Anthelmintic Drugs Of A Wide Spectrum Of Action: Instructions For Use, Reviews Of Doctors

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Anthelmintic Drugs Of A Wide Spectrum Of Action: Instructions For Use, Reviews Of Doctors
Anthelmintic Drugs Of A Wide Spectrum Of Action: Instructions For Use, Reviews Of Doctors
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Helminthiasis is a dangerous disease we know as worms.

Having learned about this unpleasant surprise, the first cases immediately want to get rid of them as soon as possible and forever. We start looking for a good anthelmintic drug. And broad-spectrum antihelminthic drugs for humans come to the rescue. They are suitable for almost every patient.

It is very easy to get infected with these parasites, through your dirty hands, if you eat unwashed foods, through pets, etc. Initially, worms live in the soil of the earth and in the water. Therefore, you need to wash your hands before eating, try not to eat dirty fruits and vegetables. Eggs fall in dirty water.

Immediately after penetration into the human body, they will move completely over all organs. And in the end, the intestines, the most favorable place for their habitation, where they finally settle. A mature female, reaching 60-80 days, can lay eggs.


  • 1 Symptoms of the disease
  • 2 Symptoms in children
  • 3 How are transmitted
  • 4 Medicines for the treatment of parasites

    • 4.1 Piperazine
    • 4.2 Albendazole
    • 4.3 Vermox
    • 4.4 Wormil
    • 4.5 Nemosol
    • 4.6 Helmintox
  • 5 Side effects
  • 6 Where helminths can live in the body

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Symptoms of the disease


Starting the search for drugs against helminths, everyone wants to find a very effective remedy that will immediately destroy all parasites. It is these drugs that are broad-spectrum anthelmintic drugs.

As with any disease, helminthiasis has symptoms, and the most basic of them are:

  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Flatulence
  • A rash may appear
  • Dry cough.

Symptoms in children


Grinding teeth during sleep may indicate the presence of worms in children. Symptoms vary depending on the type of parasite you are infected with and the body's response to the presence of worms.

If you have any symptoms that indicate infection, you should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe effective fast-acting antihelminthic drugs.

You may not know about worms right away, because each worm manifests itself at different times. If you can find out about some in a week, others can make themselves felt in a year or more. But sooner or later, having learned about them, the doctor will immediately prescribe treatment and prescribe a broad-spectrum anthelmintic drug.

It is possible to detect helminths at home, you need to put an enema, and then carefully examine the feces. If you do get infected, you will see tiny white worms.

How are they transmitted


Worms can be transmitted to newborn babies from mothers, so all pregnant women are prescribed tests for worms.

It is very important to quickly get rid of them for pregnant women, since helminths can harm the baby. They also need to be extremely careful when choosing antiglase agents, because some drugs can harm the fetus.

Medicines for the treatment of parasites


Now there are not a small number of anthelmintics. Starting to take anthelmintic drugs, you must first carefully study their method of application.

More recently, people used folk methods to treat worms, they used such remedies for humans as pumpkin seeds, garlic, male fern extract, and so on.

But now we will consider an expanded list, which presents the latest generation of modern anthelmintics. And everyone can decide which pill is better to choose. Naturally, these are not all drugs for humans, there are still a huge number of helminth drugs.



Antihelminthic drug. The work of the drug is due to the piperazine adipate. This drug destroys worms by 95%. To end the worms, it is finally necessary to reapply Piperazine. It comes in both tablets and liquid form.

The medicine is prescribed for infection with ascaris and pinworms. Piperazine is a broad-spectrum drug, one of the few drugs for humans that can be used by pregnant women, as well as those who are breastfeeding.

With ascariasis, the daily dose for adults is 3-4 g. At one time, you can use 1.5-2 g.

Children 13-15 years old 1.5-2 g per day; 9-12 years old 1-2g; 6-8 years old - 0.75-1.5g; 4-5 years old - 0.5-1g; 2-3 years - 0.3-0.6g; children under one year old 0.2-0.4 g.

With enterobiasis, the medicine is taken in the same doses, but the course of treatment is five days. You need to do 1-3 courses with breaks for at least a week.

Since the drug only kills parasites, and does not ensure their excretion from the body, it is necessary to get rid of worms, and only an enema can help in this.

For all its advantages, it is also an inexpensive anthelminthic agent. The cost for 500 mg tablets is 14 rubles.



Available in various forms: suspension, tablets, chewable tablets.

Albendazole destroys worms, it gets everywhere where parasites can live. It can be found in all organs, as well as in blood and urine. This remedy for humans is universal, it is prescribed not only in cases of combating helminths, but also for diseases of the lungs and liver.

Cost from 123 rubles.



Broad-spectrum anthelmintic tablets are based on a variety of active substances and fight parasites in different ways.

In Vormil, this substance is albendazole, it kills both mature worms and their larvae and eggs. This medicine works for both humans and animals.



If you want to get rid of worms quickly, then this anthelminthic agent is for you.

A single application is enough to get rid of all the worms, larvae and eggs. It does not remain in the body, but is excreted in the urine and through the intestines. It is allowed to be given to children from the age of three.

Nemozol is sold both in the form of tablets and in the form of a suspension.



The active ingredient is pyrantela embonate. Helps to cope with such worms as roundworms, pinworms, an irreplaceable remedy for hookworm infection.

The daily dose depends on the person's weight. Adults usually take 6-8 tablets, and children 1 scoop per 10 kilograms.

Side effects

Many broad-spectrum anthelmintic drugs cause many side effects, most often they occur in people with weak immunity and chronic diseases. But, even healthy people can show various symptoms, for example, diarrhea, nausea, changes in tastes, etc.

Where helminths can live in the body


It is parasites that are the cause of many serious diseases. About 92 percent of people die from worm infections. Deaths can occur not only due to illness, but occur as natural death. But in fact, it happens due to the vital processes of worms in our body.

Often people think that only worms can live in the body and take antihelminthic drugs, but this is a huge misconception, because there are so many varieties of worms, and they settle in different organs of our body. But even the helminths themselves are very dangerous, since while living in the intestine, they slowly begin to eat it, which provokes suppuration, and after that the person simply dies.

There are a bunch of parasites that can live in our internal organs. And a large number of them are dangerous and deadly. For example, tapeworms cause cancer. The most interesting thing is that it is not a person who gets sick, but the worms themselves, multiplying their malignant cells throughout the body, and infects their host. Death occurs very quickly, literally within a couple of months.

Another very common case is when parasites take up residence in the brain. Because of this, a person quickly gets tired, mood often changes, and is constantly overexcited. Later, diseases begin to develop, which eventually lead to death.

Worms can also settle in the heart of a person. This is not a very common type of infection, but still, according to statistics, one in four have them. The work of the heart begins to be disrupted. And when a person dies from sudden cardiac arrest, 100 percent of this is due to parasites.

There are several basic rules that every person should know, and undoubtedly use them:

  • First, you need to wash your hands before eating, handling animals, and after being outdoors.
  • Second, wash vegetables and fruits before eating them.
  • Third, do not touch unknown yard animals, as they can be infected with worms.
  • Fourth, to constantly observe the child on the street because they often pick up dirty objects they like and take them into their mouths.

Following these simple rules, you can prevent the appearance of an inhabitant, undesirable for each person, in his body.

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