Sunflower Seeds - What Are The Benefits And Harms Of Sunflower Seeds, Expert Opinion

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Sunflower Seeds - What Are The Benefits And Harms Of Sunflower Seeds, Expert Opinion
Sunflower Seeds - What Are The Benefits And Harms Of Sunflower Seeds, Expert Opinion

Video: Sunflower Seeds - What Are The Benefits And Harms Of Sunflower Seeds, Expert Opinion

Video: Sunflower Seeds - What Are The Benefits And Harms Of Sunflower Seeds, Expert Opinion
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Sunflower is a culture that represents the sun in its appearance. The harvest of a sunflower is its seeds. Sunflower seeds contain a lot of positive properties for the human body.

The benefits of seeds are in the care and cultivation of the sunflower plant. Sunflower oil is made from this healthy ingredient, which is then used to prepare various foods. This wonderful plant grows almost everywhere. Roasted and raw seeds are popular in everyday life and technical aspects of life. Well-timed sowing and sunflower care will lead to a good harvest and the safe use of seeds.

Early autumn is a good time for harvesting. In autumn the weather conditions are most favorable. The sunflower harvest goes to the current, where it undergoes laboratory examinations, analyzes for moisture, acidity, identification of the variety and careful processing. There is ventilation in the warehouse for proper roasting of the product. After roasting, the sunflower seeds are packed in packing bags or glasses.


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The benefits of sunflower seeds


Sunflower seeds are delicious, their benefits are in the points listed below.

The benefits of sunflower seeds are as follows:

  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, which is essential for bones and teeth. Also, this vitamin supports vision and immunity. Vitamin B, combining a complex of useful microelements. This vitamin is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and for the maintenance of mental capacity. Vitamin C, participating in the structure of the whole organism as a whole, is important for mental activity, for the skin, maintains normal blood sugar levels, warns of strokes, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and helps to cope with colds. Vitamin D combines a group of useful substances. It is able to suppress cancer cells, improve skin condition and eliminate flaking. It is important for bones, prevents rickets and skeletal deformation. Vitamin E copes with aging, helps to normalize reproductive functions.
  • The seeds are rich in various trace elements. The seeds contain magnesium and calcium, iodine and silicon, phosphorus and iron, zinc and selenium. The body, with such a set of minerals, works better. When eating raw seeds, the process of cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol plaques is underway, digestion and liver function improves. The content of seeds is superior to magnesium. This trace element supports the cardiovascular system, immunity and nervous system.
  • They contain fatty acids. They are good for the body. Indispensable in the work of cell membranes and the work of the brain. Their main advantage is a healthy diet, because the functionality of the body depends on it. Thanks to healthy fats, hair growth is normalized and the skin improves. Fats contribute to the adaptation of the body to cold and heat.
  • High-quality sunflower seeds contain protein compounds that are important for maintaining a person's appearance and are of great benefit to the body. Their content is rich in important amino acids. Amino acids support the functioning of internal organs and regulate metabolism. Proteins are essential for human muscle tissue. They regulate the process of proper nutrition, support the immune system.

This product is used as a relaxing agent that relieves nervous tension well. The tonic benefits of sunflower seeds are also noted. It is usually customary to eat non-oil varieties of large seeds. It is pleasant to chew them, thereby providing your body with useful properties. In some countries, seeds are considered food for the fans and are sold at the entrance to the stadium to nibble on during the game.

The seeds can also be used for salads, and halva and kozinaki are created using ground seeds.

Sunflower seeds are undoubtedly beneficial and quality. In special butter-making factories, sunflower oil is created, which is very much in demand in cooking. Oil is either refined or unrefined.

Sunflower seeds harm


Despite all the advantages of seeds, they have significant disadvantages:

  1. high-calorie product. They contain 520 calories per 100 grams. For people on a diet, large quantities of seeds are contraindicated;
  2. by buying peeled seeds, you lose all their usefulness. Much more efficient and better in shell
  3. spoil the tooth enamel. When cutting seeds on the front teeth, the enamel deteriorates and the nerve endings are exposed, which ultimately leads to caries;
  4. seeds can cause heartburn due to their high fat content;
  5. harmful due to the content of the harmful component - cadmium. It is necessary to use only fresh products for consumption, and because of not fresh seeds, it is possible to harm your body. Cadmium destroys muscle tissue and damages bones by leaching calcium from the body. The place of accumulation of cadmium is the liver and kidneys. Therefore, when using low-quality seeds, problems with these organs are possible. Cadmium is a highly toxic and hazardous metal with a second hazard level. Even poisoning with this harmful substance is possible. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of the seeds, during the purchase it is necessary to look at the expiration date
  6. may irritate the throat;
  7. there is still such a fiction that the product provokes appendicitis;
  8. harmful when errors are observed in the cultivation of this product. Then they contain a lot of harmful components for the body;
  9. you need to buy seeds in transparent packages to see the integrity of the product;
  10. you should also buy only unpeeled seeds, because they contain useful components;
  11. fried food must be cleaned by hand to avoid problems with the purity of this food.

It all depends on the quality

Usefulness and harm depends on the quality of cultivation and processing. The seeds are widely used in cooking. They are used for making baked goods and second courses. There is also such a type of seed as white. Their distinctive features are their large size, color, oblong shape, taste reminiscent of roasted nuts.

From the history of the emergence of sunflower seeds. For the first time, seeds were brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors. In ancient times, the sunflower was considered an ornamental culture, but then they did not know about the benefits of seeds. They were grown in gardens and parks. And only in the 19th century, sunflower seeds began to be planted in fields and in estates. One peasant came up with the idea to make butter from a seed. As a result, sunflower seed oil has become widespread in Europe and America.

According to the biological benefits of seeds, it should be noted that they are much healthier than eggs and meat. And the seed is digested, much faster, of these products. They help to improve the figure and have a lot of positive reviews from fans of this product. Sunflower seeds are a true solar product.

Seeds in folk medicine


Traditional medicine also uses seeds to treat certain diseases:

  1. mix them with sour cream to obtain an effective face mask. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and velvety;
  2. used in the fight against atherosclerosis disease. To do this, boil a decoction of seeds and drink in small portions;
  3. are used to fight cough and bronchitis. To do this, boil a couple of tablespoons of seeds in sugar water.

Some people take peeling seeds as a meditation that calms the body. And when you brush them with your fingers, a kind of massage of the fingertips takes place. Some psychologists recommend using seeds to improve relationships with each other.

The joint process of eating sunflower seeds can bring people closer together and establish conflict situations. Also, this product can help in the fight against bad habits.

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