Parasites In Adults - 5 Best Ways To Prevent Parasites

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Parasites In Adults - 5 Best Ways To Prevent Parasites
Parasites In Adults - 5 Best Ways To Prevent Parasites

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Parasite infestation is common in people regardless of age.

Treatment for worms is laborious, and you can protect yourself from parasitic invasions by observing preventive measures, the choice of which often raises questions:

The article contains answers to the most exciting questions related to the prevention of infection with helminths.


  • 1 How to properly carry out preventive measures
  • 2 Therapeutic measures to prevent infection
  • 3 Anthelmintics of wide use
  • 4 Remedies for worms of a directed spectrum of action
  • 5 Anti-trematode medicines - help get rid of fluke worms

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How to properly carry out preventive measures


In the course of their vital activity, the worms release toxic decay products, thereby gradually poisoning the human body and reducing its immunity. The increasing number of worms in humans leads to damage and death of tissues of internal organs, which poses a serious risk to life and health.

The widespread occurrence of helminthiases has led to the increasingly used prevention of such invasions. However, due to the specifics of the disease, no preventive measure can completely exclude the possibility of infection. A rational approach and regular prophylaxis of worms will allow avoiding a critical level of invasion, when conventional drugs are not enough, and treatment is possible only in a hospital setting.

The need for drug prevention is still controversial among medical professionals. Some experts believe that taking preventive medications every six months is the best preventive measure. It is only important not to forget to drink the prescribed medications.

Adherents of other views are of the opinion that hygiene is sufficient, noting that there is no need to drink anthelmintics. In support of their approach, parasitologists point to the possibility of re-infection within a few days after the course of treatment.

The most optimal approach combines the principles of personal hygiene and drug treatment. Taking pills for the prevention of worms in children and adults is justified for those who have frequent contact with animals, work with the soil, visit undeveloped countries, swim in natural reservoirs.

Medicines intended for the prevention of infection of helminths are recommended to be taken according to a special scheme: the first time in the spring after the snow melts, the second - after the start of frost. This frequency of taking the pills was chosen taking into account seasonal outbreaks of infection.

According to the observations of doctors, the most effective course consists of the systemic intake of two drugs for helminths. With high efficiency, modern tablets are well tolerated by a healthy person. The likelihood of toxic poisoning is minimal.

Treatment measures to prevent infection


Modern pharmacology offers a large selection of medicines for parasites that have an effect on most types of helminths at various stages of their parasitism. The drugs used for the prevention of worms have various forms of release: suspensions, capsules, tablets and injections.

The nature of the action of drugs is different:

  • some are aimed at enhancing intestinal peristalsis, in order to expel living parasites and determine their type;
  • others disrupt the vital processes of parasites, thereby causing their death.

Which pills to choose for the prevention of the spread of worms in adults depends on the desired effect on the body, as well as the expected nature of the infection.

Drinking one medicine is not enough. Parasitologists use the following standard drug regimen for prophylactic purposes.

  1. taking the drug, with the active ingredient levamisole. It is taken once to weaken the parasites;
  2. three days after using the first anthelmintic agent, a medication with two active ingredients is required - mebendazole and albendazole;
  3. the intake of sorbents that reduce the risk of intoxication of the body with the decay products of parasites;
  4. taking hepatoprotectors. It is prescribed by a doctor if there is a history of liver disease. This stage can be both initial and final in the treatment regimen.

In some cases, other drugs are prescribed that are no less effective. Let's analyze the composition and action of the most common medicines.

Anthelmintic drugs of wide use


Medamin is a broad-spectrum drug against most common parasites, with the exception of trichinosis.

The active ingredient is carbendazim. It affects the nervous system of the parasite, which makes it impossible for it to attach to the intestinal walls and contributes to the natural cleansing of the body from parasites. Can be assigned to children. It is easily tolerated, practically does not cause allergic reactions.

The drug Dekaris, the active ingredient of which is levamisole. A feature of the remedy is its effect on increasing immunity. It has an extensive list of side effects, which is why patients are reluctant to drink it.

Vermox (Mebendazole) - has a wide range of actions on parasites. This drug must be used with caution in people prone to allergic reactions.

Pirantel. A feature of the drug is its work only in the intestinal tract, which reduces the harmful effect on the stomach. Low toxic. It is prescribed for infection with roundworms, enterobiasis, necatorosis, ankylostomiasis.

Albendazole is most effective for the prevention of nematodes and echinococci. Available in the form of tablets and suspensions. One tablet of the drug contains 400 mg of the active substance. Has moderate toxicity, side effects are rare when used.

Nemozole is an anthelmintic, antiprotozoal drug that can be found in two forms of release: tablets or suspension. The active ingredient is albendazole. Unlike the drug of the same name, it has a higher degree of processing.

Zentel is a drug for widespread use of parasites. It has antiprotozoal and anthelmintic effect. The active ingredient - benzimidazole carbamate, causes the death of parasites and their natural excretion. Has good tolerance when used.

Remedies for worms of a directed spectrum of action


Protivocestodozny medicines - the active ingredients of which are aimed at getting rid of tape parasites. Such drugs are effective:

Niclosamide - causes muscle paralysis in helminths as a result of which irreversible changes occur in the system of their vital activity. Produced in tablet form. Patient tolerance is good.

Praziquantel - affects the nervous system of parasites. Recommended for use in most cestodoses.

Preparations for nematodes - are prescribed to patients when a diagnosis of intestinal nematodosis is made. Depending on the form of infection - intestinal or non-intestinal, such means are used:

Pirvinium embonate - contains Pirvinium as an active ingredient. It is produced in the form of tablets and suspensions. The drug is of a narrow spectrum of action and is prescribed for enterobiasis. It has excellent tolerance and is indicated for use in children from 3 months of age.

Piperazine is the active ingredient of piperazine adipate. Inexpensive domestic drug. Available in large tablet form. Low toxic, and therefore easily tolerated by patients. Approved for use in children, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is prescribed for ascariasis, enterobiasis. The disadvantage is the long treatment period.

Anti-trematode medicines - help get rid of fluke worms


Biltricide. Strong drug, not always well tolerated by patients. It is prescribed in severe cases of infection with opisthorchiasis. Side effects are especially pronounced with high titers of invasion. Before and after using the drug, drugs are prescribed without fail to normalize liver function.

"Bithionol" is used for the prevention of extraintestinal invasions. The drug paralyzes the nervous system of helminths, which causes irreversible impairment of motor functions. The drug has low toxicity, which affects its good tolerance.

What treatment regimen to choose and what to take for the treatment and prevention of worms is decided at the consultation of a parasitologist, depending on the specific case, and a wide range of drugs will allow you to make a decision taking into account financial capabilities. A competent combination of the principles of personal hygiene with drug prophylaxis will help avoid parasite infestation and prevent serious health problems.

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