Parasites - How To Identify The Symptoms Of Parasites In The Body?

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Parasites - How To Identify The Symptoms Of Parasites In The Body?
Parasites - How To Identify The Symptoms Of Parasites In The Body?
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Often, people do not even know about the development of parasites in the body, and in fact they can lead to serious disruptions in the work of various organs. However, if you set yourself such a goal, it is still possible to determine the existence of unsolicited guests, you should just pay attention to a number of certain signs.

If there is a suspicion of the presence of parasites in the body, they should be eliminated immediately.


  • 1 What are parasites?

    1.1 The most famous types of parasites

  • 2 Consequences of the presence of parasites
  • 3 How to identify the presence of parasites
  • 4 The first signs of parasites in the body in women and men
  • 5 Diagnosis of harmful microorganisms
  • 6 Treatment and cleansing of the body from parasites
  • 7 Treatment of parasites by alternative methods
  • 8 Ways to prevent parasites

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What are parasites?


Helminths, as well as other types of harmful microorganisms, are densely settled in the human body, so densely that they feed and multiply inside us. They multiply in internal organs, skin, hair and other places.

People often do not take treatment for one simple reason: parasites in the human body have similar symptoms to others.

The most famous types of parasites

  • Giardia. It enters the body when a person does not follow the rules of personal hygiene, as well as thanks to unwashed vegetables and fruits. Its size is microscopically small, and symptoms appear to a small extent
  • Ankylostoma. This type can be contracted by walking barefoot on the ground. Symptoms of parasites in the body: skin irritation, rash in the feet. Also, a harmful organism can move to internal organs, and its presence in the body can be compared with roundworm
  • Pinworm. Children are most likely to become infected. Symptoms of parasite infestation in a child: loss of appetite, increased fatigue, and irritation in the anus. This parasite enters the body through unwashed hands, dishes, underwear, toys. In such a situation, treatment must be started immediately.
  • Pork and bovine tapeworm. This type of parasite enters the body when a person eats meat that has not been properly processed. The most dangerous are the larvae of this parasite, because they can reach the eyes or the brain. It is very difficult to determine the symptoms of parasite infestation
  • Toksokars. This microorganism comes to humans after contact with animals, in particular with cats and dogs.

Consequences of the presence of parasites


First of all, it is necessary to visually assess the condition of an adult. The body may show acne, pimples, skin disorders, facial blemishes or wrinkles. Peeling nails and cracks in the heel are also signs of parasites in adults. The body can also be spotted in adults.

A child has slightly different manifestations in the presence of pinworms: insufficient growth, defragmentation of the earlobes, shortened fingers, thin hair, etc. If the first signs appear, you should immediately consult a doctor!

Plaque of light tones on the tongue indicates the presence of unwanted microorganisms, therefore, in addition to thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, it is necessary to consult a specialist for advice, pass all the necessary tests and receive treatment. This is most likely not just an infection.

The first signs of parasites in the body in women and men


Before diagnosing their presence on your own, it is necessary to analyze the functioning of the body as a whole. Infection with parasites in women is often accompanied by pain and inflammation in the ovaries, changes in the duration of the menstrual cycle, soreness during menstruation.

Such symptoms can lead to more serious ones: fibroids, fibroma, inflammation of the bladder, etc. Therefore, these symptoms should be treated at the very beginning of their manifestation.

Diagnostics of harmful microorganisms

It is very difficult to independently diagnose the presence of parasites in the body, because their size does not allow them to be detected with the naked eye. That is why the best solution in this situation would be to contact the clinic.

The most common type of analysis is the analysis of feces on the egg of worms. However, this method of determining the presence of parasites in a person is unlikely to make an accurate diagnosis.

The probability is very low: there is only 15-17%. There are other methods for the detection of microorganisms, such as histological coprogram, immunological examination, hemoscanning and electroacupuncture method.

Treatment and cleansing of the body from parasites


Three types of anthelmintic drugs are conventionally distinguished - these are chemical medicines, medicines based on herbal substances and homeopathic medicines.

Let's consider each method in particular.

Chemical medicines. They have rapid performance, within one or two months they cope with the task. However, their action extends not only to the destruction of unwanted microorganisms, they also have a very detrimental effect on other human organs. In addition, helminths have learned to adapt to various chemicals, so the result may turn out to be very far from expectations.

Chemicals have a host of side effects, and their effect only affects one or two types of parasites, so they may simply be ineffective.

Herbal remedies. This definition implies collections of herbs, or extracts. Thanks to plant poisons, helminths do not adapt well in the body and die over time. The period of such treatment can stretch for an indefinite period, from one month to a year.

Homeopathic remedies. The minimum period of treatment with such drugs is determined by three months, while the maximum is about a year. The effect of homeopathy is due only to the level of the doctor's qualifications and his ability to prescribe the right treatment.

Parasite infestation methods

You can also "pick up" harmful microorganisms if you eat raw meat, or meat that has undergone insufficient heat treatment.

Another way of attracting parasites is the wrong method of preparing homemade lard. Failure to pickle fish or caviar can also affect the development of harmful organisms.

They can penetrate into the mucous membrane and through the skin from dirty water: insufficiently purified running water or from reservoirs. Dust and chemical mixtures of various types (phenol, household cleaning products, etc.) can also be beneficial for contamination. In addition, if the expectant mother develops parasites in the body, intrauterine infection of the fetus may occur.

Treatment for parasites with alternative methods


Of course, if helminths are found, the most rational solution would be to consult a qualified doctor who will suggest treatment in a specific situation. But, there are also several alternative methods, it is also advisable to consult a doctor before using them.

Treatment for parasites with folk remedies includes the use of herbs with antibacterial action. Such plants include wormwood, elecampane root, celandine and tansy. These herbs create an unfavorable environment for the development and life of harmful organisms.

Ways to prevent parasites


There is an unmistakable opinion that it is better to prevent the disease than to deal with it later.

Prevention in this case is an attempt to avoid contact with possible carriers of helminths. To reduce the risk of disease, you can cleanse the body. However, infection can occur in a wide variety of ways, for example, through the exposed parts of the legs.

Taking tests on a regular basis will be very useful - this will help prevent not only the appearance of helminths, but also other diseases.

The most common preventive measures are the following:

  • intensive adherence to the rules of personal hygiene;
  • regular cleaning of the house or apartment;
  • careful processing of food intake, do not eat raw or undercooked meat;
  • washing vegetables and fruits (the best option is to pour over boiling water);
  • attentive attitude to the state of health of beloved pets, treatment of them from parasites.

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