Dysbacteriosis In Infants - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Methods

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Dysbacteriosis In Infants - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Methods
Dysbacteriosis In Infants - Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Methods

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At the moment, this topic is one of the most important problems associated with the health of children, as cases of this ailment are increasingly occurring. However, women do not think about the anticipation of this disease, waking up at the very last moment.

In this article, we will carefully consider questions such as: what is dysbiosis in an infant, how dangerous it is, its signs, and what can happen after taking antibiotics. Let's start with theory.


  • 1 What is dysbiosis?
  • 2 Causes of dysbiosis in infants
  • 3 Symptoms
  • 4 Prevention

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What is dysbiosis?


Lack of breastfeeding, untimely transition to ready-made formula, the use of any hormonal drugs by a nursing mother, or a complication after antibiotics.

Diseases associated with the digestive system, treatment of an infant with antibiotics, poor production of digestive enzymes, unhealthy diet, infection with parasites or harmful bacteria that destroy the microflora in the intestines, trauma during childbirth, infections in a nursing mother.

In addition to the above, often the cause of dysbiosis is Staphylococcus aureus, which abundantly lives in hospitals. Not only the child can become infected, but also the mother. Because of it, disorders occur in the body that lead to disease.

You can also be afraid of relapse after prolonged use of antibiotics. Now let's talk about the symptoms that indicate the presence of dysbiosis in infants.


  1. Breastfeeding from the first days and, if possible, up to a year. Colostrum, which enters the baby's body, surrounds the body with the strongest protection, supplying beneficial bacteria to the intestines.
  2. Proper nutrition for a nursing mother.
  3. If, for whatever reason, breastfeeding is not possible, there is no need to despair and sound the alarm. Nowadays there is a huge variety of milk formulas, thanks to which you can prescribe the necessary treatment methods.
  4. It is necessary to remember about the health of the parents, both after childbirth and during pregnancy. Do not once again neglect consultations with a gynecologist before and after conception. Being pregnant, it is necessary to undergo examinations until the moment of delivery, and to treat the body in case of any deviations from the norm.
  5. And, of course, a healthy lifestyle of both children and their parents will help cure dysbiosis, which causes discomfort in infants.

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