Trichomoniasis Incubation - Incubation Period Of Trichomoniasis

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Trichomoniasis Incubation - Incubation Period Of Trichomoniasis
Trichomoniasis Incubation - Incubation Period Of Trichomoniasis

Video: Trichomoniasis Incubation - Incubation Period Of Trichomoniasis

Video: Trichomoniasis Incubation - Incubation Period Of Trichomoniasis
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At the moment, trichomoniasis is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, usually the incubation period lasts from several days to several weeks. For what reason trichomoniasis occurs, this is a serious question.

A lot of people are infected without even knowing it, since the symptom of the disease does not appear outwardly. They continue to transmit the infection through sexual contact.


  • 1 Causative agents of trichomoniasis
  • 2 Manifestation of trichomoniasis
  • 3 How to recognize trichomoniasis?
  • 4 Treatment of the disease
  • 5 Prevention of trichomoniasis

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Causative agents of trichomoniasis


Trichomoniasis occurs when a pathogen (namely Trichomonas vaginalis) enters the bladder - this is the simplest. The parasite can move very well and pass into any space.

The existence of the simplest in an ordinary environment is impossible, since they usually die in a day or even in a few hours. They can only live in a humid environment, such as a bath, bath or pool.

In women, Trichomonas are in the vagina, very rarely they enter the uterus, but if they do, they can cause infectious diseases. Female trichomoniasis is usually asymptomatic.

In men, they are located in the genitals, these protozoa cannot penetrate into the blood and intestines. Male trichomoniasis can give a complication: the penis turns red, increases in size, sometimes even ulcers appear.

Manifestation of trichomoniasis


Symptoms of the disease are little or absent at all (the so-called latent infection), usually people during this period infect their partners.

In women, this disease is more symptomatic than in men. In women, there is a discharge of mucous blood, pus, there is discomfort and itching, sometimes pain and stinging is felt when urinating.

Trichomoniasis in men causes itching and burning when urinating, unusual discharge. These symptoms appear only after some time, not immediately after infection.

The incubation period of trichomoniasis lasts from 4 days to 3 weeks, some circumstances must be taken into account:

  • immunodeficiency. A person can become infected only when there is a sick amount of bacteria, but if the simplest enters a healthy body in a single number, then the immune system begins to take action. But this does not mean that a person is able to defeat this disease without the use of medicines, the incubation period increases;
  • in viral and infectious diseases, this bacterium will be able to enter the body faster, since the body's immune system is very weakened, due to this, the incubation period lasts 2-4 days.

Trichomoniasis can occur due to the following factors:

  1. junk food (hot, salty, spicy, sour);
  2. alcohol and smoking;
  3. antibiotic abuse;
  4. menstruation and pregnancy;
  5. other infectious diseases.

How to recognize trichomoniasis?


If symptoms are found, you should go to the hospital. In women, on examination, vaginal swelling, redness of the mucous membrane, small ulcers in the uterus and pus are possible.

For an accurate diagnosis, you need to undergo the following tests:

  1. smear - microscopic examination to find pathogenic bacteria;
  2. microbiological research (artificial environment);
  3. immunological method - based on the interaction of antigens and antibodies;
  4. polymerase chain diagnostics - accurate diagnostics for detection;
  5. infectious diseases;

Treatment of the disease

As already mentioned, first you need to pass tests and only after that the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs.

There are a few rules to know:

  1. Treatment can be started in any form, no matter how many days you have been sick. The earlier the better.
  2. There is no immunity against trichomoniasis, if you are sick it is possible that you can get infected again.
  3. If you have one permanent sexual partner, it is better to undergo treatment with him.
  4. It is imperative to follow the regimen of using drugs against the disease.
  5. Trichomoniasis can be combined with other sexually transmitted infections that also require treatment.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to take medications without the appointment of a specialist, improper treatment threatens with complications.
  7. Pregnant women should visit their doctor more often if they have this condition.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages during treatment.

There are many medicines in pharmacies that help with trichomoniasis. But using the funds yourself is prohibited.

After improving the condition, you need to pass some tests that will make it possible to understand whether you have recovered or not. If the drug does not work, the doctor must prescribe another medicine.

Prevention of trichomoniasis

It is already known that this disease is sexually transmitted, hence it follows that promiscuous sex can cause infection.

What you need to do in order not to get infected:

  • you cannot use other people's personal hygiene products (towel, razor, comb, shoes);
  • chlorhexedine solution is suitable for disinfection;
  • condoms provide reliable protection (if used correctly);
  • observe personal hygiene;
  • strengthening the immune system (multivitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, proper nutrition;
  • do not abuse alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

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