ways:

First way.

Apply a cotton swab or swab - probe.

  1. Hands should be washed and medical gloves should be worn.
  2. Moisten the collected item in glycerin.
  3. The child needs to lie on its side, legs tucked in.
  4. Spread the buttocks and run a tampon or stick along the folds around the anus.
  5. Place material in a flask.
  6. After the procedure, you need to take off your gloves and wash your hands well.

Second way.

You will need scotch tape.

  1. It is necessary to cut off the tape 3 - centimeters long.
  2. Place the child on one side of the body.
  3. Spread the buttocks with one hand, and with the other stick the tape on the folds.
  4. Then remove the tape and stick it tightly on the glass slide (after removing the protective film from it).

Important! Scraping is performed on the day of the scheduled delivery of the analysis. It is undesirable to store the material for more than 8 hours, this can affect the accuracy of the diagnosis.

In addition to scraping for enterobiasis, there are other methods, for example, analysis of feces for an ovarian leaf.

Analysis of feces for ovum leaf and smear for enterobiasis

This research method does not require special training. At the pharmacy, you need to buy a special sterile plastic container for collecting feces. The collected material must be taken to the laboratory. If it is not possible to do this right away, the jar with the material should be stored in the refrigerator, but no more than 8 hours.

When examining feces, one can observe not only the larvae of the parasites, but also the pinworms themselves.

If we compare the analysis of feces for oviduct and a smear for enterobiasis, then the reliability of this method is much lower than that of scraping. The plus is that this method can be used to find other helminths present in the body in children.

How much analysis is investigated

The collected materials are examined under a microscope in the laboratory. The result can be ready in as little as four hours. In clinics, the finished results are taken the next day.

Terms of validity

The duration of the smear for enterobiasis is 10 days.

After treatment of this disease or if there is uncertainty in the previous analysis, an additional scraping is performed.

In the case of persistence of symptoms and with a negative indicator for pinworms, the analysis is done at least three times. For a complete examination, a blood test is prescribed for the presence of parasites.

If the child does not have symptoms of infection with worms, and the only question is how to pass the scraping to the kindergarten, then one test is enough.

In the treatment of enterrebiosis in children, drugs are used, as well as folk remedies.

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